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August 20, 2019 at 14:51 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) beyzacen
sexual synastry
Venus-Mars interaspects: This is especially potent when the woman’s Venus is being aspected by the man’s Venus. Even better is when you have a “double-whammy”; when your Venus aspects your partner’s Mars, and when your partner’s Mars aspects your Venus. Venus is the planet of love, affection, and romance, while Mars is the planet of raw sexual energy. Together, they make fireworks! The Mars person feels adored and loved by the Venus person, and finds them beautiful. The Venus person is energized and sexually stimulated by the Mars person. When this interaspect shows up in synastry, true sexual compatibility is indicated. This is especially potent when the woman’s Venus is being aspected by the man’s Venus. Even better is when you have a “double-whammy”; when your Venus aspects your partner’s Mars, and when your partner’s Mars aspects your Venus. When it is the woman’s Mars aspecting the man’s Venus, the man may feel the woman is too aggressive for his taste (this, of course, depends on each person’s individual chart). This is especially true of the conjunction, sextile and trine. In these cases, sexual energies and attraction are indicated on the part of both parties. In the case of the square and opposition, attraction and great sex are still indicated, but the Venus person may find the Mars person overly aggressive and may feel the Mars person is only interested in sex. Conversely, the Mars person may find the Venus person too stuffy or flowery.

Mars-Mars: I cannot stress the importance of having compatible Mars signs, when it comes to great sex! When two peoples’ Mars planets are in harmonious aspects to each other, your sexual energies match well. You like the same things sexually, and it is easy to please one another. Things just feel “natural” with this person. The square and opposition can be tricky, as it indicates discordant sexual styles. However, if there are supportive aspects, the square and opposition can still work.

Sun-Mars: Both the Sun and Mars are masculine signs. When they make an aspect in synastry, sexual compatibility is indicated. Your body rhythms match well, and you naturally know how to please one another. Mars is especially sexually attracted to the Sun person, and the Sun person’s sexual desires are stimulated by the Mars person. This aspect represents considerable attraction to each other’s bodies. This is especially true for the conjunction, trine, and sextile. The opposition and square can lead to conflict and ego clashes, but attraction is still indicated.

Venus-Pluto: This is one of the hottest sexual synastry aspects two people can have! Pluto represents sex, obsession, and intimacy, while Venus represents love, beauty, and affection. Together, this spells g-r-e-a-t s-e-x! You stimulate each other’s desire to experience the depths of sexual intimacy. Physical intimacy is especially important with this interaspect; you feel a strong desire to be physically close to each other. In fact, you may find you become obsessed with one another! This aspect also indicates power struggles and domination, especially on the part of the Pluto person. The Pluto person feels a strong desire to “merge” with the Venus person. Pluto finds Venus beautiful and intriguing. Venus is strongly sexually attracted to Pluto, as Pluto puts her in touch with her primal, sexual feelings. This is especially true of the conjunction. The trine and sextile indicate intense, but pleasing and harmonious sexual interactions. These aspects deepen the intimacy shared by the couple, but not in an overly obsessive or destructive way. In the case of the square and opposition, strong sexual energies are also indicated, but this may be accompanied by an unhealthy desire to control one another through manipulation, jealousy, and possessiveness. The square and opposition can also indicate sexual and financial exploitation, as well as abuse. Nevertheless, Venus-Pluto in synastry is just plain hot.

Moon-Mars: In synastry, this is a sign of true sexual compatibility. The attraction is instinctive in nature. This aspect is considered best when the woman is the Moon person, and the man is the Mars person. Like Venus-Mars interaspects, Moon-Mars interaspects represent the yin/yang or male/female energies between couples. The Mars person can instinctively sense the needs of the Moon person, and strives to fulfill them. The Mars person is attracted to the Moon at a very basic level; he finds her basic femininity very sexually appealing. The Moon person is “turned on” by the Mars person’s advances. The attraction is very primal in nature. Together, they fuse emotionalism and feelings into sex, which can be highly satisfying for both parties. I believe all Moon-Mars contacts, whether hard or soft, brings this energy into the partnership. However, the hard aspects can manifest outside the bedroom as emotional arguments and hurt feelings, while the softer aspects indicate supportive energies between the two.

