Synastry Brain Teaser

November 16, 2020 at 17:48 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) PerpetualSoul
Synastry Brain Teaser
Hi, guys!

I´m interested in a special someone. Together we have a perplexing T-square that I´m having a difficult time interpreting.

My Moon and her Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn. They oppose my Saturn in Cancer (I´m 14 years her senior) and square her Moon in Libra. Her Moon forms the apex of the T-square. Any ideas on how to interpret this?

Some background: we both work from home and have careers in the same field, but our careers are separate and we live in different states. The ideal would be to move in together and combine our careers. I´d also like to know how this plays out psychologically as well.

Thanks, in advance!

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November 16, 2020 at 20:21
(Cancer) ZynCitrus
that is just one aspect but, when you have sa-mo relations its always that moon person trust saturn wants shelter from the other person and saturn person negates moon person criticize their emotions, says they are too sensitive and so on.... here you have it like double whammy or double hate relationship... BUT you are use to worse than that with mo90pl....but question is, is she? also, as you know, you have tendency to idealize people, how sure are you that you want this?

one more thing...I am interested in your career... I find interesting that you have 10th in taurus, and Jupiter on MC and now Uranus there.... what do you do for living, what did you before, and how it impacted your career since 2018?? Can you please write more about 10th house things
November 25, 2020 at 02:10
(Libra) kausch
I don´t have very much experience in synastry and you should probably seek professional help.

With that disclaimer, I think the opposition of your Saturns suggests a fundamental difference in values. This is a generational difference as well and the difficulty would not be so acute were your Moon not conjunct her Saturn. But it gets worse because your Saturn is in Cancer (the sign of caring for others rules by the Moon), and your Moon is in Capricorn in your sixth house of service towards others. So that means you are going to take on a caretaking role in this relationship. But worse, as Mrav has pointed out, is that Saturn-Moon is already going to be tough. She´ll be critical of your sensitive side.

But it gets even worse! The meaning of her Moon squaring both of these things is that what she subconsciously is looking for is to play the role of caretaker for someone else, and due to the nature of this relationship, she would not be able to feel fulfilled by you. Somehow that part of her would not be seen by the relationship, or she would not acknowledge your ability to fulfill it - even if you have it! Hence it will exacerbate the Saturn-Moon conflict and she will come to resent you, especially because your Saturn is in opposition in Cancer.

I don´t know anything about your careers and perhaps it would be a good match on that level. Like I said I am not an expert so do consult someone with *much* more experience in case it is the opposite of what I am saying. All that said, from what you have said here, I would personally say do not risk it. She will resent your sensitivity.

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