is he a no-show ?

September 27, 2020 at 10:42 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) JillHol!anah
is he a no-show ?
Hi Astroseekers

I wrote a whole back story to these images, but I got logged out, so I copied everything only to forget and overwrite my entire long contribution to copy ONE WORD!!! :( :(

So I’m not going to rewrite that but here’s my second attempt.

The chart I’ve attached is my synastry with a family friends work (friend) someone who I constantly get into conflicts with and always somewhat feel like I’m on eggshells around due to our arguments. It’s like the calm before the storm with us. This is where it gets confusing... Because this is one of the best synastries I’ve seen with my chart in synastry... I expected that it would reflect what actually happens between us in reality but it’s almost shocking with our aspects match.

Pluto trine Venus (exact aspect)
Pluto conjunct moon (I’m moon)
Moon parallel mars, close sextiles with Venus/mars/ascendants etc.
Our outer planets work well as well,

I feel like I’ve reached a cross-roads and our interaction, basically us meeting and interacting, was a soul contract (if you believe in the soul making a contract with another in previous lives.)

My ascendant is Gemini so I come across as talkative, witty, flighty and all my life I have been indeed been a very friendly and sociable person, that is up until we had to work closely and I discovered astrology at the same time, I have sun, moon, mars, and Pluto in Scorpio, and Venus/Jupiter in Virgo, so at my core, I am way fixed, less superficial and airy, more ambitious and serious than my ascendant implies, however again its strange that I started acting out my true fixed and serious self with him rather how it’s always been where I’m only this way when I’m alone in private. This was being drawn out of me I feel and also at the same time there was changes in him, from a very quiet, and to himself person, he became very difficult, obstinate, and egotistic tendencies flared which is very far from how everyone else views him, and his ascendant is Libra. Also he doesn’t need to be near me, just in the same building but I’ll know his moods, I’ll know why he’s doing something even though logically I can’t explain how I know… and I think he knows me too in this way.

So my question is, do our charts show that this was the only purpose? Or why have we come across each other? He has about 4-6 main planets in my 8th house, the most I’ve ever had in there and I’ve also heard that when a guy puts most of his planets in the 8th house he wants to go deep into your sexuality, is it possible then that all he is interested in , if at all, is sexual contact? I really want to understand our relationship, and if this is just a karmic contact that was just there to serve as an awakening, and nothing more. if this is all possible to see in the chart please tell me because I’ve reached a point where huge decisions need to be taken like relocation, career, marriage etc., and with no contact between us as the months go I’m starting to really wonder, and really be afraid, that we aren’t using our connection in the way it was supposed to happen, really am I just waiting for something that’s never going to happen?

I´m sorry that this ended up a long story but I really wanted that you understand and I hope it helps you give me these answers I seek :74:

I´m in blue, 6 November and he´s red, 14 Jan.,,
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September 27, 2020 at 21:09
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
A lot in proximity to :159: means fantasy plays a role in this relationship!
You have two mutual receptions which is good for your chart!

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