Mars-Pluto: This synastry aspect is HOT! It indicates overwhelming passion and intensity, due to a raw sexual energy which permeates between the couple. With this aspect, sex is intense and transformative, and the need to be physically close to each other is paramount. The sexual magnetism to each other is strong. One of you might be very physically demanding of the other, which could give rise to conflict and power struggles.


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August 20, 2019 at 21:13
(Pisces) fishscales
I might add conjunctions (and possibly oppositions) between Black Moon Lilith and the sun, moon, Venus, Mars, Pluto, or another person´s BML to to this list.

Also conjunctions to any of the above planets or points with the asteroids Eros or Lust, as well any combination of conjunctions between two people´s Eros and Lust.

One caveat: BML and the asteroids are all minor influences, and their effect on sexual chemistry is only relevant if sexual chemistry is backed up by major planetary aspects in the synastry.

In a synastry chart that has some classic sexual chemistry aspects, as well as some BML or asteroid contacts in the mix, you are "cookin", as John Lee Hooker would say "with gas"... ?
August 20, 2019 at 23:36
(Scorpio) Sqwishie
We don´t have a lot of these, but have an exact Pluto/Venus, sun/saturn and ASC/MC conjunction. I feel left out of the Venus/Mars dynamic stuff but we have a fantastic partnership despite it, 18 years.

Thanks for sharing.
August 21, 2019 at 11:12
(Aries) beyzacen » fishscales
Right could you write the aspect asteroids effects?
August 21, 2019 at 12:10
(Pisces) fishscales » beyzacen
Both asteroids are going to increase sexual attraction when they contact certain points in another person´s chart.

I´d say Eros has more to do with a deep-seated longing, and Lust has more to do with a primal physical attraction.

I think Eros is a bit softer than Lust. Eros is like a strong sexual attraction with some Venusian qualities to it. Lust is more Mars/Pluto in nature.
January 10, 2020 at 04:33
(Virgo) rohini moon
I could be wrong on this but.......I think if the mans moon is conjunct the womans ASC -and his sun is conjunct her moon especially If these happen in the 1st and 7th axis it creates sexual chemistry

I think though when anyone´s moon lands on your ascendant it will create some sort of bond ..not always sexual in that regard
January 10, 2020 at 11:08
(Leo) pixel » fishscales
I found this :
Black Moon Lilith is not about any of the above. Her bad reputation may have come about because of her electric magnetism, psychic abilities and power to mesmerize. Obviously, these gifts are wonderful unless they are used for manipulation, mind control and promoting evil deeds. But in herself, she is not “evil.” However, she is bewitching.

Lastly, of course, she is highly sexual. Her sexuality is not primarily used for procreation, which for some religions is deemed as sinful. So, its power can be used for spiritual enlightenment and finding the god/goddess within. This is very threatening for Western religions that place Godliness outside the human body and Mother Earth. This is how Lilith became demonized.

Black Moon Lilith
Harmonious Lilith aspects between partners will show how you can bring magic into each other’s life. Like a good Mars/Venus connection, it will show how Tantric your sexual relations could be. It also shows how magnetically attracted you are to each other – the all important chemistry. Hard aspects to the personal planets may show an irresistible, obsessive attraction, the sort that hypnotizes you into abandoning your more regular Moon/domestic commitments. Hence, her reputation as a “bunny boiler.” On the other hand, she can break the spell of entrenched habitual behavior.

Therefore, synastry connections with Black Moon Lilith show where you feel this magic and how it plays out. Double whammys (for example, your Lilith aspects their Sun and their Lilith aspects your Sun) are great because they give each partner the opportunity to be “The Lilith,” and that makes them the most powerful of all.

Black Moon Lilith/Sun aspects
Harmonious: The Sun partner will flood the Lilith partner with magical sunbeams, amping up their power. The Lilith partner will inspire creativity in the Sun partner, making them feel like a King or Queen.
Stressful: The Sun partner will feel their ego undermined by a manipulative Lilith. Lilith could feel dominated and crushed by a bossy Sun and respond by attempting to darken their light.

Black Moon Lilith/Moon aspects
Harmonious: The Moon partner will resonate with the Lilith’s nocturnal magical world, inspiring dreams and heightening their intuition. The Lilith partner will shake the Moon out of bad habits and inspire them to focus on their own magic and not let them get bogged down by domesticity.
Stressful: The Moon partner could smother Lilith’s sexuality and want to tame their animal magnetism. Lilith could manipulate the Moon partner emotionally and tempt them away from domestic responsibilities.

