Human Design: Factors In Relationship Compatibility

February 12, 2022 at 10:33 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) snowski654
Human Design: Factors In Relationship Compatibility
This is something to have fun with, so don’t go break up with your mate just because things are not perfectly matching up with all the pieces. NONE OF THIS IS SET IN STONE, it´s just the general rule. There´s a lot of variables that can work. Trust your Authority above all.

Free charting and database here: HTTPs://…

******************************PAIRING BY TYPE**********************************

The Good: Another Power couple alert here. Getting things done wont be a challenge for this pairing. With the MGs energy for many new ideas, you can expect to keep each other on your toes. Allow each other the time to wait for things to respond to, and the freedom to honor and follow your responses…. even if the response doesn’t seem logical at the time.

The Challenges: Potential for burn out. Accept that you both are fast movers and you may leave the other behind at times. Be conscious of over extending yourself. Pushing to hard and being energetically scattered.

The Good: Solid pairing and definitely an understanding of each other, since they are the same energy type. They are able to truly see their partner and understand the desire to become the master of their craft.

The Challenges: Too much energy and no rest and you may burn out. Make sure to support each others endeavors and allow each other space to see your own projects to completion.

The Good: This is similar to above with Generators and Generators. The Generator and MG pairing has a solid mutual understanding of each other and lots of positive energy and momentum with this pairing. Alongside this understanding is the potential for creative collaboration. See below for famous who often collaborated on their work together. Very similar to above. Getting things done wont be a challenge for this pairing. Allow each other the time to wait for things to respond to, and the freedom to honor and follow your responses….even if the response doesn’t seem logical at the time.

The Challenges: Make sure that the Generator allows the MG to explore many different avenues, meanwhile focusing on mastering their own craft.

The Good: Getting things done wont be a challenge for this pairing. With the Manifestors energy for ideas and the Generators love for seeing things to completion this is the ideal creative duo. Manifestor’s can come up with the ideas and the Generators can execute and complete them.

The Challenges: Burn out for the Manifestor, as they can’t keep up with the constant energy from the Generator. Generators need to give the Manifestor space to focus on their creative endeavors.

The Good: Very opposite energy levels of this pair can be a wonderful surprise and joy. This pairing his has the potential to be a lovely & beneficial relationship.There is certainly a mutual fascination between these types. MG’s wild and scattered energy mystifies the Reflector. And the Reflectors unique ability to see things and people deeply is welcome by the MG. Reflectors can get energized and revved up & be thrust into action by MGs.

The Challenges: While opposite energy levels of this pair can be a wonderful surprise and quite joyful, it also can cause tension because the MG seems to have an infinite well of energy and the Reflector has a limited reserve. Be mindful of your partners energy levels allowing both rest and play when needed!

The Good: As a Projector myself I have a ton of personal experience here. And my current partner is a Projector along with a few of my past ones. It’s interesting. I think there is a unspoken understanding between us, being able to be seen by someone so clearly can be unnerving, as with any type that dates a Projector. But when you have two of the same type, one-on-one, taking each other in? There is definitely a vortex created. The ability for both partners to see into people and energetics of situations runs very deep and can be intoxicating. There is infinite growth available to you as a Projector, when you have another Projector around.

The Challenges: It can be a very intense dynamic in relationship where you both must agree to show up and do the work. The intensity levels will vary based on levels of awareness around the energetic dynamic occurring. This is also a container (similar to Manifestor-Projector) where you might get worked.

The Good: There is most definitely a mutual admiration and fascination between these types. Oftentimes those we are the most different from are actually our best match! The very opposing energy levels of the MG and Projector can be complimentary with the Projector teaching the MG how to rest and relax and the MG in turn motivating the Projector. There is so much potential here for a very beneficial relationship. MG’s are usually open to guidance if they are able to slow down & position themselves into a more interpersonal setting as their energy actually functions more impersonally.

The Challenges: MGs move fast, and may leave the Projector behind at times. They shouldn’t try to keep up or the Projector will wear down and burnout. The MG may not recognize the Projectors need for rest, and may think they are being “lazy” when in reality they just need time to decompress and shed all the energy from the day. Sleep issues may persist for Projectors, as goes without saying for with sleeping with any being with a Sacral energy center.

For other pairings not listed, see link: HTTPs://…

*********************************BY DEFINITION*********************************

Definition in Human Design represents how many defined energy centers are connected to each other through defined channels. Translated, it’s how we relate to others and how we perceive relationships.

