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June 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
Placidus houses and a matter of degrees (Synastry & Relationship)
Hello! I apologize for the ignorance if the answer seems simple or obvious (ie 6th house simply rules house of enemies and it´s not deeper than that)... but I was curious looking at my chart, seei ...
October 28, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
Misc. Astrology Questions (Natal Astrology)
I have a few random questions, some that I´ve been gathering in my head for some time, hopefully someone can help explain why to these as I can´t really find any answers independently so far! 1. Do ...
October 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
D9 Resources (Natal Astrology)
Hey guys! I´m back to bug you all again for a moment, I was curious if anyone was versed in reading D9 charts? I´m not looking for a free reading or anything, but rather, if someone is familiar with t ...
October 12, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
Out Of Bounds (Natal Astrology)
Hey guys! I´m looking for some clarity as me and a user on here recently noticed that our charts show two different things. I messaged them initially asking them about their Mars and Lilith being OOB, ...
October 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
Pluto Transit (Transit Astrology)
Hey guys! I´ve been looking into transits and I know Capricorn pluto is almost up, it made me curious with it entering my 7th house what it´s like for people with those placements? If anyone here has ...
September 27, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
Hi guys! I´m back with another kinda weird question!!! I´m trying to learn more about natal charts and synastry in regards to the context of the question: If degrees, aspects, houses and signs matt ...
September 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
What makes a good mother? (Natal Astrology)
My mother and I notoriously have a difficult relationship with one another. Growing up, I raised her and was lacking in a childhood of my own, while she lived out hers as an adult. Our synastry is an ...
September 16, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
Hahah, kidding... ok, ok, half-kidding... Hi guys! I was wondering if you would be able to look at this synastry chart I share with my partner. We are so wonderfully in love, and have gone through the ...
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September 14, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
What aspects do you commonly see? I thought about this for some time because I wondered why Virgo and Gemini were domicile in mercury. I noticed Aquarius mercuries seem very strong and intelligent, an ...
September 2, 2021 | Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette
Hi! (Introduce Yourself)
Hey, I´m Cosmette :^) Sag sun, Cancer moon, Leo asc. With what I do for work, I find myself with some free time now and again to study one of my passions: Astrology. I´m always looking to make friends ...

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