Need help deciding what to do...

February 25, 2018 at 09:28 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Wolfheart
Need help deciding what to do...
I´m a taurus he is Aries..we been together for almost 4 years and have a 2 year old daughter together. But lately he´s been gone all the time lying to me..who knows what else. I need some guidance with this one please help.....
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February 25, 2018 at 19:59
(Scorpio) Eric

There´s no place for lies, secrets, or cheating... if it´s true Love!

Astrology Relationship Analysis…
"Synastry, or the practice of comparing the horoscope of two individuals, is an age-old craft which remains one of the most popular uses of astrology. Most books on synastry focus on the aspects formed between the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in one chart to the other."

Sun and Moon Combinations…
"The influence of the Moon is more subtle, for it relates to personality beneath the surface; your feelings and your subconscious self. It shows how you react to those around you based on the sum of your conditioned viewpoint and unguarded self-projection. Often, the Moon´s place in the chart shows a considerably different side of the nature, a side fostered by emotions, upbringing, and habit patterns that have developed over time."

The Moon´s important role…
"The Moon has a lot to do with relationships because this luminary denotes the state of emotions and conditioned responses. A Moon in conjunction with the Sun of the partner is a very good sign in that the Moon person has a wonderful emotional connection with the ego of partner. Indeed, the relationship between the Sun in the male´s chart and the Moon in the female´s chart may be even more important than the Sun to Sun relationship."

Sun square Moon…
"This is a very difficult comparative combination for family, marital, and romantic relationships. Just as the best relationships are those showing the Sun and Moon in harmonious aspect, the adversity of the square can denote serious challenges. You will find it very hard and unnatural to adapt to each other´s temperament, as well as the general pace and style of living."

Moon square Moon…
"This comparative combination makes it very hard for you to understand each other´s moods and emotional responses. Your moods are sort of out of phase, making it hard for you to do the same things at the same time. It´s hard to see eye to eye on family, domestic, dietary, and financial affairs."

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer…
"The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign is somewhat contradictory and confusing. The Moon placement suggests you are sensitive, easily hurt, and sometimes very resentful. The Sun, conversely, shows that you are not one to be pushed around easily, and at times you can be down right stubborn. Usually you hide your dislikes very well and rely on diplomacy, making it a little unclear to others exactly where you stand or what you are thinking."

Moon in Cancer…
"You have an especially strong love of home and family, and you staunchly protect your personal security. In Cancer, the emotions reflected by the Moon are sensitive to matters that affect people as a whole, the "universal parent." Towards loved ones, you are gentle, peaceful, and romantic."

"Security is of primary importance to you, but often you feel your life lacks the comfort of inherent stability. Things that offer a sense of protection become very important: money, material belongings, family, home, country, and traditions, may all be included in this."

Libra on the 1st House Cusp…
"Libra rising produces a personality that is naturally diplomatic and sociable. Graciousness, compatibility, and sociability are your obvious personality traits. This is the sign of the scales of balance and justice."

"On the negative side of Libra rising is the tendency to maintain the status quo. You want to avoid the disruption of change and avoid making waves. You may give in sometimes to the temptations of indolence. You may have a natural tendency to say what you think will please others, rather than what you really feel."

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness…
"What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life?" "If you were going to invest now in your future best self, where would you put your time and your energy?"

“The good life is built with good relationships.”
Robert Waldinger - Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Zen priest.?
February 25, 2018 at 21:17
(Taurus) Wolfheart » Eric
Thank you Eric. Very true, there is no place for deceit in this, especially for everything we been through and all I put up with. I´ve been patient long enough. It´s time to let go and move on. I´ve been faithful and loyal through the entire relationship. I´m also sacrificing too much of myself for his sake. Double standards all the way with this Aries man... and I believe in everything fair and just. I now believe taurus and Aries do not mix?
February 25, 2018 at 23:28
(Scorpio) Eric » Wolfheart
All the best for your future!

Aries & Taurus: Love Compatibility…
"Learn how Aries & Taurus turn each other on...and off. Is this a love match?"

To Fast Forward:
1. Aries Sun Explained 5:24
2. Taurus Sun Explained 11:34
3. Aries & Taurus Compatibility 17:42

It´s a little bit of a parent-child relationship between a Taurus woman and an Aries man...

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