Your thoughts on me and my boyfriends composite

February 16, 2019 at 08:42 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Lilithincancer
Your thoughts on me and my boyfriends composite
Before I learned about composite charts I was really into synastry. I thought me and my boyfriend had an outstanding compatibility. Many conjuctions, my moon conjucts his venus + mercury. My mercury conjucts his moon. Our ascendants are conjuct almost exact, he has pluto conjuct the ascendant natally. I have north node conjuct the ascendant natally, so throw that in there. Our suns are trine. I had a consultation with a professional astrologer. She claimed we lacked inner planet connections, but there were just enough to make it work. However she introduced the fact to me that our composite chart looks nearly "dangerous" as she put it. I feel like she was very weary telling me about our relationship. As you can see squares and inconjuctions/quincunx. I find it odd though because whenever this particular astrologer would make a video explaining an inconjuction(quincunx) in the natal, it always was described as lack turned into abundance. I feel like she may have taken a bit of a biased due to our age difference and complaints I made about him, without sharing in depth how at fault I am as well. So i wonder if its possible for us to have any peace or extreme growth as individuals, apparently yes with a painful price of stripping us from the selves we used to be. Is that is possible between us? We are both difficult or if you must say "damaged" people with or with out each other. I feel like the fact that we have indicators of a strong unbreakable attachment or attraction (for good or bad) that i might as well use it as the challenge to break my negative ways, if it means we stay together in the end or not. I don\´t like dwelling on one specific aspect or placement because i know you must look at it as a whole picture, so if you are also more of a novice astrologer I definitely would say keep that in mind. Have you dealt with someone who you both had a similar thing in your composite?
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