Hopeless Aquarius

April 30, 2022 at 18:57 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Taxi-araxi
Hopeless Aquarius

are we meant to be or not? lately he has been acting weird we need to work out some things but he can be stubborn and me too but eventually we always work it out
this week he has been acting weird

I just wanna have more knowledge thru our synastry chart so id love to know ur opinions and if you guys see potential in the long term or any other hottakes/ interesting areas´s

idk he´s rising sign btww
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May 1, 2022 at 03:02
(Capricorn) Ghost00
Mon cheri, as we say en le France...esta es un match made in heaven. Que magnifique, mon cheri.

Now then, mon frere, could be some disagreements and intrigue. Like, he might do things make you jealous and vice versa. Don´t worry, this is very common in Yucca Valley, Tijuana y sud parte de le France et cetera. No worries, mate. You two are like two comets streaking across the sky..unstoppable. :79:
May 1, 2022 at 16:22
(Aquarius) Taxi-araxi » Ghost00
u really think that?
May 2, 2022 at 05:39
(Virgo) jamarlt
Thank you for sharing this chart. I´ve been looking through the wreckages of my previous relationships, including a recent failed marriage in astrological terms to study whether the Synastry and composite charts line up with the real world phenomena of the relationships.

If pattern holds I can point out a few things that jump out at me. Not an astrologer. Significance of influence is still a mystery to me but there are aspects that seems to present significantly in my previous relationships. I do require witheringly brutal feedback.

Also, to be fair, the composite chart and the natal charts of each needs to be evaluated for a larger picture perspective.

Pluto aspects can be sexy, seductive, intense, painful, transformative and insidious given much of it can be unconscious - assuming neither side is an intentional bad actor. Also node contacts, especially around personal planets can´t be ignored. I´ve learned a lot about myself and unconscious patterns through my relationships. Especially from the disasters and failures. I am still reeling from the wreckage left in the wake of my last one.

Let´s get to your chart.

Mars conjunct Pluto.
The most aggressive and sexual planet in Your chart meeting the most powerful ... and also intensely sexual planet in his lol. The physical attraction here should be vigorously intense. By the same token, Pluto usually has a cost in how issues of manipulation, control, dominance, intensity, crisis - or in my experience - it´s subconscious defenses people employ to cover fears, weakness, insecurities and things they can´t allow others to know about themselves. Things they guard and instinctual hide. This doesn´t need to be conscious.

This could also present in some vigorous exchange of 8th house stuff between the two of you in some way. The Pluto person may try to change or control the Mars person in some way. It is Mars however so good luck with that. With Pluto aspects, some sort of transformation is often involved. What this looks like depends on the people. It doesn´t inherently mean negative with a conjunction, but it does indicate intense.

This is also occurring your 1st house. Ironically, you have Pluto conjunct Mars in your own birth chart so the intensity of this placement may feel rather natural from your point of view. Pluto aspect can be rather binding and intense. Again, this doesn´t mean bad. All of my relationships have been Plutonic. Sometimes for the better, other times for the worse. All were learning opportunities.

Venus Trine Mars and Venus Trine Pluto
These are positive aspects regarding his sense of beauty and value against your own deeper drives. The Venus and Mars aspect indicates an ease of interaction between the way you express your assertive energies versus how he receives love, affection, beauty, etc. This is not going to be experienced as intense as the conjunction, but more so easy being together in an intimate way.

Your Jupiter Trine His Venus and Pluto creating a Grand Trine. This is a beautiful aspect to have in a Synastry chart. The planet of expansion, luck, big ideas landing in beautiful placement with his planet of love, affection, values.

Mercury Opposition Mars and Mercury Opposition Pluto
These can be heavier aspects in how they present. It indicates some withering verbal altercations between the two of you. Basically the planet that is the living embodiment in the assertion of will and the power projection of a person running against how a person thinks and communicates. I can´t tell the house of his Mercury, but it looks like it conjunct his Jupiter. Under traditional interpretation, the Pluto and Mars person will assert a certain dominance and/or defensiveness around issues of their identity that clash with something in the communication style of the other.

