advice with leo/virgo/aries guy?

November 22, 2019 at 17:36 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) scoutbrown46
advice with leo/virgo/aries guy?
hello you all! i´ve been in a tricky situation for the past year. i´m a sag/sag/leo with scorpio venus and mars, and i´ve fallen in love with a leo man with virgo moon conjunct mercury, aries rising, cancer venus and sagittarius mars. i´ll add his chart. my sun and mercury (and pluto) are in his 9th house, my moon in his 8th, and my venus and mars are in his 7th. his sun, moon, and mercury are in my first, his venus in my 12th, and his mars in my 5th. i´ve known him for years and i genuinely believe i´m in love with him, and i have this suspicion he feels the same even though he acts like he doesn´t. we´re not currently on speaking terms because we´ve had a lot of disputes and we´ve both really hurt each other and i´m studying abroad so we can´t see each other face to face. ever since i confessed how i felt things have been really tumultuous and unstable. for awhile, it was strained, then everything was fine, then things got strained again, then they were going better than ever, then they were horrible. i´ve also spent half the year away from home and away from him, and i even told him before i told him how i felt that i´d be gone for awhile. i have my suspicions about what´s going on thanks to a sharp intuition, a lot of astrology knowledge, and a whole lot of cumulative experience with him, but i wanted to know what you think? do you think it´s possible he feels the same way but doesn´t want to admit it? i´ll give my hypothesis once i get a few responses, i just want to get a second opinion from my fellow astrology lovers. thanks!!
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