Synastry with a special person in my life... fate??

December 22, 2022 at 19:58 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) greeneyedvirgo759
Synastry with a special person in my life... fate??
Hi Everyone!
I was hoping a few of you could take a look at this Synastry and let me know your thoughts...

She and I met in the early 1990s thru a weekend bowling league. Honestly, I can´t recall if we spoke two words to each other during the few seasons we bowled. Oddly enough, I can recall her hair and freckles clearly... Of course, the league ended and I should have never encountered her again.

We were reintroduced thru a mutual friend in 1999. The recognition was instantaneous and it didn´t take long for us to figure out where we knew each other from! We spent a lot of time together during the summer & fall of 99; hanging out, doing random stuff and even a "date" or two. I still can´t go to certain places without being reminded of her. Eventually, we drifted apart and neither of us made how we felt known...due to youth, shyness, inexperience. We both confirmed this in 2006. There was regret for not taking action and missing something that could have been special. Unfortunately, it was not the right time to act.

After that, we didn´t speak until 2016. Since then, I´ve reached out a few times over holidays, birthdays, etc. She did once or twice too...until September of this year. We started to talk more. She even graced me with some of her free time and we met up for lunch. It felt as if very little time had passed...certainly not 23 years. I´ve never really experienced that sort energy/feeling. It was strange to say the least.

She´s a big reason why I became interested in astrology, fate, spiritualism, etc. I´ve never forgotten her and she´s always made me feel "right person wrong time".

Is there anything in this chart that signifies these feelings?…;
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December 25, 2022 at 11:41
(Taurus) Rusty7140
I think you may have a past life connection with this person and perhaps keeping an open mind to a relationship could be a good idea.

Source: Star Scope Today: The South Node in Synastry

(you are the node person)
December 25, 2022 at 23:13
(Cancer) sadiemae100
You are venus, she would be pluto.
January 25, 2023 at 19:46
Linda Harris
Hi Virgo,
As promised: first I´d like to say that in a way, ´´right person, wrong time´´ might apply...except that you had opportunities that you didn´t take advantage of...but here is my explanation...first,of the reason that NOW you are ...I won´t say obsessed....but preoccupied ...with J.

If you look at your chart, you will see the current transits. Because I usually read transits from Pluto back thru the personal planets...(as the personal planets can do nothing other than operate within the framework of the outer planets) on your 8th house cusp and has been hovering there for quite a while and is not quite done there...

THIS represent the change in your relationship status. Pluto squares your Venus ..and has all this time. This change in the status of your relationship is traumatic...even if you saw it coming...even if it is not altogether something you felt you could handle... I call it a life trauma. You and your partner have been together a long have children. This is very difficult.

Then I look at transit Uranus: (I will save Neptune for later, as it ties in to your natal issues)...Uranus is at 14 Taurus...and is hovering around that degree...and in doing that it forms a Grand Trine with your Sun in Virgo and your Moon in Capricorn.

THIS is a very energy laden trine. With Uranus in the 11th house you want to be able to tie your "present" in with your "future (11th house)."

But Uranus is inconjunct your Jupiter...has been for a while...although that energy is on it´s way out. BUT the inconunct is very very hard on relationships when and where Libra is connected to it...and you have 5..yes..FIVE planets in Libra. This means that Uranus has been undermining your relationship..or the way you SEE your relationship, for a LONG time. You can check in your see the exact dates ...when Uranus made its first aspect to a Libra planet in your chart and you may be able to tie it to an event which occurred at the time.

Transit SATURN has been squaring your Uranus in late Scorpio for a long time also...again.. you can check your ephemeris for those dates too. Scorpio is one of the partnership signs...and a square from Saturn or any heavy planet to Uranus in Scorpio will signal that you and your partner do not see eye to eye on many things ...maybe always ...but transits from heavy planets can bring out OLD baggage and issues...values issues...issues about sex and money and the definition EACH has of a good marriage.

ALSO: expectations. Most of us do not enter marriage sharing with the other person all the expectations we have for the marriage. If you think about this, you will probably be able to make a list of your expectations in the marriage and her´s. If you don´t know her´s, then that is a problem you never dealt with and that is why the Saturn square Uranus is so toxic.

Jupiter is obviously a "ACTIVATOR." Jupiter in the sign opposite Libra, the sign of marriage, is only more separating than usual and will bring active energy into the issues which have been ignored or avoided...often because they are old issues and never dealt with.