Your Sun Conjuncts His Uranus
This indicates He feels accepted regarding the unique and individual elements of his character. Some would say they feel liberated being with the other. This is another aspect you have in your natal that will again feel normal to you. This is landing in your 3rd house of communication. More on this below.

Is this true? Also is his "uniqueness" specific to how he communicates with you? This is something you accept with emboldens him further? Like, his expression of individuality is strengthened in your relations with one another?

On the other hand and I´ll need your feedback here - there could be a problem of this freedom to be one´s self not being given in return to you.
I can´t tell if Your Uranus Square His Sun, Saturn and Moon. Or if it´s
Your Sun Square His Saturn, Uranus and Moon. It may even be both. These can present difficulty.

If it´s the former - Your Uranus Square His Sun, Saturn and Moon - these can present a conflict between your assertion of individuality and of his self expression. The Sun, Saturn and Moon person (Him) may not appreciate and accept how you assert your individuality. He could even be emotionally put off by it in some way. Considering your Sun hits Uranus in Aquarius in your natal - however this individuality and uniqueness presents in you - diminishing yourself will likely not be something you can tolerate. Uranus aspects can create an uncertainty in the propagation of the relationship unless both people are willing to allow each to be who they are.

This could explain Your Mars and Pluto in the house of self opposing his Mercury. Mercury - his way of thinking and expression is dredging up stuff that is triggering you.

Is this accurate? Is this a source of conflict in your relationship?

Also Your Sun square Saturn, Sun and Moon.
This implies a disagreement in planning and building in one sense and in basic nature in another. In the first case with Saturn, it´s asking the question, what is our future going to look like and coming to odds with your answers. The planet that represents the core of one is arguing with an energy of limitation and responsibility of another. Saturn may criticize and act in ways where the Sun may feel limited in it´s self expression. This is a long term aspect an may not be felt immediately.

Your Sun square Moon and Sun indicate different ways of being. Your emotional and core natures are at odds with one another. In the short term, this can create an attraction with the differences being enticing. Trying to meld these in the long term can be overcome with willful acceptance of these differences. There is something about your individuality - which will be a core aspect of who you are - is clashing with his sense of self and instinctual nature.

Is this correct? If so are you open to explaining?

His Mercury trine Your Sun and Uranus
Your Mercury trine Sun, Moon and Saturn

This is interesting. In spite of certain difficulties, communication to come rather easy to you. So his Mercury is hitting your Sun and Uranus. This gets partially mirrored with Your Mercury in the 2nd making great aspect to his primary planets - Sun, Moon and Saturn. It´s weird. It´s like these planets are judging you in one sense but you guys have a great mental and communicative rapport. That feels contradictory but I suppose it could be contextual. Like, the rapport and mental connection is an element of connection in specific sphere´s of life and topics, but there is disapproval in issues of expression. The severity of each will depend on the people involved.

Is this right or wrong? If it´s correct, how does this look in practice? Also, how severe is this in your relationship? Are you the unique individual your chart implies?

Saturn, Sun, Moon conjunct your North Node
These are heavy aspect. The North Node represents where the person wants to grow and expand into. It´s like a karmic evolution of sorts. The south represents the things you´re bringing with you - things you´ve already accommodated and feel natural to you.

The North Node person usually requires the properties of the planets for their own growth and development. This doesn´t mean it´s easy, nor does it mean it´s forever. Growth rarely requires either ease or longevity. It only indicates a karmic tie of one "teaching" for lack of a better word the other in the expression of the other´s planets. With the Moon here, the Node Person grows from the emotional nature of the Moon person. This placement often indicates the Moon person gives more in the emotional department, but your placement has both of you with the same aspect. I suppose it may vacillate but I don´t know how this will present.

Your Venus hitting His South Node indicates a feeling of familiarity between you regarding issues of affection, beauty and things you value. Nodes are rather fascinating in their implications of some noncorporeal purpose overlaying a perceptually physical reality.

