Relevance of Nodal contacts in Synastry??

March 9, 2019 at 14:44 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Reclaimingthesun
Relevance of Nodal contacts in Synastry??
I am an Aries Sun 8°/ Libra Moon 14°

I have an extremely intense connection with a man that has his North Node in Libra and his South Node in Aries at 16°

This causes:
My Sun conjunct his SN 8°
My Moon conjunct his NN 2°


My Moon opposite his SN 2°
My Sun opposite his NN 8°

Side note: My North Node also conjuncts his Moon. But at a much wider orb, about 23°

I’ve found MANY things online about one or the other, but not when there are aspects to BOTH.

How is this felt between us? Especially for me??

The Moon seems to be a major theme in our connection as we have many Moon aspects. Our synastry and composite chart are both very strong and kind of “emotional” and “transformative” themed, but the INTENSITY of the connection is what I don’t understand.

Thank you for any insight.

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