Difficulties navigating... advice? Please help

January 15, 2021 at 04:28 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) kingpin9556
Difficulties navigating... advice? Please help
Was in a relationship for 2 years.. I ended it because I felt a lack of communication.. ended it around last year but we hadn´t stopped speaking.

Still difficulties communicating but just can´t seem to get away from each other.. We are still very intimate. I still very much feel for her.. things are difficult for me.. I´m aware of how sensitive i am but why do I feel as though our communication is consistently falling apart? I feel consistently disrespected, but get this. I convinced her to sign up for school with me.. We always end up talking things out.. in a very mature fashion but why these consistently daily pitfalls? I get so exhausted sometimes I can´t figure to do anything but cry.. my emotions get really out of hand and I can´t find the headspace to do anything but cycle back to my old way of thinking.. release from this.. life.. I don´t want to think this way, but it gravitated towards the end because its so comforting. Eveyone knows how it ends.. but what difficulty is present here, and what am I imagining? I don´t feel like I´m getting anywhere. Please help..

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January 15, 2021 at 23:38
(Capricorn) dreamtripp
Transit Neptune is setting off the natal opposition between your Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo and Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces. Natally, alone, that can suggest heavy mood swings and depression in relation to women. I think you often feel criticize by women and misunderstood. Neptune has already crossed your Sun, which often signifies a time when you ego and sense of "light" can be dissolved. As it is an opposition, it is likely you are experiencing a projection of this from someone else, but really it comes from within. Neptune is lofty and idealistic, but ultimately disappointed when things don´t materialize, because Neptune is disillusion.

Read up on Neptune transits particular to that which you have now. Neptune conjunct Saturn, opposed Sun. Soon you will experience it conjoining your Moon and opposing your Venus, which are emotions and values. You must be careful of your emotions at this time, because they will mislead you.

I´ve been through similar transits when I was younger. It brought me the most disheartening unrequited love I ever experienced. It was also a time when I dabbed far too much in drugs and alcohol, to no good effect. However I did get through it. When I started learning about Astrological Transits, it was the first period of my life I researched and it was a opposition/conjunction same as you are presently feeling, and will continue to feel for at least another year or so. My best advice to you is to learn what is happening to you, and try to avoid the lower dignity of it (Substance abuse, unrequited love, dissolving of self) and try to embrace the higher dignity of it, as it is there. This transit can make you extremely creative, if you learn to channel those feelings. I wrote some of me best poetry and songs then. It can also make you more spiritual and have the ability to feel spirit more than before.

I truly wish you love and light. You are here for a reason, don´t forget that.

January 16, 2021 at 17:54
(Virgo) kingpin9556 » dreamtripp
Wow, that message really brought me some comfort and clarity and even more so an understanding to myself. I appreciate your help.

I wonder why capricorn always tend to give me such a sense of clarity. Whatever it is, I appreciate it so much. Thank you, Dreamtripp. You´re an awesome person.

I wish you much love and light as well. I won´t forget what you told me. :)
January 16, 2021 at 19:40
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
I haven´t read the other responses, because I want to approach your question totally fresh.

Yes, you are very sensitive with Pisces Rising with Moon conjunct Saturn in first house. With Saturn in Pisces - you might feel like you don´t quite belong on this earth - you´re sort of out there in the ethers.

Mars and Pluto are in Scorpio - in astral territory - so you are bringing forward from past lives some heavy emotional stuff. Scorpio can be about tight bonds with people - power - control - the need to be super close - not having enough space between you and other.

With the South Node of the Moon (Past Life symbol) - in Aries, 2nd house - your sense of self as an individual was wounded. This has left you with a big need for support to be who you are - but it´s very hard to get everything you want and need from another person. It´s a dependency that rarely works out for both people.

I think you really need to do some inner work around this issue, because there needs to be space between people so that they all can be who they are as individuals and feel supported in that. No partner can be everything we think we need them to be.

Pluto in Scorpio is all about evolving your own emotional life. You need to explore how you relate to others and what you might need to change to make relationships better. We cannot change another person but we can change ourselves.