Jupiter entering Taurus will do little good for the marriage issue...because it will one by one inconjunct EACH Libra planet as it goes thru Taurus...and in the 11th house of ´´the future.´´

So naturally your mind will go back to a relationship which never got a chance to become structured ...and therefore you can imagine anything you want about it.

Transit Neptune is now trine your Uranus...and that is very "fantasy based." It is connected with a way that allows full reign to your imagination.And of course it will bring along with it feelings....a lot of feelings...first, because you are VULNERABLE to it´s energy now...and next because Uranus in Scorpio is very INTENSE in itself. Neptune is ALWAYS´s just that we are so ignorant of it´s power we don´t think about it.
So that is why NOW is a time when you are particularly prone to thoughts of the past. And a woman in your past.

Next I will discuss the synastry...and I also have a couple of questions,
PS: that will have to be tomorrow...

PS: if there is something above that you dont it a couple of more times...take advantage of the ephemeris (there is one on this site) and don´t hesitate to ask me about whatever it is...AFTER I am done with the rest of this interpretation.
Linda :74:

Below is general information may want to have...
January 25, 2023 at 20:12
Linda Harris » Linda Harris
Before I do that...I am wondering if you ever have tried to interpret HER chart. Because it is very interesting.
All her planets fall between a trine of Mars and air signs.

She has no planets in her 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th houses and only Mars in an air sign at the end of the 8th house...
As you know, the planets places by house show where a lot of the ´´action´´ is going to be played out in one´s life.
A lot of actions is condensed in her 9th and 12th houses...and that which is not is AIR energy...or fire (Uranus on your 11th house cusp.)

Her Capricorn ASC is more introverted than it may seem. Saturn SQUARES it. And by association, so does Pluto.
Which odd and maybe a bit inconvenient for her...because Mercury and the part of fortune conjunct her ASC and that means she should, in this life, promote her ideas and ideal.

She has a major conflict: her Mars trines her Venus in her first house..but in Aquarius...BUT...her Jupiter in Scorpio SQUARES that Venus. Since Jupiter outweighs Mars, there is a conflict there. And her Jupiter is cadent...there is a LOT of energy tied up in a non-promotive, non public house...the 9th.

Mars would help her but it is squared by her SUN AND MOON.

A word about Sun/Moon conjunctions...esp. in the chart of a woman. It can mean that the ´´mother´´ or mother figures in her life are with her at all times...and if the mother was a person not compatible intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, with the person. the person is bound to go around with this burden of ´´the past´´ on her...and usually without her knowing it.

Although, if she has studied astrology, she has probably come to the part where you have to deal with your moon. So her MOON squares her Mars (action, men, taking a chance on partnership- in this case) ....
AND her Sun squares her Mars. So....her experience is that Men are trouble.

Intellectually, she likes men....because of the Mars Venus trine..but remember, they are in AIR signs...nothing to do with feelings or sex...
Because of the Saturn in Libra, she also has the idea that Marriage can be an inhibiting marriage, or marriage ´´like´´ relationships, can be a way for someone else to steal your individuality and natural curiosity about life and all things 9th house.

And if she comes from a household where this was true, then that is her original role model for what marriage is. Sacrificing one´s individuality to the needs of the other.

In case you missed the core issue...she is NOT partner oriented...there are some people..people who are partner oriented look at every meeting with someone new as a possible partner in the future. And some just don´t view life this way.
In Western culture Eastern culture, whether you are partner oriented or not, you are expected to get or I am not talking about that.

Anyway...that is what I see from a first look at her chart....
Next I will do the synastry for her planets on your chart and visa/versa.

Then I will look at the composite chart...and the current transits with it.

Again, please read thru this post a couple of times and try to follow it on the chart you have of hers.
Linda :74:
January 25, 2023 at 20:40
Linda Harris » Linda Harris
Just one thing before I go may want to study the Quadruplicities and the Triplicities in astrology.

this means all the angular signs square each other. All the fixed signs square each other...and all the mutable signs square each other.

So Aries squares Cancer, which squares Libra, which squares Capricorn. (the beginning of the seasons).....

Taurus squares Leo, which squares Scorpio, which squares Aquarius...

Gemini squares Virgo, which squares Sagittarius, which squares Pisces.

In the triplicities, all the elements trine each sign trines fire sign, earth sign trines earth sign, water sign trines water sign, air signs trines air signs.

So...Aries trines Leo, Leo trines Sagi, Sagi trines Aries.

Taurus trines Virgo, Virgo trines Capricorn...and Capricorn which in turn trines Taurus.

