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January 12, 2018 | (Aquarius)Sagittaro - Filter
Hi, I have been having strong and intense feelings for a girl I met 5 years ago.....We were never the best of friends. We have fought and been off and on several times over these years. But I am no ...
January 7, 2018 | (Capricorn)madison - Filter
Hi....Does anyone can tell me something about this progressed Davison chart..?..Man´s progressed Venus is in conjuction with Davison´s prog Venus..what does it mean..??..Can someone compare those two ...
December 29, 2017 | (Taurus)Skyisgouda - Filter
Is it compatible lol I just wanna see what real people say about it. ...
December 28, 2017 | (Aquarius)GeminiRising - Filter
Somebody something about this chart? Thank you :17: ...
December 6, 2017 | (Leo)Dinah - Filter
Under which circumstances would you use the different options available on this website? Davidson Compatability etc? I am starting a new relationship. :12: :12: ...
December 3, 2017 | (Gemini)SophiaMC - Filter
Hi all, I was wondering if you could tell me what happens when someone´s Moon and Mars fall into my 8th house (synastry) and what happens when someone´s Pluto falls into my 1st house. (synastry) Is ...
October 6, 2017 | (Pisces)IleneTs - Filter
Is it possible by synastry and composite chart to get the data of the second person also from my Private astrodatabase? Or do I have to fill the birthdate, time and place in again? :39: ...
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