Aspects Indicating a Karmic Relationship

September 30, 2020 at 09:56 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) starrybull
Aspects Indicating a Karmic Relationship
Hi friends, I´m a long time lurker. I recently did a Davison between my new partner, and I´d like everyone´s thoughts.

I´m a Taurus Sun and Mercury, Virgo Moon, Cancer rising, Aries Venus and Sagittarius Mars. He is a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Virgo rising and Aquarius Mars (I know, lots of Scorpio...)
We were acquainted in HS. He always drew my interest, but we reconnected recently, and oh boy, is he sexy. Romantic, sensitive, intelligent, sensual, possessive, generous, absolutely everything a Taurus girl could ask for. Our first date was at the protests (Aqua and Sag Mars, hmmm?)

Anyways, in the Davison, we have Venus, Jupiter, Juno (!) and Sappho in the 7th House (!!) in Cancer (!!!). Jupiter is conjunct and parallel Venus, Sappho, and Juno, and Venus also conjuncts Sappho and Juno.
So when I saw this I had an aneurysm. I hadn´t seen anything like it in a synastry, composite or Davision with any of my previous relationships. My heart shot down my spine and fell out my butt.

Then I saw the 12th house. Holy lord, it´s in Sagittarius with Pluto, Mars and Chiron, all those maleficent planets just chilling there. Mars opposes Saturn, and so does Pluto. However, Mars has some softer aspects - It trines the Moon and Mercury. Pluto trines the Sun and Moon, and conjuncts Mars. Chiron is also trine and contra-parallel to the Sun, Mercury, and it is conjunct Mars. Saturn also trines the Sun and Moon, and it´s sextile with the Vertex. Obviously I´m hoping that the good amount of soft aspects outweighs that heavy, harsher energy.

We also have the Sun, Mercury, Fortune and Vertex in the 8th House in Leo.
Moon in Aries in the Third house, and Lilith in Aquarius in the 2nd House. Libra MC.

What do you guys think this sounds like? If I may add, perhaps some of you are interested in Tarot - I had a reading done and they pulled 6 of cups, the empress, the lovers, the world, and justice, concluding that the last three cards, especially justice, indicate marriage. I think Venus, Jupiter and Juno in the 7th House definitely could indicate that. The Sun, Vertex and Mercury in 8th house, and all those heavy energies in the 12th I think indicate marriage and a divorce afterwards at worst, and a very transformative, passionate, and deep soul connection at best. I think this could very well be a Karmic relationship, especially because we are opposites on the wheel... that is just a double whammy. Our relationship was kept secret initially for a few weeks due to personal and social issues, perhaps that was due to the 12th house. I feel very safe and intimate with him though, and we haven´t even irritated each other yet. Have any of you seen charts like this? I´d love to know your thoughts.

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October 7, 2020 at 10:14
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
I read that Saturn aspects talking about karmic relationship. Which you two have. Sun, Mars to Saturn.

I don´t like that Mars is sitting in the 12th.. i experienced it two times. In both causes is was about something hidden that came out later. It was not pretty.

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