To explain with a real world example. I have Moon conjunct South Node in my natal in Aries in the 8th. As I get older, I´m understanding more about how intense this placement really is. Individuality and the need to assert will and independence is super charged. I am pathologically independent, often to my own detriment. For whatever difficulties it has presented, irrepressibility has been an invaluable virtue. That said, when things invariably go wrong (we are talking about the moon in the house of crisis, trauma, emergencies, death, intensity, etc) I instinctually want to be left to my own devices to deal with the trauma alone. I´ve always been this way. Displaying weakness, need, dependency - this stuff gets buried.

Conversely, my North Node is firmly based in cooperation. As I progressed in life, I was continually thrust into situations that required cooperation for success - personally and professionally. This is most unnatural and requires accommodation. My early success was done alone. The next level brought me into a team. Not to mention a 10 year marriage.

Again, north node doesn´t mean easy. It just means this is the direction of your development. For me, all sorts of unconscious stuff got dredged up when things hit the fan in my relationship - especially around unconscious drives to keep displays of need, weakness, dependency, etc buried. This is a painful way to come to awareness of that unconscious stuff. Her Moon - my North Node.

In the Synastry chart, in my experience, the South Node feels easier as it´s where the "instinct" of Node person matches the planetary effects exerted by the other person.

The North Node sometimes gives a fated feeling to the relationship. My case was specific to me and my own complexities. I consider them ultimately good to have.

This presented this way in my relationship. If this is correct, how does this present in your relationship?

Note: Pluto and Saturn elements can take time to manifest. The seductive qualities of Pluto will be immediate, the transformation simmers to a boil. I don´t see inconjuncts in the chart. Like every chart there are positives and negatives. Some aspects will of course present harder than others - how the people accommodate the challenges will be specific to the couple. An astrologer would evaluate composite, natal charts and would likely give more data regarding rulers and more ways to look at the data.

Let me know if any of this is correct. I know my chart is accurate, but I don´t assume that for anyone else. I do like to see how this stuff plays out when it does line up to the actual people.
May 3, 2022 at 09:48
(Aquarius) Taxi-araxi » jamarlt
thanks for ur reply!!! I really appreciate it

the uniquess I think he is more comfortabel with me because he told me he tells me things that he hasn´t told to anyone ( Well who knows) but I do believe him. I am okay if he needs space and we dont talk for a week but he at least needs to tell me he needs it. for the rest we I dont know other unique things we are comfortabel with eachother we laugh a lot and we can call eachother bitch stupid bro etc

yes we have conflicts, I think its bc I am more emotional than him and he doesn´t have much empathy usually later on he admits he was wrong etc for example he just ignored me fully for a week I texted him that I was worried etc but he still didn´t bother to just say he im okay I just need space. that was the only thing I wanted to hear and I would give him he´s space im okay with that.
but the conflicts are usually not to deep and we come to an agreement
there are unsure but its especially for me bc once in a while I ask if he still interested in me and he doesn´t like it when I say that he always says yes and that ´´I think what I want´´ so it for me to work on because for myself its still weird that anyone even interested in me or sometimes he is acting off and I ask he is mad but is bc of my insecurities which I am working on

he´s self expression doesn´t bother me we do have things we disagree on but it doesn´t cause a fight or discussion sometimes he is annoying tho but I am too so its fair haahaahah and we always end up joking and making fun of it

we have talked about the future and we agreed on a lot of things having kids etc but as you said maybe in the long term its different. we do disagree on him going to a ´´the mission´ its sometimes that lds members do for two years and basically learn about there god and tell people to join the church but I think 2 years is long and its a waste of money and time

yea there are definitely emotions differences I am more emotional and nurturing than him but I am okay with that I am put my emotionalness away but when we have disccusion I am the one that wants to talk about the situation and solve it but he doesn´t he goes in ignore mode and then later act like nothing happened but then I am still annoyed bc I feel the need to talk it out but sometimes I do also act like nothing happened if it didn´t bother me that much
for our last discussion was about the ignore things and we did came to a agreement but first he acted careless but later on he does realise
so for the rest our communication is good but both needs sometimes some time to realise we were wrong and we later admit it aswell. and during a discussion we can joke around which makes us forget the discussion so I do really like our communication and the the confusion is that I am more emotions

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