incredible chemistry/love at first sight aspects

March 24, 2020 at 10:04 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) xsxbxl
incredible chemistry/love at first sight aspects
I started dating this guy not long ago and we were crazy about each other at first sight
everything feels sooo unreal with him, it‘s like I‘m dreaming and there‘s this intense sexual attraction that makes me loose my mind these last days

as you can see, his lilith conjuncts my asc and I heard that‘s a really good synastry aspect
but is there another aspect that causes this connection?
feels like a past life connection... what‘s with my lilith conjunct his south node? I couldn‘t find much about this.

sadly I don‘t have his birth time yet, but here‘s the synastry!
(he feels more like a taurus moon)
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March 24, 2020 at 10:11
(Pisces) _Moon_Queen_
This could be composite Venus:191:Sun:191:Mercury...

Can you post composite?
March 24, 2020 at 10:56
(Cancer) xsxbxl » _Moon_Queen_
of course, here‘s the composite
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March 24, 2020 at 11:55
(Pisces) _Moon_Queen_ » xsxbxl
For now, I´m doing some deeper research on composite :151: :191: :154:, :151: :191: :153: and :151: :191: :152:. I´m doing it on actors and actresses by recognizing my reaction to them (first impression) and then checking our composite...I did over two hundred records so far and the results are getting more and more predictable as I go further...

This is the list I´m using…

And these are my results:

I found out that composite :151: :191: :154: gives the very intensive reaction of attraction and like I´m charmed at first sight, but that reaction is shallow and I have no deeper interest in a person meaning that after a couple of seconds I cannot even look at that person and it miraculously becomes even ugly and repulsive... Keanu Reeves, Jean Reno, Cameron Diaz ...

:151: :191: :153: gives the more trustful deeper reaction of pleasant joy. I feel like I know the person all my life, like my best friend and feel it equal and have no problem looking at it for longer and it stays always the same, moderately beautiful...Just as it is enough. Nataly Portman, Mila Jovovich, John Cleese...

:151: :191: :152: gives slight pleasant fear caused by admiration and respect. This reaction gets deeper and brings me more connection to person as more I look at its picture. As long I look at pictures I more like that person. Just over a couple of moments, I developed full trust and it starts to make me happy. Glenn Close, Gerard Depardieu, Kate Blanchet ...

Your composite is a nice :151: :191: :153: composite with additional :156: :191: :157: a synthesis that is giving full trust, loyalty and understanding

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