How to defend myself properly from enemies?

March 30, 2020 at 17:12 (UT/GMT)
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How to defend myself properly from enemies?
Good evening I am Opera and pop music singer. Me is one of those who tries avoiding conflicts as more as possible, but life is life and even having a peaceful character does not guarantee safe life. I just wanna show 2 photos of one person who was trying openly and possible still now acting hidden to make my life as worse as possible. He was my co-worker in music industry. He was insulting me, once I was attacked by him - he once hit to my face, then I did it once back. And until this moment thanks to God have not seen him. But me tend to feel that he is inclined in black magics and continue to demolish my life thorough a distance - looks like severe attacks under the surface. I don´t wanna have enemies, I just wanna save my life and health, not to lose stability and social being. Could you help me? I know that this person is Virgo Sun, but maybe you can see others big 2 in his profile - Aura color, Moon and Rising. This person is very despotic, possessive, jealous, captious,egocentric and choleric. I just wanna figure out what would be the best way for me to cut these energies from my life - saving myself from a possible cursing. Have you any ideas?
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March 31, 2020 at 05:24
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Opera is interesting, in order to get a decent grade in music, I had to see "The Magic Flute" two years in a row, multiple schools were all on their best behaviour and no Opera glasses were allowed, now that has always pissed me off, how does the lack of Opera glasses improve the experience in any way?
All the unruly youths had to see the sweating old aidsers from afar!
Several times my biological father reminded me that Chaldea lost every war by being an Astrology-centred State.
Sydney has an Opera House, you could change your hemisphere!
March 31, 2020 at 05:34
(Aquarius) altair
Treat him like you would any parasite- Stop feeding him! :11:
March 31, 2020 at 05:41
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You gotta raise your vibe bro. For whatever reason you are a match to that experience on an energetic level. You have Pluto in the 12...Pluto´s house being the one where we tend to face disenpowerment in someway....and 12th is subconscious....and some people would say hidden enemies (altough I think that´s archaic a defintion).

This is all about energetics. That´s the only level you can work with the subconscious and thought/emotional realm at a deeper level............and the physics of it are simple.............something in you allowed this guy into your experience.....and so you know have to remove him from your consciousness.

Take it as opportunitty to deal with the root energetic cause within you that even allowed this to happen.

First I´d check your own integrity. Do you treat people well? Integrit will go a long way to make one avoid many problems in life.

Second .... are you someone who has problems saying no? Your Path of Fortune is conjunct Mars in the 7th. Do you set appropriate boundaries in general with people? Your a Libra moon, so this may be a bit difficult.

You also have Chiron in the 8th...another of the "hidden" houses, so to speak. Could be a wound around sex, power, other people´s moneys etc....

Anyway....point gotta change your thoughts and emotions period. And you are probably going to have to change your behaviour. This guy OBVIOUSLY can never be your co-worker again. Unless you enjoy drama in your life.

You gotta be the version of you to which these things don´t happen. How does that guy think? How safe does that guy feel? What kind of people does this guy work with? How much does he LOVE HIMSELF?

Psychic attacks can only pray on particular weaknesses of ours. Solution...we grow stronger...But this is spiritual work we are talking....not necessarilly external stuff.

You gotta see how you have fed, and are feeding the situation. You HAVE to first focus on being safe, meeting your needs. Things like this can only escalate when something else is not working so well in your life. You gotta approach this hollistic....and as a sign you may need a big change in your life.

Hope that made some sense. Take care.
March 31, 2020 at 08:14
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We are just condensates of energies. Everyone that enters your reality has an appropriate energetic position (physical, mental, emotional...) related to you (as energy condensate)

As previously said you have to first get to know yourself fully and just after that, you have to develop a system that will help you recognize the exact energy position other people should be related to you.

If you have composite Mars opp Sun with someone that means that person has to be at the most possible physical distance from you (this means you cannot stand that person physically). If you, at the same time, have composite Sun conjunction Mercury that means that you have a great need to communicate (to be mentally close as much as possible).

The problem between people (in this case) comes when we misunderstand this so when we feel that we want to communicate with someone closely start to interpret it as a need to be physically close...

See the composite (if possible) and try to act upon that...

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