Where did the sex go ?!

October 20, 2020 at 02:13 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Sylviego
Where did the sex go ?!
So my partner and I dated 8 years ago and broke up after a year. The sex at first was magical and hypnotizing, but after a few months, it went down to zero.
back in 2018 we got back together. Once again It felt like love at first site, and we were addicted and having sex like crazy. After only a few months of dating, Sex dwindled once again. We are committed to each other and love eachother and have a one year old daughter together now, but I just can´t figure out why neither of us want to have sex anymore. It´s like we feel insecure and not interested. I truly believe that neither of us would ever cheat either. So why is it that him and I have zero sex drive towards eachother?

I am the blue (inner wheel) and I´m the woman
He is the red (outer wheel) and he´s the male
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October 20, 2020 at 16:23
(Sagittarius) 17Sky
You have a wide Chiron - Mars conjunction. This could indicate that you experienced a wounded will, or a sexual wound in your life. His Chiron tightly conjuncts your Mars. He could help you to heal this wound. His Jupiter is also part of this conjunction, so he can be very beneficial, helping you to grow from a painful situation in these areas, or it could magnify the hurt.
October 20, 2020 at 20:27
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » Sylviego
I think you really have to look at Venus and Mars because it tends to be what most feminine and masculine connect sexually. Jupiter tends to be more about wealth, luck, power, gifts, exchange of money, and resources.

Mercury tends to be sexual fluids.

Moon/Mars usually a good placement for sex. Mars/Mars as well. Moon/Venus conjunct Mars.

Venus tends to be what we love, what we´re passionate about. Probably what we love experiencing in the act of sex.
Mars is the actions of sex.
Jupiter might expand it, but can give or take away.

There are masculine feminine and feminine masculine. And this depends on the Ascendant ruler, the archetype in the 1st house.

Also what is in the 8th house and 12th house since your usually in a hidden place having sex like a bedroom or what the 8th house archetype shows.

For example: Pisces, Water, showers, lakes, pools, oils, liquids, movie theaters, cinema, camera, voyeurism, etc.

Cancer: Beach, Sand, Cabins, Camping. or other settings involving the general themes of Water.

In general though most women and men do go through dry spells in there sex life. Other times very active.

It can also be they´ve programmed themselves with Sexual Entertainment over a long time for some men, they only get turned on by certain types of women.

Other times, it can be because of stress from work, being tired, and putting all their sexual energy into their work. Since most feminine and masculine don´t realize our sexual energy is how we work and bounce on the earth. Create our jobs, entrepreneurship, and why you hear the women say I´m tired from taking care of kids all day, and working, while the masculine says they´re tired from working 60-80 hrs a week.

At times there is also other parties interfering in the relationship.

At times there is medical reasons and they´re afraid to tell you.

Hard to say, because everyone is different. Many women and men have hang ups about sex, because it is so intimate, and usually the deepest emotional wound we have in our experience since it deals with the emotional center of our brain. The nervous system, and why some masculine and feminine get addicted to Pornography through escapism. "Dopamine" is the high way to all addiction. It´s re-wiring with technology and teaching the masculine and feminine to have that brain orgasm or "Little Orgasm" either way it´s tapping into the same part of the brain.

Visual, Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound. The five senses are always involved in stimulation.

Maybe you have to figure out what he likes? Experiment!
October 20, 2020 at 20:31
(Virgo) rohini moon » Sylviego
I think if you´re going to put this much thought into the sex life and why he isn´t acting a certain way, etc etc you just need to sit down and talk, communicate with one another, honestly.

People today are so afraid of communication.. You can study and dissect his chart and yours all day, but in the end it won´t lead anywhere other then you collecting a lot of information...so what do you plan to do with the information once collected?
October 20, 2020 at 20:35
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » goldenlion32
It also might be the Saturn in Capricorn, Capricorn Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn at the moment affecting your Capricorn placements in the chart. Capricorn can be quite dry with earth. And it can also be where everything stops with the breaks of Saturn, transforms with Pluto, and Jupiter isn´t that great in Capricorn.

Maybe things will change in Saturn in Aquarius/Jupiter in Aquarius as well.
October 20, 2020 at 21:21
(Cancer) Trevor77
I like the sex questions :61:

Anyways, iv done a magical horary chart showing situation.

