Pursue or end relationship??

February 9, 2022 at 12:03 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Cassidyannee99
Pursue or end relationship??
Some of our chart says a soul connection other things say we are bad for eachother. I feel like I could spend forever with this person or they’ll be what finally ends me. I’m such a hopeless romantic helppppp😭😂 what are good indications of soul mate connections ??

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February 9, 2022 at 14:19
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne
You can call your loved one a soulmate if you feel like it :) You cannot define a human connection through astrology, there is no such algorythm. If people give you such information it will be so many examples of aspects that you will find something in every synastry. I wonder what does it mean bad for each other if you want to spend life together. Forget those predictions then and live your life. I wish I was ready to think like this sooner.

I had beautiful synastry with the person I didn´t even want to get to know. Attachment is created in the interaction between you. You choose and define who is the person for you.

Do you connect? How do you feel and what do you want? Do you see them in your future?

If you don´t check astrology to make life decisions it can be fun and pleasant, otherwise it´s causing pointless stress.
February 9, 2022 at 14:34
(Leo) Hermetic Dreamer
I can tell you from the relationship with my wife that you will experience just about every synastry connection overtime in your relationship. I went over our synastry with my wife after being married for 10 years and dated 10 years before that and we discussed each of our synastries. We were able to remember events that correlated to each and were reminded how difficult the difficult connections were and enjoyed the memories that related to the good connections.

We stayed committed even through the difficult times and after surviving all these synastry connections we are pretty sure our relationship will continue to last. So the promise and warning is that you will experience all of your synastry connections at some point in your relationship as long as you stay together. I´ve also heard that there are cycles in relationships and so you are likely to relive some of those connections over time.

So hard aspects in the synastry can be overcome if you are committed and your partner is worth it. But really examine each synastry connection and ask yourself if there are any deal breakers, because they will come up at some point. But at the same time this science isn´t perfect so if you really enjoy your relationship right now, don´t let astrology ruin your relationship. Enjoy what you have to the fullest, and if the problems in your synastry chart show up in your life then you were are least are aware of them and hopefully made a plan on how to deal with those issues if they crop up.

As far as soul mates go, it depends on what you mean by soul mate. If it is a love from a past life, look to the south node, that represents your past lives. Any synasatry connections there are likely past life connections. My wife´s Venus is in a conjunction with my south node, and my Jupiter is in a trine with hers. Relationship planets conjunct your south node could indicate that a someone from your past lives will form a relationship with you somehow. My wife has undergone some past life regression and was able to see that she and I have had romantic relationships in the past. So if you count that as evidence that it would support our south node connections in our synastry as indicators of a soul mate connection.

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