Black Moon Lilith/Mercury aspects
Harmonious: The Mercury partner can inspire magic words and poetry from the Lilith partner. The Lilith partner can read the Mercury partner’s mind. Together, they can amplify each other’s psychic abilities and turn each other on with words.
Stressful: The Mercury person could use logic to demean the Lilith person’s intuitive reasoning. The Lilith partner could penetrate and brainwash the Mercury person’s mind.

Black Moon Lilith/Venus aspects
Harmonious: The Venus partner will give pure love to Lilith’s raw sexuality, refining to its highest vibration. The Lilith partner can ignite a fire in the Venus partner and push their love to tantric ecstasy.
Stressful: The Venus partner could feel overwhelmed and threatened by the Lilith partner’s powerful sexuality. The Lilith partner may feel trapped by Venusian materialism and be unimpressed by the Venus partner’s weakness for surface beauty and bling!

Black Moon Lilith/Mars aspects
Harmonious The Mars partner will be firing on all cylinders from the Lilith’s partners sexual enthusiasm, a recipe for releasing the Kundalini if ever there was one. The Lilith partner will be constantly “on heat” from their ardent Mars partner.
Stressful: The negative side of this contact is if the aspect is not played out sexually. The Mars partner’s rage will be ignited by the Lilith partner, resulting in possible violence or verbal abuse. The Lilith partner’s frustration and sexual jealousy could result in Lilith psychically attacking and directing too much energy toward the Mars partner, draining their own creativity. If played out sexually, it is one that could enflame fiercely, then burn out.

Black Moon Lilith/Jupiter aspects
Harmonious: The Jupiter partner will feel spiritualized and uplifted by the Lilith partner. The Lilith partner will feel their magic expanded by the enthusiastic Jupiter partner, and in return will worship them as a God or Goddess!
Stressful: The Jupiter partner may feel constricted by the Lilith partner’s sexual demands. The Lilith partner may feel the Jupiter partner overly judgmental of their wild and less than ecclesiastical behaviour.

Black Moon Lilith/Saturn aspects
Harmonious: The Saturn partner feels poetic, loosens up and inspired to break the rules when the Lilith partner waves their magic wand. The Lilith partner crystallizes their magic into solid form, thanks to Saturn’s discipline.
Stressful: The Saturn partner could put the Lilith partner’s sexuality on a leash, constricting them too tightly and thereby trapping their creativity. The Lilith partner may enjoy teasing and tempting the Saturn partner out of their responsibilities – and seducing them away from their work.

About the Author
Marina Caruso is an Astrologer and Illustrator. Her work is inspired by symbolism, synchro-mysticism, myths, the fixed stars and constellations, pop culture, psychology and Lilith. Learn more about her at Funkastrology
January 11, 2020 at 12:58
(Pisces) fishscales » pixel
Aw, why did it stop with Saturn?

My wife and I have a Lilith/Pluto conjunction

Can´t find too much info about it...

It makes its presence felt in ways that can be expected, but I´d still like to hear other people´s takes on it...
January 11, 2020 at 13:22
(Cancer) Trevor777
Too many of those, in there and there will be more going on than just sex lol ?
January 11, 2020 at 14:08
(Leo) pixel » fishscales
I´m sorry fishscales, I scripted what I found (and by the way, beyzacen, sorry to use your thread... This is the latest thing I´ll write it about lilith.... :17:)

I hope this may help you a little bit more (even if I think you know much more) :
Aspects to Lilith in Synastry:

- In synastry, Lilith brings an untamed, wild sexual energy, feelings of obsession, and intense, transformative interactions. When your Lilith aspects your someone’s planet (especially the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, or the Ascendant), you are magnetically attracted to this person, and can’t get them out of your mind. This aspect shows an amazing amount of sexual chemistry and an obsessive attraction.​

!!! Like Pluto, Lilith aspects in synastry act to draw out each person’s sexuality. Lilith sex is tantric, obsessive, and highly addictive. Couples with strong Lilith in synastry have an incredibly strong sexual attraction to one another, and it is difficult to keep them apart! Logic does not apply to Lilith relationships. Indeed, Lilith is what makes a man end a 20-year marriage out of the blue. Indeed, Lilith’s reputation as a “home wrecker” is well deserved. On the plus side, she can break someone free of their safe, habitual behavior. !!!

