Please help! I´m devastated over my fiance leaving me.

June 8, 2020 at 22:24 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Melly123
Please help! I´m devastated over my fiance leaving me.
My fiance broke up with me last week and I cannot get past this heartache. We´ve had family clashes and I have lashed out in anger in the past. Please any insight into our charts might being me some peace and understanding. Please see our charts below, his is the June 30 birthdate
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June 8, 2020 at 22:28
(Leo) Melly123
Here is my chart
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June 8, 2020 at 22:54
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Please post his birth details so that I can look at everything; composite, transits, etc.
June 8, 2020 at 23:07
(Leo) Melly123 » Davis212
Sure, he´s June 30, 1980 at 123am in Norwich, CT, USA
June 8, 2020 at 23:29
(Taurus) » Melly123
System message: Post has been written by user hh, who already deleted profile on this website:
we just helped someone the other week whos husband was going through same thing: transit saturn on his moon, known as sade sati. hes in the peak part of this transit. unfortunately, this transit can lead to breakups, i see it more often than saturn transit conjunct venus. this transit will make the person experiencing want to be alone for awhile.

you are going through chiron transit your 7th house. some wounding but eventually healing in your relationship. his moon is on your south node, indicating emotional familiarity but that saturn transit effecting his moon and your south node the same time could be bringing back some unconcious things from the past. along with pluto and jupiter in same place but jupiters hands a bit tied at the moment.
June 8, 2020 at 23:33
(Taurus) » Melly123
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
Ok, thanks! I am looking at the charts right now. Will get back to on that in a while.
June 9, 2020 at 00:28
(Leo) Melly123 » hh
Thank you for your insight ❤️
June 9, 2020 at 01:08
(Aquarius) Leo Moon
Of course You are shattered!

When we grow close to someone and expect them to be in our future....and it ends!!! Heartbreak!

Obviously I don’t know the intricacies of Your relationship. Though anyone who has lived has experienced what You feel now in some degree.

You as Your individual self matter and has power.

Having clashes in the past would personally for me throw up red flags of warning.

In my own life and those of my friends I have seen a cozy comfort in lasting relationships.

As I say....I don’t know the details....but whatever the outcome, You are not alone.
June 12, 2020 at 12:02
(Scorpio) Crowleys Disciple
Family clashes often can end relationships. I learned from my mistakes in my earlier years relationships sometimes are about giving up or sacraficing or letting go of something very dear to our heart in order to make it work. Sometimes that very dear thing to our heart we have to let go of and part from is our family.

Sometimes if you really love your potential mate you got choose between family or your future mate. Sometimes hard sacrafices that are very painful have to be made in order to grow as a person and make the relationship work.

Sometimes it is better to burn down bridges and let past relationships and friendships die in order to form new ones. Sometimes in a relationship its about transformation and letting go of your old self and feeling an inner death inside happen in order to be reborn and grow. Parts of your old self along with family and friends sometimes you need to let go of in order for the new relationship to grow.

Wheather your family gets along with your potential mate or not should not be most important, what should be most important is doing what must be done to make the relationship work. If your family says it is either us or your new lover/ mate/ partner make a choice, sometimes it is better to say audios amigos.

