Thoughts on my loaded 8th house conposite?

March 3, 2020 at 16:02 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Christian250
Thoughts on my loaded 8th house conposite?
It’d be nice to hear some of your thoughts on how this relationship would unfold. I’ve had plenty of experience with the 8th house before. My pluto and mercury are both in the 8th in sag opposite my moon in gemini 2nd house. Was in a relationship before with some 8th house placements but this is considerably more.

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March 3, 2020 at 16:02
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March 3, 2020 at 17:39
(Taurus) Vyri » Christian250

These planets (Sun, Venus, Neptune conj. in the 8th) speak of a dreamy very deep sexually attractive element in the type of love or intimacy you experience together), an identification factor where master-fullness is very important for the both of you to willow out for a decision of who is in charge of directing the affair. Mars is the radical lord of the 1st house (impetus to act), and makes a square (obstacle) to Uranus in the 8th H.C. from the 5th H.C. Uranus is conjunct the 9th cusp, the square happens when on the cusps of different houses (subject matters)they (Mars, Uranus) about to enter different signs. This suggests a new experience or a change of heart is on the horizon or something that should be considered at least for discussions for some betterment. It definitely has something to do with what attracts you to each other as important elements of your union or character natures that may need resolving, a reconsideration of mind and spirit are due in the future, things to discuss for a higher valued relationship for one or the both of you to talk over.

The composite is a chart that shows ´potential´ rather than events written in stone that will be enacted, a type of psychological overview of benefits or negatives of character. forewarned is forearmed...the Star´s impel they do not compel us to action. The potential of Mars square to Uranus with Aquarius the dresser on the 8th house could only mean as a synthesis, a tendency towards rash behavior that acts before thinking, the hopes of each are the center discussion point of what can potentially get in the way of a harmonious relationship.

The 8th house means transitions, Mars as lord of both the 1st house and the 8th is a very masculine directive in temperament and trait which figures in that has the potential of forces for transitions unless these traits are not curbed.
The sooth of Moon conj. Jupiter trine Uranus acts as a balm of Gilead for the masculine rashness of temper that is very prominent and demanding in this chart
I wouldn´t ponder or worry about 8th house matters if I were you, Saturn is in joy in the 12th house, his statement there is one of acknowledgement of the hardships of self undoing or an awareness of potential trouble that will overtake us if not enough wisdom is present typically at the moment that should be there when strife occurs.

There could be a lot of bickering that will dampen the relationship, but the attraction is solid and the best type of salve occurs deeply for each other´s psyche is the understanding that transpires between you both when you close the boudoir doors behind you.

Take care, not to worry.

Moon is trining Uranus in the 8th, a lot of psychic energy there, Fixed Star Regulus is on the Ascendant, a charmed relationship..and on a sensitive level you both are bar none when it comes to handling anything going your way. There is very little both of you aren´t able to handle when it comes to smoothing out a trouble.

Take care
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March 4, 2020 at 05:19
(Sagittarius) Christian250 » Vyri
I appreciate you taking the time to write all of that? that was in depth and exactly what I was looking for lol. I have a question though, how did you find out mars as the lord of the 1st and the 8th?
March 5, 2020 at 02:56
(Sagittarius) Christian250 » stigmí
Thanks for taking the time to reply? that’s great though! I’ve always wanted kids but have never been with someone I could see myself having a family with you know?
March 5, 2020 at 05:16
(Scorpio) Lsinsocal » Christian250
Lots of Neptune. Very dreamy. Neptune can also be about illusions too, so it might feel perfect at first. But...

8th house is all about intimacy, transformation, sex and money. Probably feels like a close soulmate type bond. I don´t see many Pluto or Mars aspects, so it might be lacking in sexual passion despite the 8th house stellium. 8th house is pretty deep on it´s own but this one is Aquarius which is kind of an aloof or impersonal sign. Uranus there could indicate sexual experimentation but it could also mean how you two handle money together...or it could be both. On again, off again is 8th house Aquarius to me.

Moon Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant is great though. You two would feel good together.
March 13, 2020 at 16:22
(Taurus) Vyri » Christian250
When reading a chart you must consider the radical placements, those Signs that naturally rule houses of the Zodiac. When considering these placements Mars becomes the lord of the 1st and 8th house´s by origin.

For example you have the last degrees of Gemini (speaking, thinking communications, lord Mercury ruler) on the Ascendant. In the chart you would look at Mercury and Mars to see how the original authorities of the Ascendant (Mars), and the 3rd house ruler (Mercury) would blend or interact by aspect. From that aspect (square = obstacle, trine = harmony) you would be able to tell if the relationship of Gemini on Aries house would reflect with each other of some understanding.

A general interpretation could consider how you both would interact with the energy present between them..together. The square is friction, both of you speaking about how to overt disharmonious conversations in the future could help, preparation in that an understanding could be melded between you is how you might transmute the energy of a square...for-warned is for-armed.

Do you see Gemini (communication) within the 12th house, those things of Gemini within this house (naturally square (obstacle) in Pisces house (karma, dharma, deep reflections creative with grace and beauty being a major part of Pisces nature), in the 12th. Mercury, Mars lords rule the physical Ascendant, a personality consideration might need special attention given to it, to be able to blend harmoniously bet. each other, watch the transits of Mars & Mercury). The square, semi-square, sesqui-square and opposition could be a a bit challenging, a major concern, troublesome, = acting out, a bit of personal sadness or melancholy might surface, depression experienced between both of you in your relationship. (Conversation´s about health, work, Virgo´s house of ruling by Mercury lord of the 6th house could surface).

If you both don´t wish to express you deep inner feelings with each other with conversations geared to common wishes and thoughts on these topics, (habits, feelings, hidden bugaboo´s) complications might arise, consideration of these situations could be discussed before hand.

So you see all the gears (planets) in the houses work with each other contribute to make a whole interpretation of a chart by respecting their original expressions-acknowledging their thrones.

The aspects show how energy is expressed creating the story between the lords and their respect of each other. creating a relationship of harmony or discord.

The Stage of a chart is the house, the script, is the suit of colour or story line = the sign, and the planets are people, or the speakers on the stage as they evolve the play.

Hope this helps..take care
Post Script...sorry for the late response, am a bit into ward these days to my own concerns.

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