(source ;

Pluto and Lilith contacts are always pretty intense. You may feel a lot of sexual attraction, a magnetic pull to one another but it can get toxic pretty quickly. These aspects can turn into controlling, possessive and obsessive. Oh, and the other person may refuse Liliths dark side and be almost disgusted by it in some cases.

It seems that if there are many lilith aspects in a synastry chart, Liliths influence can bring some sort of aggressiveness, domination, extreme persuasion and desire fullfilment into a relationship.

Lilith in the other person’s 1st House:

Strong physical, sexual attraction. Lilith might be obsessed with the House person’s apperance and behaviour, something draws them in. The House person sees Lilith as someone who has a lot in common with them, someone who they can show their rebellious and darker self almost instantly.

Lilith in the other person’s 2nd House:

A strong possession. Lilith may use the House person as their sponsor, someone who can provide them the material possessions they need. The House person might like the investment in Lilith, they feel empowered and like feeling “used”, if they even realize it. The House person might be rough on Lilith with their physical contact, too strong, act like they own them.

Lilith in the other person’s 3rd House:

Lilith is the one who gives the House person very dark, often bad ideas. They put the House person’s mind in a new direction, where they can be thoughts that are unusual to them. They might be scared of them. They see the Lilith person as the little devil on their shoulder who gives them the “you know it’s going to end up bad, but why not do it anyway” advice.

Lilith in the other person’s 4th House:

The home-wrecking placement. Lilith might be the one to bring the House person out of their comfort zone, their morals, the way they were taught to think. The House person sees Lilith as something exciting, something that can stir up their home, their family. Sex can be very unusual for the House person, they will likely discover new things.

Lilith in the other person’s 5th House:

Sex between them might be filthy, there is no shame between them, bdsm and orgies might be included. Lilith introduces the House person to dangerous, thrilling hobbies that are also full of pleasure. The House person knows they are wrong, but their inner self is curious about them and can’t resist them. Lilith might also put the House person in danger, risk them for their entertainment.

Lilith in the other person’s 6th House:

Lilith can cause rebellion, chaos, adventure in the House person’s daily routine. Lilith will want them to leave work, school to go somewhere with them, they will want their whole day to be spend with them. They will want to influence what House person does. The House person needs Lilith, they will enjoy and seek that excitement, the escape from the normal, plain life.

Lilith in the other person’s 7th House:

Mutual manipulation, they can bring out the worst in eachother or pair up and turn into a villain couple. Provocations, pushing limits in relationships, seeking other people just to use them for their own benefit. They can drain eachother, Lilith might use the House person as a connection to other people/future victims.

Lilith in the other person’s 8th House:

The most intensely erotic one. Lilith will show the House person darker sides of sex, they will explore it together, try it together. Intimacy feels wicked, the house person feels raw, like someone finally understands what they needed the whole time. Lilith can manipulate the House person into revealing secrets. They will idealise death, make it seem exciting.

Lilith in the other person’s 9th House

Lilith will show the House person a new side of the world, a new side of spirituality. They might introduce them to cults, dangerous beliefs, manipulating them into a new mindset. They will make them use their spirituality in dangerous ways, brainwash other people. The House person will feel inspired, they will see the world in a new light, sometimes not sensing how bad it can be. Sexually open relationship, can bring other people into it. Causing trouble while travelling together.

Lilith in the other person’s 10th House

Lilith will use the House person for their own gain, career growth, reputation,etc. The House person’s reputation can turn bad only by hanging out with the Lilith person, their public image can be destroyed. Lilith will use sex as a way to have influence on the House person.

Lilith in the other person’s 11th House

Lilith will introduce the House person to new people, people that might not be good for them. Sex cults, a drug crowd, people that the House person would’ve never thought they will be around. Lilith will try to change their ideas and view of the world, put sinister ideas into their thoughts.