No Definition – No defined energy centers, so only Reflectors have this Definition. They need help from their inner circle to gauge relationships/a prospective partner.

Single Definition – Have one area of defined energy centers. They don’t need relationships to feel complete, they already have a sense of “wholeness,” but they do like them. Split Definitions are their best chance of feeling satisfied in a relationship.

Split Definitions – Have two areas of defined energy centers. They are the only Definition type that can find a sense of “wholeness” in a relationship and are always seeking out a potential “other half.”

Triple Split Definition – Have three areas of defined energy centers. They have the most difficulty finding satisfaction in a monogamous relationship because they need variety – a challenging demand for any partner. Thus they’re most likely to have an open relationship type of arrangement.

Quadruple Split Definition – Are incredibly rare, as they have four areas of defined energy centers. Quadruple Splits appear different depending on who they’re with, as they have such set ways of working. When their Hanging Gates (channels with one half of it colored in) match with someone who has the opposing Hanging Gate, they behave differently than if they were with someone who had a different Hanging Gate that matched theirs. Quadruple Splits have the greatest tendency to have secret second relationships, because they feel pressure to only have one partner, but need even more variety than Triple Splits.…

***********************Formula of love in compatibility************************

According to how many Centers in the composite are defined / not defined, a partnership “formula” is built. There are 5 formulas that have been given symbolic names in English:

Nowhere to go (9 + 0) – all 9 Centers are defined in the Rave Maps composite. In this case, we can talk about the complete self-sufficiency of the couple and the absence of any need for extraneous contacts. Quite a rare case. This is a real relationship for two, in which there is no place for someone else.

But there are a couple of downsides. Firstly, it will be difficult for a child to find his place with parents who “complement” each other so much. Secondly, due to the absence of undefined Centers, the relationship will be “inert”, without any development. And over time, you can get very tired of each other, if you do not learn to “air” the relationship, sometimes resting separately.

Have some fun (8 + 1) – 8 Centers are defined and only 1 remains undefined. There are a lot of common interests in such a pair, and there will be practically no problems for mutual understanding. At the same time, in the life of both people there will be a theme, to the solution of which they will go in different ways and this will be either a “window of rest” or a “problem”. It all depends on other aspects of the Bodygraph and the correctness of the partners. And despite the abundance of common interests, each member of the union should have a personal space, otherwise there will be “satiety” with relationships.

Work to do (7 + 2) – 7 Centers have been identified, and 2 more are in an indeterminate state. Here there is much more room for personal interests, in which a partner is not only optional, but sometimes even superfluous. Because of this, there may be reasons for conflicts when one member of the couple wants intimacy at certain moments, and the second wants to go about his business at this time. On the other hand, it helps to “relax” and take a break from the relationship when a break from each other is required. In such a relationship, it is very important to understand and accept the partner’s hobbies.

Better to be free (6 + 3) – 6 Centers identified, 3 undefined. There is even more “free space” here than in the previous two. In the case of a 9 + 0 couple, many issues are resolved “automatically”, thanks to complete mutual understanding due to the fact that energy is always available, “at hand”. If we are talking about 6 + 3, this is already a critical moment in order to maintain closeness and understanding and compensate for the imbalance of energy in a pair. For this, it is very important to negotiate and maintain a dialogue with your partner. It is necessary to develop “diplomatic” relations – to discuss, negotiate, come to a compromise.

Not a relationship anymore (5 + 4) – 5 Centers are identified, and 4 remain in an indeterminate state. In such a relationship, there will be more conflicts than peaceful coexistence. Everyone has their own interests, their own view of the world, their own principles and goals. And very often couples with the 5 + 4 formula have a question: “Why am I still with him?”. If both members of the union have good self-awareness and accept each other, then such a relationship has the potential to become the most “alive” and complete.…

***************What Your Profile Tells You about Your Love Life****************

If you have a 1 in your profile…

… you want sturdy foundations in a relationship, and you can secure them by taking your time to investigate and be curious about a potential partner before fully committing. You feel insecure if you don’t know enough, so take your time and exercise your natural caution and questioning to get to the bottom of things. You can be outgoing but selective, which comes across as restless or commitment phobic to others. But underneath this is a deep need for stability, and once you find that person who you don’t want to lose, your commitment is total.

