Cancer Woman & Capricorn Man Synastry (comments welcome)

April 20, 2020 at 05:42 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) alymac
Cancer Woman & Capricorn Man Synastry (comments welcome)
Both moons in Scorpio.

About 5 months ago I got out of a relationship (I use that word loosely) with a Pisces man. His Sun sat in my 8th house and my Sun and Venus were both in his 8th house. I was obsessed with him for years and we had one of the most sexually fulfilling relationships that I´ve ever had. We were addicted to each other. He had other things in his chart and there were factors in real life that made a long term committed relationship not work. But, he was in my life for about 3 years and my experience with him transformed me. Meeting him was the reason that I started studying astrology more so than I ever had before (his North Node sat in my 12th house) and how I found my spiritual self. I was obsessed with from the moment I met him and it made me absolutely crazy. I would think to myself, "How am I so obsessed with someone I don´t even know." The more time I spent with him the more addicted I was and him too. My soul yearned for his soul. It was physically painful when I was apart from him. And the energy I felt when I was with him was just...I can´t even describe it. It was like a drug. It made me feel whole. We´ve spent past lifetimes together per his South Node. My North Node was in his 7th house and his North Node conjuncted my Venus and I was so so deeply in love with him.

Getting over him was one of the hardest things I´ve ever done. It was such an intense energy and even though it could be overwhelming I couldn´t get enough. I also knew how deeply I loved him. Once I met him he was the only man I could see. It was love at first sight. I knew that these overlays were something I wanted in a future relationship and it was something I thought and journaled about. I also read my tarot cards and did a few relationship spreads and the following are a few lines from one of them:

- My Love goal: My goal is to be comfortable and secure with my relationship. To take it slow.

- What I do want in a partner: I want someone who is emotionally secure and who will love me deeply. I want a deep emotional experience with my love.

- What I don´t want in a partner: I do not want someone who cannot communicate with me.

I have been talking to man for almost a month and he is basically my dream come true and I think it´s the coolest thing. He´s basically everything that I wished for including being a Capricorn man. One day in Feb 202 I wrote in my journal something along the lines of, "Dear Universe, I am ready for my next soul mate." Which, he is.

I´m sharing this because I don´t know anyone in real life who studies astrology and so talking about it makes me sound crazy (does anyone else feel like that?).

I have met this man in person twice and I can´t get him out of my head. Seeing him for the first time was so familiar. It´s like we are old friends and it´s just been awhile since we´ve seen each other.

We met online and something just kept bringing me back to his profile even though it took hours and hours for him to respond to me. I just ignored everyone else and kept going back to him. Just looking. Wondering why I kept going back. And when he would respond they were thoughtful and interesting messages. He asked me questions, he engaged with me and for about 2 weeks we wrote these long letters back and forth to each other via text message. It was really obvious that there was something about him and I was so surprised at what I felt just from writing back and forth.

So, at some point I mentioned astrology to him and he´s interested and gives me his birth details and once I see the chart I was just blown away. He is everything. :79:

Also, this is my first post. :) I´m happy to have found this place.
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April 20, 2020 at 05:51
(Aries) ram_goat
I´m sharing this because I don´t know anyone in real life who studies astrology and so talking about it makes me sound crazy (does anyone else feel like that?).

Everyone is curious/interested only to a certain depth and not beyond that.. not one inch..
even in here. The trick is to find people whose depth also matches your own.. no small task, even in here..

When you pass that unspoken, unadvertised depth limit with any person, that is when the
words like "crazy" "obsessed" etc. start to get used as weapons against you... even in here..

Your thinking seems muddled, you seem to be riding a "rush", both then, and now..

Forget the chart a moment..

What is it of lasting value that is in your aim to build with this person?

What tangible thing? Can you tell us, or only waste our time mastubating yourself?

You need to bring this whole scene into focus.. in a major way.. out of soft focus and into hard focus... first in your own head,
then in this thread.

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