You need to use your Virgo planets to analyze yourself to understand. If you are using Virgo to feel self-doubt, self-criticism, guilty, bad about yourself - then you are using negative Virgo qualities. Positive Virgo is analysis for deep understanding, having good organizational abilities, an eye for detail, logical and rational thinking, being tidy. Since it´s in the 7th house, you could be projecting out your own lack of confidence and self-doubt - so you´d have to be careful about that.

You need to find yourself - your own core, individual self - from the inside out. To do that, you need to do some 8th house inner work and self-investigation. You need to own all your feelings and work with them. Then you will know who you are - and - in the end, trust in your own wisdom.

This is not a complete reading, but I think I´ve answered your question. If you don´t think I´ve answered your question, let me know.


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January 19, 2021 at 06:22
(Virgo) kingpin9556 » JayJayAstrology
I think that was very insightful. I can tell you that I have been using Virgo positively.

My Pisces gets in the way, but once the abundant emotional energy that comes from within is tapped in any way and I feel someone isn´t understanding what I´m trying to do, yes I express that. That´s something about me that I can´t hide. Ive done a lot of inner work since childhood.

I´ve personally taken to making a lot of decisions that weren´t necessarily the best for me. The purpose was to learn from them. I like to braze the fire. Some people need a different approach and I agree with that whole-heartedly. I have nothing but love for others and often it is seen as some kind of attack. When even the gentlest approach doesn´t work it makes me start to feel, and feeding into that is my only mistake.

I don´t think its wrong to want better for others and to want them to be self-sufficient, self-actualizing, and responsible. In my eyes, there´s a reason for everything and I can accept I don´t have the power to control it all. I admit I struggle with self doubt still on a regular basis and it doesn´t help when I can´t let go of the need to help others. Something that helps me with that is repeating to myself "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". If I overwhelm others with my care it hurts me in the long run. Ive learned to live with the fact I can´t control everything. I was raised by a cancer sun with gemini moon and virgo asc. She was bipolar and I attribute a lot of my mannerisms to the way I was raised. Ive been fighting with every ounce of my spirit to let go of the past and accept it. Things were bad for me growing up.. but I learned to be grateful for my experiences because I wouldn´t be living, breathing, or standing here today without them. I also wouldn´t be expecting a child with this woman and realizing what really matters..

Oh, update! I am going to be a dad. I am absolutely shaken by the idea. But I think in a way our relationship has been improving exponentially because of it.

I think my question was partially answered here.. I´m an ever-growing project. I always thought of myself that way. That doesn´t change that at the core of my being I know that there are certain fundamentals that make someone happy, and successful. I think my question was, how would I be able to approach her better. Specifically in regards to her. Based on her chart what is it that makes it difficult for her to absorb my messages. I can accept shes different. But I can´t accept, even less with a child on the way, that she not have the attitude to fight for her right to live, and fight for her own beautiful, ever-growing, ever-positive spirit. Something thats latent in each and every one of us.

I want to inspire her. I´m learning as days go by just by opening up to others and hearing what they have to say. I´m asking for help with her. Not with myself. I know I could do with a dunk in ice water from time to time because I tend to run hot. (Metaphor for learn to let go) That doesn´t change that I want to help. I need to know how to help.

Can you answer that for me?
January 19, 2021 at 06:29
(Virgo) kingpin9556 » JayJayAstrology
I just want to note, your reading did give me some insight into myself. I truly appreciate it and the time you took to help.. I seem to already know or be practicing these things though and your reading only solidified my spirit and made me more resolute in my path and my intention.. Ive changed a lot since my best friend died of an accidental overdose. A lot of things have happened to me that changed me for the better... a lot.. I see the light in things often. A little too positive. A little too faithful. Definitely naive, and trusting. Its bitten me in the ass. But I would rather be the fool than the heirophant any day. It is the fool who admits he knows nothing, after all.

What I need more than anything is a way to teach her how much of a queen she is..
January 19, 2021 at 10:41
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » kingpin9556
If you simply love her as she is, that will teach her everything. You have to accept her as she is, otherwise, it isn´t love - even if you see that she COULD have a more positive self-image. She has to come to it herself. Love is powerful. Just be there and be loving, no matter if she doesn´t feel like a queen, yet.

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