If you have a 2 in your profile…

… you are someone who needs a lot of alone time. Be selective about who you date and be sure they understand and respect your need for solitude to do your own thing. Being in relationship is easy for you; you’re an easygoing personality. Seek someone who reflects your unique magic and natural talents, which you may be oblivious to! Feedback helps you feel recognized, and it’s healthy to gain a sense of identity from the input of others. Because of your cooperative nature, be sure not to over give or become submissive in relationships. Honor your need for focused hermit time.

If you have a 3 in your profile…

… dating for you comes with ups and downs. Embrace that your life is a process of trial and error and trust that these are learning experiences here to help you grow. Don’t be afraid to move on when a relationship is no longer working and take that growth and apply it to your next relationship. Experimentation is how you gain wisdom in this life, so don’t take failures and rejections so hard. You’re not designed to succeed in every romantic encounter. Take your time in getting involved, there’s no need to rush things.

If you have a 4 in your profile…

… your opportunities come through your social networks, so you’ll have better luck meeting your person if introduced by mutual friends, or at a birthday party or work, than on a dating app. Dating strangers is not advisable; “friends first” is a better strategy for you. You have a warm heart and are a natural people person, but you can also be easily wounded by any slight or rejection and retreat to your ice palace in self-protection. The key is to be open and clear in your communication, including your expectations. Seek a partner you deeply trust, who honors your needs, and gives you lots of TLC.

If you have a 5 in your profile…

… your charisma draws people in but be wary of others projecting onto you as you can serve as a mirror to them. Choose partners that see the real you and keep revealing that to them instead of trying to impress with your charm and idealized versions of yourself. You are a natural problem solver but be aware this can lead to codependent relationships where you’re always the fixer. Stay grounded in the dating process and seek a partner who will give you reality checks to help you move through life with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

If you have a 6 in your profile…

… your first 30 years are meant to be a period of experimentation (much like having a 3 in your profile) and so it’s not advisable to commit to life partnership until after 30, even though your desire for a soulmate is strong. Take your time to find a life partner that recognizes your deep wisdom; you operate at a higher level than most. This means you can come across as detached or aloof because of your lofty position. Choose someone who supports your personal evolution and understands the journey you’re on and is not intimidated by it. Trust is big for you.

*****************************Compatibility Guide*******************************

Alrighty, let’s get to it. Who are you romantically compatible with? This also extends to friendships and business partners.

Here’s a list of all 12 Human Design profiles. This is something to have fun with, so don’t break up with your girlfriend just because she’s not listed as your ideal match. Trust your Authority above all.

1/3: Ideal match is with 1/3 and 4/6. Also compatible with 3/5, 3/6, 5/1, and 6/3.

1/4: Ideal match is with 1/4. Also compatible with 2/4, 4/1, and 4/6.

2/4: Ideal match is with 2/4 and 5/1. Also compatible with 2/5, 4/6, 5/2, and 6/2.

2/5: Ideal match is with 2/5. Also compatible with 5/2, 2/4, and 5/1.

3/5: Ideal match is with 3/5 and 6/2. Also compatible with 3/6, 5/1, 5/2, and 6/3.

3/6: Ideal match is with 3/6 and 6/3. Also compatible with 1/3 and 3/5.

4/6: Ideal match is with 4/6 and 1/3. Also compatible with 1/4, 2/4, 4/1, and 6/2.

4/1: Ideal match is with 4/1 and 1/4. Also compatible with 4/6.

5/1: Ideal match is with 5/1 and 2/4. Also compatible with 1/3, 2/5, and 3/5.

5/2: Ideal match is with 5/2 and 2/5. Also compatible with 2/4 and 3/5.

6/2: Ideal match is with 6/2 and 3/5. Also compatible with 2/4, 4/6, and 6/3.

6/3: Ideal match is with 6/3 and 3/6. Also compatible with 1/3, and 3/5, and 6/2.…

Another thing to consider here is that: Let´s say a person has an excessive amount of 4th line gates in their chart, that will push them closer to being a 4th line profile in addition to their main profile. They may also feel comfortable being with someone else who also has a dominance of 4th lines in their chart.

*********************4 Center Compatibility Configurations*********************

Companional – when two people have the same Center. In this case, the couple will have full agreement on the topic of the Center and there will be no conflicts on this basis. But there are options when everyone should follow their own path, which will not always correspond to the partner’s path. For example, if both have a defined Emotional Center, each person will have their own emotional wave. If the Ji-Center is determined, then everyone should follow their own path. Or a Splenic Center can be defined, and then each will have their own “survival style” and habits.

