Please give me your thoughts on this composite

April 1, 2020 at 17:49 (UT/GMT)
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Please give me your thoughts on this composite
Okay people. I know nothing about composite. I have this really hard relationship with someone in my life. If there are soul contracts or karma...I sure as hell have one with this person....and it´s not a good one lol

This is not a romantic relationship.

What can you tell me about this chart? Anything. Big, small, complex, obvious. I appreciate ANY insight at all into the nature, future, past of this relationship.

Thank you :)
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April 1, 2020 at 18:23
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I see it like this

Your most critical spot in a birth chart is Moon-Chiron-Lilit Gemini that is giving you extreme emotional vulnerability that is forcing you to rise on another spiritual level where Chiro wound dissolves making you a Moon (emotion) - healer for others.

This friendly and very interesting and attractive (Venus-Sun) and deeply transformative composite (in Scorpio) was brought to you with even more challenging emotional situations with this Moon-Jupiter-Mars opposing Saturn in order to finally teach you Moon-lesson that is needed for you Moon-Chiron natal task.

Moon-Jupiter-Mars Aries is like a multiplied Moon (exaggerated emotions) that is not that patient at all anymore, and with that extremely blocking Libra Saturn, that is constantly trying to shut that catalyzed emotions down, it turns to living hell (emotional torture that even turns to physical pain - because of that Mars) until you finally learn that lesson related to your emotions and that way rise spiritually.

So, you have to learn to deal with excitement, anger, anxiousness and all sort of emotions that this composite is generating in you in order to be able to let this relationship go. It is not meant to last, but to teach you so, it will exist and you´ll be getting back to it until you learn to understand and respect your emotions and act upon them completely...(I guess that is that emotional lesson...but you probably know that better)

(edited - I didn´t see that Saturn is not in conjunction with Pluto, but never mind does not change much...)

One more attractive thing here is that Mercury and Uranus 1stH Scorpio that is actually helping you (very much) to understand life and death and meaning of deep relationships (love) in general and that way again pull you up to higher understanding...

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