Gemini trines Libra, Libra trines Aquarius, and in turn Aquarius trines Gemini.

Cancer trines Scorpio, Scorpio trines PIsces and back to Cancer.

I would print this out for future reference if you don´t have a book explaining this information.

The above is a generalized ruled. More at interpreting the ESSENTIAL CHARACTER of the sign...and it is worth studying...for instance...WHY do Libra and Capricorn clash? What is the essential nature of each sign to make them at odds with each other... That is the real study...the real secret to appraising the question of ...what is compatibility...and what is not.

January 26, 2023 at 17:19
Linda Harris » Linda Harris
Good morning Virgo...
So....I really wanted to begin with the transits of the summer of 1999 because they are very powerful..
But I know you want the synastry.

First: a little lesson in sysastry. Remember that the better or worse is located in the houses where there are planets. Whether they are located in your own chart OR the planets of the other person on your chart.

And then: your planets on the chart of the other person... the first instance, how the OTHER person´s energy affects you.....
and then how YOUR energy affects the other person.
So: a lot depends upon not only the aspects between planets..but the houses the planets occupy in each other´s chart...OK so far?

You may want to know why I gave you that short lesson on the Cardinal signs square each other...etc.

Well, in YOUR chart you have a major conflict: your moon in Caprcorn sqaures your Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto...and frankly, I would also extend it to a square of your own Libra.

So by birth, you already have an internal, emotional (moon) conflict with other parts of your psyche. And by the way, notice that both your 7th and 8th houses are ruled by of the planets in square to your moon. starting with J´s Sun...her Sun and Moon, of course, as she has them conjunct in early Capricorn...ON your 7th house cusp. AND her Mercury is in your 7th house. HER MERCURY almost exactly conjuncts your Moon...which is a very powerful placement...because communication is natural ...especially since her Mercury (and your own Moon) trine Your Sun in Virgo...sitting alone, unfortunately, on your 4th house cusp. (but more about your solitary Sun later).

THESE aspects are very powerful. Especially since your Moon rules your Ascendant. All that energy around your 7th house is a very strong ´´go´´ signal for seeing that person as a partner...feeling that person as a partner.

To add to the sense of being about to communicate with each other, her Uranus, in early Sagittarius sextiles your Mercury..again..communication...
AND Her Venus, in early Aquarius trines your Mercury in early Libra.

THIS...IS EXACTLY WHY YOU immediately connected to her emotionally. And because she was easy to talk to, made you comfortable with talking with her and being with her...
Also, her Uranus trines your Mars....which makes me wonder why you never made an advance of a romantic nature to her...something was holding you back..even from all this ease of being with her.
Also...important, is that her ASCENDANT falls in your 7th house of partnership.

So moving on from the ´´mind´´ to the physical...and all the other parts of becoming a partner: those very planets which trine your Sun...from her chart...
SQUARE your planets in Libra. Capricorn squares Libra....2 Cardinal signs...are not compatible.

Now if there was just one planet of yours in Libra, we would not be having this discussion.
But her planets in Capricorn square your planets in Libra. And there is a lot of energy there...especially Saturn conj Jupiter in YOUR chart...making you reticent to be forward and make an advance of a romantic type.

And because Saturn rules both your 7th and 8th houses of partnership, it would take a much more romantic, outgoing, sexual, aggressive and determined woman to overcome your structured Libra stellium.

What about HER Mars which fall in your chart between your Mercury and Saturn?
Well, you are aware that Saturn is the great ´´NO´´ of the planets...and Jupiter is the great YES....this can be very confusing to people. But Saturn is stronger...and also Saturn is more I am thinking she picked up this NO signal...her Mars became neutralized by being next to your Saturn..even tho it conjuncts your Mercury.

It is as tho there was a FENCE there...saying "This far but NO farther."
And in this same is also true that her Venus is almost exactly opposition your Mars in Leo. Now...opposites attract...but there has to be some support for both of these "personal" planets in the chart...but as you can see, her Jupiter in early Scorpio squares both HER Venus and YOUR Mars.
I also have to say that I am not sure she is quite comfortable in her sexuality. Venus in Aquarius is not particularly sexual in Aquarius is an air sign......and to have it squared by her own Jupiter... ....there is something in her that might be too overwhelming about order for her to be overcome that Venus would need a lot of support from other planets both in her chart and the chart of the other person...

You may have read that Saturn is "exalted" in Libra. But I have found that unless the Libra Saturn and other planets in Libra are supported by OTHER planets in air signs, this can be a very difficult placement..because it tests the relationship at every step. AND your own MOON squares this Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in it is not easy. YOu find partnership difficult.