Electromagnetic – when a Center is not defined for any of the partners, but in the composite drawing (the combined drawing of two Bodygraphs), this Center is determined through the connection of your joint Gates. This is pure synergy, when you complement each other, giving birth to a completely new quality that is not in you or in your partner separately. 1 + 1 = 3.

Dominant – when the Center is defined in one person, and in the second it is not defined. Then a person with a certain Center gives this energy with a certain theme, and another receives it. In this case, the effect is either enhanced by the interaction, or, on the contrary, weakened.

Uncertain – when the Center remains uncertain for both partners. In this case, both members of the couple will look for an opportunity to feel the energy of this Center somewhere on the side, with other people. In the False Self you will complain or blame each other that you do not have enough of this energy (this center), or you will learn to develop wisdom together, constantly studying the topic of the open center. Isn’t it great!?…

********************Compatibility of Channels and Gates************************

There are several options for compositing Channels and Gates:

Electromagnetism – when one side of the Channel is defined in the Bodygraph of one person, and the other side of the same Channel is defined for another person. Such a composite creates a huge scope for dynamism in a relationship, because you will feel an extension of yourself in your partner. Together you will give birth to a new quality, which is not separately in you or in another person.

On the other hand, with a poor level of self-awareness, the electromagnetic composite of the Channel will, on the contrary, create a reason for conflicts and misunderstanding of each other. In each of you, the quality of only one Gate will manifest itself, because of which you will look at things in your own way, hardly understanding someone else’s point of view. Or there will be a temptation to change “roles” with a partner, wanting to live out his “quality”. But in any case, there will never be indifference in this place. This is where the spark occurs: movement from love and passion to hatred and irritation.

Sponsors – when both you and your partner have the same Channels defined in the Bodygraph. It may not be that interesting for your genes looking for a difference to connect, but the equality of energy can bring an element of strong friendship and understanding into the relationship with the topic of these channels. If this type of connection prevails in the composite, then the relationship will be very stable and trusting – equality and mutual respect for each other will reign in them.

When there is a similarity in personal qualities between two people, there is a strong empathy and similarity in views. But this will require everyone’s awareness of their own Design, so that the expression of your specific Channels does not conflict, but, on the contrary, reinforces each other, bringing diversity to the union. Having deciphered his design, when a person begins to know and accept his true nature, he will allow his partner to do the same.

Dominant – when one of the partners has a specific Channel, and the other does not even have one specific Gate in this place. A dominant is a person’s unique qualities that permeate in a relationship, which will be clearly visible to a partner who does not have these qualities, and a partner with missing qualities will easily describe the second partner precisely for these manifestations of him. You also need to take into account that these are dominant qualities that you cannot change in another person just to accept and admire. Such manifestations of personal qualities can only be accepted or not accepted. There is no other way to do anything with them.

Compromise – when the whole Channel is defined in the Bodygraph of one person, and the other has only one composite Gate of this Channel. Although it is called “compromise,” it is in fact the greatest source of resentment and discord. In such a connection, the person who has only one Gate defined will have to “play by the rules” of his partner, giving in and surrendering to him, and trying not to take it personally, either by making a compromise or creating a conflict. All this is written in detail in an electronic transcript – 130 pages.

If you come across other great articles on the matter, please reply with a link to them. Thanks!

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February 15, 2022 at 02:16
(Scorpio) snowski654
How Knowing Your Human Design Can Save Years of Therapy
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Most people come to therapy because they’re stuck in some way. Their usual ways of dealing with things have stopped working and they’re not sure what else to do; their nervous system and coping strategies have been hijacked by past traumas. They are frustrated, unhappy, and distrustful of who they are.

Before Human Design, I would work with clients using my usual psychotherapy methods, energy psychology tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique, and other accelerated processing techniques. We would clear traumas, emotionally charged experiences, and limiting beliefs. We would anchor better-feeling beliefs and ways of being. It was helpful and effective. But we were sort of “flying blind,” as there wasn’t any informed method of discerning a “sure path” that would be correct for them. If it felt better, that was a good guide, but how do we know for sure? What if we were trying to “fix” something that wasn’t broken?