Male is 7th ruler saturn in own sign, showing no attraction there.

Your 1st ruler moon in sagittarius, the moon is ruled by jupiter in his sign, jupiter is not happy there, so this can mean you are trying to bond but it doesnt feel comfortable or insecure as you said.

Is your kid Libra or Virgo just out of curiosity?

Situation is unlikely to change with you both, partner is shown by capricorn, maybe older person, serious maybe has own business, career driven.

There is also a square seperating aspect on Communication showing possible argument 2-3 days ago, is that correct?

And Financially hes got all the resources by looks of it.

I would ask him how he feels when it comes down to it, because its not showing he has sexual interest there, okies :1:

And lastly the moon in his 12th house, you are emotional about if hes hiding anything from you?
The moon here wants to focus on secrets of the partner. But I dont think hes hiding nothing to be honest his 12th ruler is in his first house, very open..

Synastry:: very interesting.. Indeed, firstly will point out moon opposite venus the feelings of one partner not being fulfilled by the loving of the other, so love needs are awkward not in sync and feeling content is not there..
Another thing I noticed which is very strange, his Mars Aries in your 8th, this placement makes the partner ´Want hot Sex, but unable.. to sustain it and keep the desire long term´ because Aries is like a cheetah lots of energy in short bursts but cant keep it going.

Your Mars is in 12th, this could be desires deep connection or you always wanna know whats going on under the surface.

The general status of the synastry is yes, get along ok.. Communication is a strength if it.

Ok.. Iv found it, its a Uranian type relationship, shown by Sun trine Uranus and venus trine Uranus, this is normally seen in fling type relationships, and is characterised by an exciting sparky connection that drys out quickly, thats why. Found it :3:

The good news is its not his drive, mars in aries is highly driven in that area :3: but loss of spark.
Its difficult to expand on the love side ( jupiter square venus) but not impossible, there is hope. Jupiter trine Mars in Aries so the Sex is needed to help the relationship stay serious? Er ok. Not sure on that part.

He has Venus in Taurus so he wants commitment, hes loyal yes,, and loves luxurys, the romantic approach in dating. So if it dont work with a romantic candlelight dinner, then I dunno.

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October 20, 2020 at 22:13
(Cancer) Trevor77 » Trevor77
A general insight to note is the planet that rules your fun, 5th ruler is In Fall until next year, So there will be a lack Of Enjoyment until then, even if that means sex too. Sorry to say, this Changes in 2022 when jupiter enters Pisces its Domocile ( sign it rules) so its likely you will be much happier in 2022.
October 20, 2020 at 22:51
(Taurus) Sylviego » Trevor77
Wow that´s such a good point ! I didn´t think of that ! Thank you 🤩
October 20, 2020 at 23:07
(Taurus) Sylviego » Trevor77
Wow Trevor ! Thank you so much for this ! You are spot on with your insights !
We´ve been getting into pretty big arguments quite often. The issue is always the same. (my Saturn square his Venus being the culprit).

As for the horary chart, I am very intrigued. I´ve never quite understood how to use them.
Actually , my daughter is a Leo sun, Aries moon, Aquarius rising. I´d love to know what made you believe she´s was a Virgo or Libra.

You´re absolutely correct about him being career driven and having his own business ( 2 businesses), which take up a lot of his attention.

As for the sex, we have talked about it a few times, but we blame it on being busy. But, there´s gotta be more to it lol. So you´re saying that I´m not attracted ? Or he´s not ? So it´s showing that he has no sexual interest here ? Lol
You´re absolutely right about me always wondering if he´s hiding something for me, even though, I truly believe he won´t cheat. I think with my moon pluto, I enjoy digging to the bottom of things. And I feel what he says to me is to surface level, so I try to find the meaning behind it lol.

As so the uranian relationship, that makes me sad. Him and I both have that natally also. I do agree, but it felt so real
October 20, 2020 at 23:24
(Cancer) Trevor77 » Sylviego
With your kid, the 5th house in horary is children so Libra is there but that can mean artistic..

with your relationship Its not information thats needed, it just needs cooperation from the couple involved. astrology cant solve this, it is what it is!

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