If the other person does not have planetary strength where you have weaknesses, true 50-50 partnership is uncomfortable for you ...especially in itmes when those Libra planets are poorly aspected by transits.

Speaking of Saturn, her Saturn ALSO is in Libra...but it conjuncts both your Venus and your again...the message is ....´´NO FURTHER." Because Pluto represents sex and Venus represents LOVE...and when another person´s Saturn is conjunct those two planets, again, there would have to be MODIFYING aspects of support to give the green light to sex and love.

But there isn´t.
So that is why you have experienced this woman in the way you have.

I will let this sink in and then I will speak about YOUR planets on HER chart.
PS: again...please read this a couple of times while looking at a chart with her planets on yours...because when you see what I see you will understand what I am saying better...
January 26, 2023 at 21:59
(Libra) Mike Five
The key aspect is her Sun-Moon conjunction, on the Ascendant-Descendant axis of both (which is in counterpoint).

Sun and Moon are also harmonic in the maps: composite and relationship.

For her it feels good for sure, but for you it must feel like MAGIC, because that conjunction of hers is attached to your Moon in the 7th house, and your Moon rules your Ascendant.
January 27, 2023 at 06:37
""It felt as if very little time had passed...certainly not 23 years. I´ve never really experienced that sort energy/feeling. It was strange to say the least.

She´s a big reason why I became interested in astrology, fate, spiritualism, etc. I´ve never forgotten her and she´s always made me feel "right person wrong time".

Is there anything in this chart that signifies these feelings?""

Hi Greeneyedvirgo -

if one believes in fate and past lifes - for me in your chart it is visible and placed -that you expect to have a soulmate partner to once meet in your life- you already knew from a previous life before – you have agreed to meet in this life again.

Long term relationship, true love even beyond death, to subconsciously store past memory for long and to meet and to re-recognize a karmic partner from a previous life again - for me is 8th house, the traditional Scorpio Pluto ruled house. Your 8th house is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and Saturn is in 4th house /IC house - house of soul and income of the soul from a previous life.

12th house the big sea of souls - where all souls come from and go back to after life - yours is in gemini, ruled by mercury. Mercury in 4th house - house of soul tight conjuncting your Saturn as 8th house ruler in 4th house. But both semisquaring your Uranus in Scorpio in 5th house conj. your Scorpio BLM.

Her Venus is falling in your 8th house and trines your Saturn conj. Mercury and opposes your mars in 2nd house – feelable body reactions. This is why she is causing this special feeling of fated in you and same time make your feeling insecure (Mars in 2nd house).

Her 8th house - karmic relationships and true love beyond death is in Leo ruled by Sun. Her 12th house is in Sag - ruled by Jupiter. Her Sun as her 8th house ruler conj. her Moon as her 7th house ruler is not falling in your 7th house – but short under DC in 6th house – to work on something.

Moon/Sun conj. coming across with sextiling her Jupiter but squaring her mars as her 4th house and IC – soul house ruler. Her karmic 8th house ruler and soul house ruler – is different to you- in an inner conflict – transmitting it to your Mars in 2nd house (self-protection and setting boundaries) – by subtile working inconjunct /quinkunx – and by her jupiter squaring your mars - getting your Mars “hesitating” and kinda inactive - for instinctive safety reasons - Mars and NN in house of self-protection and setting boundaries.

Not every karmic meeting each other again in this life is always also meant for a stable relationship. For some the task of learning is a continous and repeated break and time interrupting- but not being able to cut the bond-ties definitely. One can always start fresh again - as if nothing has happended before.

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January 27, 2023 at 15:28
(Leo) Sampar
I know it´s very delicate. but it´s interesting too, because it gives some insight how incarnation and reincarnation would work in our human, very limited mind.

I think her soul still has too much pain to really come to you. Her Chiron is in the house of the soul, house 4, in Aries, ruled by Mars. And this Chiron sesquiquadrates her Mars. Her painful soul ( Chiron in 4) sesquiquadrates her Sun too, together with her ascendant. Chiron sesquiquadrates her ascendant degree exact ( orb only 14´). Sun and Moon conjunct her ascendant in 1st house. She only wants to show herself, is not able to go further because she fears repetition of the pain. The constellation Chiron - Sun/Ascendant - Mars is called Thor´s Hammer and that´s a heavy one. A sesquiquadrate is an aspect where the one celestial body reaches for the other, but doesn´t succeed to come there.

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