What is Human Design, anyway?
Human Design offers a way of understanding how people are wired to be. It’s system that integrates elements from astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, quantum physics, and genetics to explain the wiring you were born with. It’s more or less a map to your True Self, and gives me and the client a much deeper understanding of why they feel the way they do, how they came to do the things they do, and what gifts got distorted while they were busy surviving their childhoods.

“Fixing Her Over-emotionality?”
“Teresa” came into my office to deal with what she described as her “over-emotionality.” She would be having a conversation with her husband about something important, and at some point she would lose it — break down crying, yelling, then either leave the room or just shut down. It was exhausting. Teresa had been this way since she was a kid. She felt terrible after each incident, and wondered what the hell was wrong with her. Why was she so emotional?

I ran her Human Design chart. As it turns out, Teresa is actually designed to run pretty “cool” emotionally. In HD terms, she has an open Solar Plexus, which is the emotional center. If a center is “open,” the energy of that center comes and goes; it doesn’t operate consistently. But it also means that when she is with someone for whom that center is “defined” (like her husband) she will feel that emotional energy from him in an amplified way. The problem is, unless she understands that, she has no way of knowing that all that emotional intensity isn’t really hers. She’s taking in her husband’s emotional energy, amplifying it, feeling overwhelmed by it, then discharging it any way possible so she doesn’t lose her mind. And she doesn’t consciously realize any of that.

We focused on clearing the trauma from her emotional backlog and re-framed her experiences through that different lens. We came up with strategies for how to deal with all that energetic sensitivity. This approach made much more sense to her and resonated with what she felt was true for her.

None of this had to do with fixing what was “wrong” with her. We didn’t have to spend weeks and months trying to get to why she had such “anger issues.” We had the explanation right there and could address it directly.

Fixing His “Emotional Stuckness”
“Bob,” on the other hand, came in because he felt emotionally stuck. He considered himself a smart, logical man, but couldn’t figure out how to re-light his spark and decide what his next professional move should be. He felt bad about himself for this — he felt he should be bright enough to figure out what he wanted to do and then go do it!

His design showed that he was wired to be, in fact, quite deeply emotional. At first Bob protested, but then said thoughtfully, “Well, that explains a lot of my childhood.” He suddenly remembered incidents when he responded with strong emotion to something, and his family mocked him for it. He learned that being emotional was “bad.” His survival strategy was to suppress his feelings and depend on his rational mind.

As we cleared those early traumatic experiences, Bob got reconnected to the deeply feeling part of himself. He cultivated new ways of using the rich wisdom of his emotions to help find that spark again, and reassigned his brilliant mind to do what it was meant to do.

Nothing to “fix” about him, just understanding what had happened and why, then clearing the trauma that had created that misunderstanding.

It Might Have Been Helpful to Know…
And just the other day I was listening to an interview with a highly successful investment broker. He talked about the pressure, the continuous anxiety he felt even while achieving obvious and clear success. His turning point was when he realized that he had good pattern recognition and intuition, and that’s where his successful decisions came from. He had spent years trying to do it like others did it, not quite trusting his way of doing it — hence the anxiety.

Think of all the suffering he might have avoided if he had known that all along!

Powerful Clarity and Transformative Relief
In my practice, I run everyone’s design, if they’re willing. For me, it’s powerfully helpful to understand how people are wired to be, and how that lines up with the issues they struggle with. It gives a language to their experiences, a powerful re-frame, and a sureness to our path.

What gives both the client and me even more confidence in that path is the resonance that occurs when we articulate an aspect of their design. When they get a reading, I tell people that it’s unlikely they will say, “Wow, I never knew that!” while it’s highly likely they will say, “Ahhh. That’s what that is.” It’s relief, not revelation. But that relief in itself can be revelatory — it can be life-changing.

In Human Design, there are nine energy centers, each with their own function and frequency. Depending on your design, they may be “defined” or “undefined,” and while either one of those is not better than the other, there are implications for you depending on what it is. Understanding how these centers operate for you and interact with each other is incredibly helpful in understanding how to be yourself, and how to trust who you are.

And beyond the centers are deeper layers that reveal how you’re wired in greater detail. They all fit together in a beautiful integration that makes a perfect You. But we get so conditioned to try to fit into other people’s ways of doing and being, that we lose our connection to the perfect design that is us.

