Some advice for my relationship :)))

April 10, 2020 at 09:18 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Francis064
Some advice for my relationship :)))
Hi all! So this is the synastry chart between me and my ex/probably future girlfriend again :61: Her and I were together for pretty much a year and a half when we started the relationship we had a hard time connecting but once we started talking we got to really appreciate who we were and what we meant for each other. The problem we had was that she was going way too fast in the relationship in terms of emotional development (while I was much slower to catch feelings) and in terms of clinginess (which I have a hard time dealing with) and I didn´t tell her about the things that bothered me which accumulated until I couldn´t take it anymore.

We stopped being together for 2 years now the thing is over these two years we both had no interest in finding someone else, I was convinced that although she was nice she wasn´t the right one for me while she never stopped loving me. Whether I realized it or not I unconsciously starting to love her more and more although we weren´t together anymore and outside factors such as jealous people made the situation awkward between us and the fact that I moved country puts a lot of distance which didn´t exist before.

However despite all that we are always able to move past the obstacle and I´m more than ever willing to make an effort for her even if it means not seeing her as much as I used to. We just can´t seem to be attracted to anyone else and we always always get reunited in some way or other although we spent the past 2 years trying to forget about our feelings it just doesn´t work in fact we become much more attracted which is extremely confusing.

So anyway after all this background information I´d like to know if our synastry chart says anything about miscommunication and superficiality in our "relationship" since miscommunication was my main issue and I´m afraid superficiality is her problem. Since we both really want this to work we need to stop repeating past mistakes but this is only possible if we both know what kind of problems we are expected to face!

Thanks so much if you could help me out everyone my chart is the blue one and hers is the orange one ;)
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