Are we compatible?

January 14, 2021 at 04:46 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) PenelopeAldayaDeCarax
Are we compatible?
Hello dear members ,
I was doing some synastry chart for me and the guy I´m in love with and wanted to hear more opinions about our compatibility and most of all ,future together.

Thank you
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January 14, 2021 at 07:09
(Virgo) Dev11
Looks pretty good!

You both seem freedom loving with value for security in your relationships. You also seem to fit well with each other´s idea of what that security means. You have enough similarities to have an easy time understanding each other on an emotional and intellectual level. But there´s enough challenges to keep it from getting stale. There´s a good balance between easy and hard aspects too all the planets. Ideally I´d like to see a couple more soft Saturn aspects for longevity. But I do see some marriage indicators. ;)
January 14, 2021 at 14:45
(Capricorn) dreamtripp
You don´t specific who´s chart is which, nor do you state if the birthtimes are accurate, making the ascendants/houses correct. This has a big effect on the interpretation overall. However, I will refer to the Outer wheel person as Person A and the inner wheel person as Person B, to clarify what I can see from what is given.

Synastry Charts for me are not about the relationship (That would be a composite or Davidson chart), but rather viewing the two charts as separate entities to see how the individuals manage their own lives.

It appears there is approximately a two/three years gap between the two people (perhaps a little under) as you seem to have similar outer planet placements. Jupiter having only moved through two signs.

Person A, (outer wheel, slightly older) is the much more intense of the two and likely is very transformative with interpersonal relationships, needing them to be constantly exciting and or changing somehow. A static, quiet relationship may be difficult for this person, as it is not what they NEED to be happy. They NEED fireworks and battles to feel the depths of life and emotion as both luminaries are conjunct the outer planets of Pluto and Uranus. However, their Venus in Libra values pleasant, charming, diplomatic lovers, and although the initial attractions to those diplomatic people are strong, over time they may find themselves bored or frustrated if there is not enough changeability and transformative experiences.

Person B, (inner wheel, younger person) Interestingly enough IS a diplomatic, charming person (Libra Sun) who NEEDS a much bolder person (Moon in Aries.) This is a person who has the luminaries in opposite signs, which can sometimes mean their life purpose (SUN) requires conscious balance with their emotional needs (MOON) or else they find they sometimes do not get their needs met because they themselves do not outwardly express their needs. It also can mean they look for partners who embody the Moon/Needs they can not always seem to meet on their own. In this case, someone bold, outspoken and forward.


Having said all this, Person A and Person B are definitely attracted to one another, not only sexually - which is clearly shown with A´s Venus conjunct B´s Sun and Mars, B´s Venus trine A´s Mars, but emotionally with B´s Moon in the same sign as A´s Mars (though not conjunct) and A´s Moon sextile B´s Sun (again by sign - hard to tell if by orb, as this chart doesn´t give degree) I think Peron A meets Person B need for a bold, outspoken partner and will let them take the dominate role, and Person B meets A´s needs for a diplomatic, charming, perhaps more submissive partner. The only BIG challenge here is if B can sustain A´s high level of constant, intense, transformative energy - There may be times when B does not want the highs and lows that A´s Sun conjunct Pluto/ Moon conjunct Uranus brings into interpersonal dynamics. Also, can A enjoy B long term, without needing to constantly overturn the relationship, much to the chagrin of B? Short-term you are perfect. Long-term will require adjustment. But as I always say, love is a choice. We choose to compromise, or we don´t. No relationship is destined, despite what some people in the spiritual community say.

Good luck to you both.
January 15, 2021 at 11:56
(Libra) PenelopeAldayaDeCarax » dreamtripp
First of all ,I´d like to thank you for the detailed explanation, I find it very helpful.

The birth times are accurate, the younger person is me and the guy is almost a year older.

Must precise we are not in a relationship yet but we´ve been communicating online for more than 12 years, considering the fact that in the meantime we´ve both been in unhappy marriages with other persons which in both cases ended up in divorce.
We got pretty much closer from July 2019 when he practically reappeared in my life, both of us live in different countries and haven´t seen each other in real life yet.

But we both feel like we understand each other very well, feelings and mood swings are always the same, I can feel he is the twin flame (this term is still new to me but explains this "relationship " very well ) .

Hope this thing we have will continue blooming until it reaches the level of reality ,never felt this much appreciated and understood from another person like in this case.

Blessings to you and thank you from the bottom of my soul 🙏
January 15, 2021 at 11:58
(Libra) PenelopeAldayaDeCarax » Dev11
Thank you very much ,hopefully those indicators will become reality at some point of our lives 😁

Blessings to you 🙏

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