Lilith in the other person’s 12th House

Lilith will bring out dark dreams, fantasies from the House person. They can cause fear, negativity and self-destruction in the House person. Lilith will fulfil all of the House person’s sexual desires. They might be obsessed with the house person’s hidden self, they will need to fully explore their character, which can take a long time, because the wall between them is never fully destroyed. Lilith wouldn’t want to leave them alone, they’re excited by the mystique. The House person might feel suffocated.

:17: :17: :17:
January 11, 2020 at 16:06
(Pisces) fishscales » pixel
Oh no need to apologize Pixel... I just get frustrated when some of these astrologers don´t include the outer planets..there is valuable information to be had there...

Thanks for finding some Lilith/Pluto stuff though... Great sleuth work! I´ve never read any of it before.

I can relate to some of the Lilith/Pluto stuff you posted...the attraction part, definitely...and I do sometimes feel like me and my wife´s relationship could have the potential for toxicity, but somehow never crosses over...I guess we´re lucky that we have alot of easy Sun/Moon, Sun/Venus and Sun/Jupiter contacts

The Lilith in your partner´s 4th house interpretation really rang true for me... My Lilith is on the cusp of my wife´s 5th house, but just on the 4th house side...the interpretation says Lilith in the 4th could be a homewrecker...

I pursued my wife while she was living with her boyfriend and father of her two kids...although it would not be correct to say the pursuit was one sided...

The guy had no interest in her, the kids, (who are basically my kids now) or in being a father, so I can´t say I feel bad about how the whole thing went down.

But in the technical sense, I guess you could label me as a homewrecker of sorts. That aspect of the interpretation definitely rings true on some level.
January 11, 2020 at 17:20
(Leo) pixel » fishscales
The aim of being here is to learn and help each other, isn´t it ?! So you´re welcome.

Finding things for others help us understand at the same time. :3:

January 11, 2020 at 18:07
(Pisces) fishscales » pixel
Pixel, always a model of grace and good citizenship in the forum :37:

January 11, 2020 at 20:37
(Leo) pixel » fishscales
Oh, that´s quite a compliment: Thank you ! (* But don´t tell me such things, or that´s will go to my head! :4:*)

January 11, 2020 at 20:42
(Pisces) fishscales » pixel
Well, your flower signature always gets me... :4:

Such a nice way to end a post...

I don´t know, I´ve always liked it
January 11, 2020 at 21:28
(Leo) pixel » fishscales
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January 12, 2020 at 03:52
(Aquarius) Leo Moon
When You’re hot You’re Hot, when You’re not You’re not! :3:
January 12, 2020 at 15:32
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology
When you want to drink your woman´s menstrual blood, and she desires to bathe in your sperm, then you know that you have great synastry.
January 12, 2020 at 15:42
(Leo) pixel » ancient_astrology
Amis poetes, bonsoir !!! Ouch! Men explanations hurt eyes/ears sometimes..

January 12, 2020 at 16:12
(Taurus) dani_mae1 » ancient_astrology
Perfect, now I have goals to attain! Let me go ask hubs about the blood and sperm.
January 12, 2020 at 17:11
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology » pixel
C´est l´Ennui! L´oeil chargé d´un pleur involontaire,
II rêve d´échafauds en fumant son houka.
Tu le connais, lecteur, ce monstre délicat,
— Hypocrite lecteur, — mon semblable, — mon frère!
January 12, 2020 at 17:29
(Virgo) rohini moon » ancient_astrology
When you want to drink your woman´s menstrual blood,

Only the warlocks can handle that. Not for the faint of heart
January 12, 2020 at 17:34
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology » rohini moon
<<When you want to drink your woman´s menstrual blood,

Only the warlocks can handle that. Not for the faint of heart>>

You have to be truly, deeply in love and have a lot of trust in them, because once you drink their menstrual blood, you are giving them power over you.
January 12, 2020 at 17:38
(Virgo) rohini moon » ancient_astrology
True, which is why I don´t like it, but very good advice you´re giving out there for people not in the know
January 12, 2020 at 17:50
(Leo) pixel » ancient_astrology
So all that is, in final, a power matter? gender war... beneath all what we talked about: love, attraction, and other stuff... illusions...

Therefore, being single definetly suits me! :8:

January 12, 2020 at 18:30
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology » pixel
No, the opposite. You are being vulnerable in the situation. You trust the person a lot. It´s not a gender war at all.
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