Parraler or similar aspects in natal.

May 4, 2022 at 20:23 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Northerneuropean
Parraler or similar aspects in natal.
In my natal chart I have an Earth Grand trine with:
Saturn (capricorn)
Mars (taurus)
Mercury (virgo)
I am very, very good at comunication, writing.

My partner have the same planets (Saturn, Mars, Mercury) conjunction (stellium) in pisces.
She is very good, but also strict while communicating, like in war zone. :D

Could my Grand trine of the same planets have some impact to help her minimize her mallefic stellium of the same planets?
Am I someone who can stay in her life to soften her character?

Also, probably, her Saturn is 7th house ruler, as well as my Mars is the ruler of my 7th house.
She is Aries Sun, Leo Asc.
I am Leo Sun, Libra Asc.
My Leo Venus conjunct her Asc.
Her Aries Venus conjunct my Dsc.
Actually, she is very marsian, but I am very Saturnian (Saturn in capricorn, conjunct IC, opposing Moon, trine Mars and Mercury, trine Pluto).
Our Moons have wide conjunction on my MC (5 degrees) in Cancer.
Her venus trine my Sun,
My venus and Jupiter trine her Sun.

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May 17, 2022 at 16:32
(Leo) Anni23
Sorry, what’s the question? What are you trying to soften…

Earth softens fire, water softens earth, generally

Earth grounds fire or water

I suppose that for one you would like to grow together, and if some level of synastry parallels are evident then yes, I believe that a common direction may be present

Having the same moon is probably either very good or bad..
But it’s not clashing elements

Having the same overall dominant elements is better. Unless because of fire your both confrontational then clashes are probable.
But it seems like your elements are balanced similarly, which I think is usually nice

But having a look at your chart I’d say that you might be either more avoidant or less?
I don’t have so much experience with Pisces placements
Could be Ridiculously avoidant. But you mention her being more Martian

Any aspects with the sun or Jupiter are pretty good

Saturn and Mars are pretty opposite, but then maybe what with the combination of earth and fire that you both have there’s enough earth to ground you both

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