I use all of it in my work, and it is so magical and wonderful to witness that resonating shift when people realize, “hey — maybe there actually is nothing wrong with me.”…

*************************Tips on operating correctly***************************

Energy Types (Generators and Manifestors) ask your Projectors for their perspective. Such as, “What do you see with this situation, account or project?” or “Any suggestions on how I/we can improve on _____?” Note. Only ask if you sincerely want to know.
Projectors can be very assertive in advice-giving. If that happens too often, inform them respectfully by saying; “Hey, this works a lot better for me if you would give me feedback this way or like that way.”
Be mindful that a Projector’s energy depends on the recognition and flow from the energy Types. Be aware if you have the power and desire to support your Projector, be it in an intimate relationship or work projects. Keep them informed when your energy focus changes or you need to discuss ways to improve on it.

When Generators live by their strategy, wait to respond, they have plenty of energy to flow to Projectors.

They also need to remember to disconnect from time to time to make sure they are not over-doing or over-giving to the needs of Projectors. Generators can get burnt out and stuck when they don’t take time to reset and recharge their energy – away from the influence of Projectors. To have a more balanced and healthy relationship, mark your calendar to include some weekend time just for you.

Generators love being asked yes/no questions. They respond best when asked – Do you have the energy for this? Is this a good time to ___? Would you like to do or go to ______? Of course, these yes/no questions can be followed up with a dialog to get out the details. The life force energy (Sacral Center) works best when it has something in the NOW to respond to.

The Projector function is to guide and direct others.
Have you ever experienced being with a Projector who is overly eager to assist or get involved with your process or progress?

When Projectors are pushy, they can lose their effectiveness as a leader as well as their vitality. Projectors focus on how others’ are progressing more than their own. Too much focus on others before themselves brings is draining and can lead to bitterness.

To avoid this dilemma, the Projectors approach to relationships is quite different.
Where the Generator can ask and invite, the Projector approach is to be silent and notice before they engage. Undoubtedly, a Projector knows best. They’re gifted with keen intelligence, a sense of people, and an ability to read an environment for successful outcomes. When they feel secure in their knowledge, they can create more win-win experiences.

Final Reminders, Projectors:

You know what you know about a situation or person. TRUST in your understanding and be patient for others to catch up with your insights.
Avoid the quicksand of busyness and doing-ness. This is not your style.
At work or in a group setting, take your time at the onset to notice the feel of the room. Observe and consider, is this the right environment and people for you?
Your best allies come from those who have you feel seen for your gifts.
Though Father Knows Best is more like a fairy tale than our modern world, use this metaphor as your template for group.…

If You Are a GENERATOR . . .
If you’re not waiting for life to “come to you” and then responding to it so you know if you should pursue something or not, you are going to experience frustration.

It’s likely that you’ve been going in a lot of wrong directions until now, trying to “just go do it” like we’re taught by our society. Problem is… that’s just not correct for you. Hence, the wrong directions and the frustration.

Sadly, our closest relationships often bear the brunt of this frustration. When you recognize and follow your inner guidance, you’ll have less frustration spilling over onto others. And recognizing that the frustration you feel is just energy can also help you minimize its impact on others.

Your brain will often work hard to try and figure out the right answers for you, but that is NOT where YOU want to be making your decisions and choices. That’s what your Sacral Center (If you have a sacral authority) is for.

However, frustration IS part of your personal learning curve, so you won’t be avoiding it entirely. But if you learn to wait for things to show up so you can respond to them, AND you learn to honor and follow your responses, you’ll be making choices in alignment with your energetic structure and your inner Authentic Self, and you’ll minimize frustration and maximize joy and fulfillment.
[2:09 PM]
You also need to be active enough during your day to be physically tired when you go to bed. It’s as if you wake up each morning with a full tank of gas, and you need to use it all before you sleep. Then you wake up with a new full tank the next day and do it all again. If you’re not sleeping well, try getting more physical activity. This is especially true for Generator children, many of whom are incorrectly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

This Type has sustainable energy for doing, and doing, and doing. This is powerful life force and work force energy. Generators are designed to have a “full tank of gas” every morning and to use up that energy before they go to bed.

Although their energy is sustainable, it is not inexhaustible. Generators can and do burn out if they’re not living true to their Type.

Here are some ways that Generators can lose energy or burn out:
• Not loving the work they do, or the people they’re with
• Not getting enough physical activity during the day (sedentary lifestyles are hard on Generators)
• Not following their Sacral guidance (gut feelings) about what to do and when to do it
• Pushing themselves too hard and not resting when their energy needs recharging

Generators are designed to do work they love and to master it. Read more about being a Generator here.

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