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Sep 17, 2021 - 18:02
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » Catch-22
Yeah, I´ve seen that in the forums, I´ve been on other forums and have seen that again, too. By no means is there ever issue with looking, because I think it´s fun, but I do often have friends who come to me asking for me to read their synastry with their crush- and I´m like girl!! You guys aren´t even dating yet!! :´^)

I laugh when I talk about my synastry with my partner, because we just- God- we click.

We don´t always get along, or see eye-to-eye, we have differences, but why is that all bad? He actually ended a relationship with someone he had better synastry with that he had been with for some time that I remember talking to him about. It goes to show that synastry is the road map to love, or the potential. What we have to fine tune, or work on getting around, but it is never the deciding factor for "happily ever after", nothing is. And these challenges, squares/oppositions, situations in life, they will push us closer together if we allow them. I feel like we´ve really done that.

I can´t say I posted this to have anyone confirm that he likes me, because I know he loves me so much after everything we´ve been through. So, I can appreciate and enjoy whatever anyone has to say on it, for better and for worse. I think this synastry is also the best to post, for this particular reason, because we don´t have "classic romance synastry" yet, our love is like something out of a romcom, it´s so wonderful :^)
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Sep 17, 2021 - 17:53
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » 11
Hahah you right, you right :´^) I love it though!

We have some relationship planets, but they´re pretty much on the bottom half of our charts, the slower moving planets and generational ones, I know some people who wouldn´t even read those in synastry! I´m not sure if should be considered as white noise or not, but also, I suppose why would I want it to when it fits the "romance" narrative so well ;^) wink wonk

You´d be right, I think! I love that you said that, too, our relationship has been EMPHASIZED on growth! Especially with his contact to my north node, I´ve never felt more accepted by someone- or so loved or met with patience. Funny, considering he´s an Aries venus, but WHEW I love it! I´m a better person by being with him, and while my moon doesn´t touch his north node, he says I help him become more kind, sensitive, and understanding of people... which is all I could ever ask for in a partner. Someone willing to change for the better for themselves. Not because they feel that they have to, not because they feel like it´s what a partner wants, just welcoming these changes, like I´m welcoming these changes, and becoming different for the better, not one another.

He does want kids and marriage! Maybe a kid, since he does have one from a previous relationship, but definitely to be married, it´s something he says he looks forwards to.

You mention my uranus, and I think I have a strong Cancer moon that loves to take care of others, and I imagine since uranus is domicile that it´ll perform well in any air house. Especially when it´s also saturnian! So I think we´d have a family that looks different, but is full of love! I do like commitment, I am however notoriously picky (poor guy definitely had to work for this). But, man, when in love? I´m a push-over for him hahah :´^) I think we´d have a stable and solid life together, which I feel warm towards. I´ve grown up in turbulence, and haven´t known stability, or family, so it´s something that he gives me, and it´s grounding. Since we´re both air and fire, we love excitement and to joke around, but I think there´s this aspect of "within reason" in anything we do. It feels good, feels right.

Does that kinda make sense?
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Sep 16, 2021 - 23:00
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » Anni23
Funny you say that, my grandfather, a very smart Leo like yourself, said how intelligence in a person only goes as far as the person does for answers. No one will ever be dumb, no one will ever be boring, no one will ever be "too old" as long as they keep the childlike curiosity we had when we were young- questioning everything, taking in every little detail of the things we don´t know. The more we absorb, the more we have to say, the more we have to share, the more we have to learn. Suffice to say, perhaps I think you make a good point, curiosity may be a better term.
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Sep 16, 2021 - 22:42
Natal Astrology: am I weak?
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » Sophie_Saymourus
I see your chiron, unhealable wound, the trauma asteroid in your 2nd. You feel a sense of little to no self worth. People may have played a part in you feeling that way, I´d imagine. And with jupiter squaring your saturn, your beliefs and core sense of self probably feels challenged, I´d imagine there´s been situations in life to indicate this... it´s probably quite hard, I´m sorry for that. Saturn makes this issue something that will either make or break you, pressure, either turns coal into diamonds, or into something else. This aspect is currently "applying" which means it´s something in your face right now in life, you´ll notice in your natal chart that some aspects say "separating" it means those aspects (which are sometimes literally situations that happen in our lives, much like watching a plane come up over our head and fly past us) has passed. With saturn in your 8th, you may have trouble with sexuality, and finances, and it may feel that the issues of others tend to get dropped in your lap. With jupiter in your 10th squared, I´m not entirely sure. People may see you as stronger, or more than you are, with unrealistic expectations (since 10th rules our public face, and our reputation) which can feel like a lot of pressure, also.
How do you feel?
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Sep 16, 2021 - 15:18
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » Astro-Seek.com
It´s pretty broad, but since we all define it differently based on technical, emotional, and artistic skills, I want to leave it open for everyone to provide a pool of their own thoughts based on what they feel are their versions of intelligence and their versions of intelligent aspects! With mercury, I figure technical skills, but with uranus contacts I think it´s originality and artistic ability, and with mars is speedy intellect and wit!
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Sep 15, 2021 - 22:39
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » Anni23
Thank you for the response! I was afraid to mention my own placements because I didn´t want anyone to think I was exactly looking for affirmation on my own chart, but doesn´t mean I don´t appreciate learning something new about my chart when it´s given!!! Hahah I´m a Leo ascendant after all, so I´m here for it, thank you :^D you did kinda hit the nail on the head with learning more from observing. True to my Sagittarius stellium, I´ve travelled around the states a bit, hopefully soon out of country, but I learned more from being on my own than being told. Just more hands on. Although I don´t like language games too much, I do love to write, I LOVE it!

