Do you think this difficult relationship has any potential to survive (synastry chart)

April 10, 2022 at 13:32 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) Lighthearted
Do you think this difficult relationship has any potential to survive (synastry chart)
Hi everyone :1:
I have been checking our synastry for months now. I know, lot of emotions, mars opposition ascendant, sun,moon,mercury square pluto staying in the 7th house! Venus sextile Chiron ,good for relationship, but maybe not that strong...
North node conjunct ascendant, I think we were meant to meet again in this lifetime.
Venus trine ascendant - I still remember the moment I saw him the first time 12 years ago. I felt like I was in love or sth like that instantly.
Do you think it has any potential to survive? We are different and my juno in Pisces always dreams about an ideal person, but maybe there is still hope for us. Now I am going to separate from him for several weeks, but who knows what will happen later on.
I would be very grateful for your advice, important clues etc. :1: :79:

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April 11, 2022 at 19:48
(Cancer) ZeinaZ

Is it possible to share the synastry chart or birth dates and times in order to draw one?
April 11, 2022 at 22:32
(Cancer) Lighthearted » ZeinaZ
Hey ZeinaZ 🙂😊
Thank you very much for your reply!
Yes,sure !
I am born: 2/7/1987 at 21.16 pm in Torun/ Poland
And his date of birth is 29/8/1986 at 1.45 am in Chelmno/Poland.
Thank you very much for your time!!!
April 12, 2022 at 14:08
(Cancer) ZeinaZ

Important points in the synastry are usually the personal planets. The patterns I noticed:

* Your Cancer Sun conjunct Mercury rx are opposite his Capricorn Mars, which is conjunct your Asc. in the first house. This might indicate he stood out for you as a dependable person who has initiative. You being a Capricorn Asc. gave him a similar impression that you seem a stable, grounded person.

* Your Sun and Mercury are in his 12th house, opposite his Neptune (which is in your 12th house), so he might not always see those aspects of you clearly, especially with your Mercury rx unless you share this part of you more. Cancer Suns are known for being protective and shy, that´s OK until they trust the person more (I´m a Cancer Sun myself).

* His Virgo Sun and Leo Mercury are in your 7th house, which indicates good communication and expression between the two. Though his Mercury has some minor challenging aspects to your Mercury, Asc. and Mars. Again what I mentioned above about your Mercury rx not expressing itself enough so communication is clear.

* Your Cancer Mars is in his first house conjunct his Asc. So not only did you see each other as grounded and dependable, but also perhaps warm, kind, helpful and nurturing.

* Your Moons are squaring each other. Your Moon is in his 4th house conjunct the IC, this might indicate comfort and feelings being shared and met. While his Moon is in your 5th house, another positive point of warmth and romantic feelings, though it´s conjunct your Chiron and Venus, but this might be a healing factor, especially if his Moon conjunct Chiron is aware and healing.

There needs to be adjustment due to some tension here due to the squares. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, this takes us back above to the possible Mercury issues.

*His Moon is also opposite your Saturn and Uranus. While your Moon is opposite his Jupiter, square his Uranus and Chiron, opposite his MC. You two may need to balance how much freedom and structure is in the relationship so both of your needs are met. There´s a supporting sextile of his Moon to your Jupiter, and your Moon to his Asc. that might help with that.

* Both Venus trine each other, with other supporting aspects to help with the more challenging aspects above.

* You being a Capricorn Asc. Saturn is important in your chart. His Saturn has supporting aspects to you, though yours is more challenging to his Saturn (opposite his Moon, square Jupiter, opposite Chiron, square MC). Perhaps you two may need to agree on what´s important to you, especially how to structure things to get both your needs met.

* As a Cancer Asc. his Moon is very important in his chart, this links back what I said above about the Moon.

This seems like a challenging relationship but could work, if there´s good communication and expression of yourselves clearly. It´s very important you share with each other what´s important to you and what both your needs are, and how they are to be met.

Just my two cents.

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