If its not too late and you want your fiance back maybe making these tough sacrafices can bring you two back together.
June 12, 2020 at 13:15
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
If you notice you are both in Uranus in Scorpio Generation in your Uranus Taurus opposition. This is the Mid-Life Crisis. Where you both pretty much must graduate to the next phase of your life. It’s a passage of rights to grow, mature, and evolve into your full potential as individuals.
Saturn in Libra and Saturn in Virgo are the karma in both your charts. Where Mars in Virgo and Venus in Virgo is the karma and dharma. The soul contract to learn specific soul lessons in the relationship with one another.
Venus Gemini and Venus in Virgo are both ruled by Mercury. We’re in the Venus in Gemini Retrograde, Sun in Gemini, and North Node Gemini Transit which is pushing both of you to evolve into something you both probably have not dealt with and Gemini is the division, the divorce, the two separate paths, the masculine and feminine.
This is just one archetype in the Mutable Cross; Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. This is what most of our relationship karma spins around on through belief systems, theories, concepts, and ideas.
Gemini and Virgo is the throat chakra (The way you speak to one another through words) Is their intimidation, threats, ultimatums, verbal abuse going back and forth? Then this is the intellect, the thoughts, the genius, the education, and how it’s used in the relationship in a healthy or unhealthy way. The verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse. This can also be about gossip and rumors with other family members as you mentioned.
Jupiter in Libra is usually the higher conscious relationship with the masculine. Where Mars is sometimes the lower consciousness masculine or boyfriend, friends, or first husband in some people’s lives. It depends on our personal soul contracts, but we have karma with both Mars/Jupiter/Sun in our charts at different times in our lives to evolve us as the feminine and we evolve the masculine.
Saturn in Virgo/Mars in Virgo I can tell you is perfectionism you will never ever live up to in this persons mind and they’re searching for perfectionism in human nature and it doesn’t exit. They are searching for the perfect world, the perfect relationship, the perfect family, the perfect career, and it’s hard path for them to stop judging the world.
Which if your Saturn in Libra, Jupiter in Libra you’re looking for harmony, balance, unity, peace, and fairness.
It’s kind of relationship where the Judge and Jury (Saturn in Virgo, Mars in Virgo) is telling the lawyer (Saturn in Libra, Jupiter in Libra) you’re not doing a good enough job for me, go do some more work and come back until your perfected.
I really don’t think this is about you being cruel to them just looking at this part of it.
Mars in Cancer vs. Mars in Virgo, this can be quite painful since Cancer is water and emotions, introverted, and more sensitive while Virgo is emotionally objective, harsh, and critical. (Emotional Abuse)
The Virgo will act like they’re the victim when they victimize others. I know this by experience.
Uranus in Taurus transit the 8th house of Taurus will definitely shake up your relationship with this person since it’s cutting through the shared resources, the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, sexual, and financial karma of the 8th house. Theirs is intercepted with the 7th/8th house, so this can be splitting because Uranus Scorpio in the 7th house usually is about divorce or break ups in general.
You can see the Moon in Aquarius with the South Node Aquarius, Sun in Leo with the North Node Leo. So there’s this past karma here on the Nodes, where they might have been pushing you towards the North Node Leo because this is your evolution and where you’re going in life. Where the Moon indicates the Matriarchy, the feminine, the Mother.
Sun in Leo is shining as a leader on the North Node Leo, so they may be pushing you to be that leader in whatever you’re meant to do in this world and feminine leaders are being pushed to stand up in the world in 2020 and be independent, and strong on their own, and not believe they need a man to tell them their self-worth, self-love, self-respect, and self-dignity.
With Saturn in Virgo over your Venus in Virgo, there’s a liberation, release, and the feminine coming out to speak her personal truth, stand in her full feminine power, and own it!
While it may be difficult, hard, and emotionally and mentally painful because you love this person, his higher soul knows it’s time for you to learn to fly and he’s done his work with Virgo trying to teach you what you need to know to fly.
June 12, 2020 at 13:32
(Leo) Melly123 » goldenlion32
Thank you for your response, it´s very true. Although it is so incredibly painful. It always felt like we were meant to be.
June 12, 2020 at 13:33
(Leo) Melly123 » Crowleys Disciple
Thank you for your response. I´m hoping he makes that choice and he sees the bigger picture.
June 12, 2020 at 13:35
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This is not my fake topic btw.
June 12, 2020 at 14:14
System message: Post has been written by user MarvinReal, who already deleted profile on this website:
Analysing charts wouldn´t help in this case, it would just increase the pain. It´s a reality that something so precious can be broken because of some unimportant words. I don´t know what exactly you said to him, but it was most likely something what normal people wouldn´t broke for.
June 12, 2020 at 17:53
System message: Post has been written by user MarvinReal, who already deleted profile on this website:
I am fascinated by your Progressed synastry. It´s very unusual to see such Progressed aspects. I used whole signs houses, and progressed orbs 2,5°, as I always do, to see a bigger picture over time.

At the first glance it looks very good. And actually it is indeed very good. However, I can see that it´s mostly intellectual, most aspects are related to Mercury, Chiron, Neptune. It may feel like emotionally starving in that way. I am not saying that it´s the case though. It can be very fulfilling relationship. That feeling of Moon, North Node and Saturn are like it meant to be couple.

Female inner wheel. Male outer wheel.
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June 12, 2020 at 18:24
(Leo) Melly123 » MarvinReal
Thank you for your insight. It just feels like we´ve been robbed of a wonderful life together. I truly think his mother is behind this, pushing him to do this. He´s an only child and very close to his mother. When we´re together it´s amazing. When we´re apart (we live an hour away but were planning on moving in together) it´s filled with doubt. I hope that with time, space and healing we can reconnect.
June 12, 2020 at 18:34
(Taurus) » Melly123
System message: Post has been written by user MarvinReal, who already deleted profile on this website:
I hope the same for you as well as for me. :68: :1:

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