I think you´d be right about water signs, I´ve known a lot of Scorpios and Pisces and they´re always so wise and well spoken, especially with air placements. I´ve noticed Scorpio sun Gemini/Libra moons are very smart, one of my favorite podcasters Brene Brown has that combination and she talks a lot about psychology and our brains, and she can articulate in such a wonderfully fun and simplistic way, yet is incredibly insightful and introspective. My mother is a Scorpio sun and Aquarius moon, and when she wants to, she can hit the nail on the head with anything! I also have a friend with a Libra sun Scorpio moon and she is just... God, honestly? The most creative and intuitive girl I´ve met in awhile! I´ve met a lot of Pisces stelliums, a sun to mars, sun to jupiter, and a sun to venus, all different ages, but all very understanding and intuitive, all very concerned for the welfare of others, and have a wisdom which can´t really be denied, honestly.

I tend to notice both Leo mercuries and Cancer mercuries can come across as know-it-alls at times, my grandmother being one of them, but- uh- she actually *knew-it-all* she was a walking encyclopedia! With influence of Leo mercury in 1st, no doubt. She was the first of her generation to actually be a woman who went to school, and she traveled so much! Leos seem to also have an amazing intelligence, with that being said, their creativity is unparalleled! One of my bosses also happens to have a Cancer mercury, though, and he´s so intuitive and smart, he has a memory like no other, ask him any math question too and he looks up into his head and just rattles off the number. I call him the human computer :^)
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Sep 15, 2021 - 22:20
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » theycallmetym
Interesting you say Uranus in 1st house! Would you tell me more about that? I have heard of mercury performing well in 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 10th, I did date a Virgo mercury in 1st for sometime and he was honestly stupid smart. He could easily assess anything in a quick glimpse. But since it´s a Mars house that you mentioned Mercury doing well in, it makes me more curious about this idea I´ve had of Mars zodiacs performing well in Mercury!
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Sep 15, 2021 - 22:18
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » astreo
An interesting response as well! I figured the start of the question really developed once I challenged my thoughts on what exactly made either of the two air and earth signs domicile in mercury, and since I´ve been reading your responses I´m glad that I asked. There´s so many layers it seems to what makes one perform well mentally. I think redefining what mercury means in terms of thought and speech has been illuminating, thank you for your input there!
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Sep 15, 2021 - 22:14
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » Maiar
I referenced this talking to a friend about it earlier! I thought this was so interesting to read, and I think it really resonated! I´ve met so many Pisces suns and Pisces mercuries who are just so quick witted, but also very fair and accepting. I believe the book I read called "Sun Signs"?(I may have forgotten) mentioned how Aries is the first to start in our maturation, and Pisces is the ending... seems fitting considered the domicile houses! Pisces would seem very wise in Mercury, it is selfless and understanding, although perhaps a bit murky. Still, I think anyone I´ve met with a Pisces Mercury to date seems intellectual and smart in their respective fields of study, usually it´s not as technical as Aquarius or Virgo, but they´re so creative and expressive in social welfare fields, theatrical fields, and in psychology.

It makes sense how you explain it though, even my partner and I tend to actually be flipped in the way we think! He tends to focus on bigger pictures, and I worry about the here and now... given, however, his mercury and sun are in the 9th, haha :´^)
It´s interesting how you mention moon signs, I feel I know a good handful of people who´s charts are highly aspected by the moon and they are rather quick! You´ve taught me something I never knew before :^0
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Sep 14, 2021 - 14:02
Introduce Yourself: Hi!
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » Danibee29
Felt that! For me it´s been about a year now, but I learned so much, and I´m ready to keep learning more because it´s so fun to be able to read a chart and help someone learn something about themselves, even for ourselves and our charts! :^)
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Sep 8, 2021 - 20:13
Introduce Yourself: Hi!
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » cubic
Loool thank you! It seems really neat :^) I´m ready to meet new people and exchange ideas
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Sep 8, 2021 - 15:08
Introduce Yourself: Hi!
Sun Sign - SagittariusCosmette » nutelina
11th! But hovers very close to the 12th, of course I do use Placidus when I say that :^)
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