Aquarius Man !

December 25, 2021 at 17:22 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) leftORright
Aquarius Man !
What kind of woman is this man attracted to ? What does he needs deep inside ? Do you have any experience ? Surely, we should see the whole chart, but let´s talk only about the sun sign.

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December 25, 2021 at 17:24
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He needs nobody but does want to feel a real bond with an authentic person.
He is also intolerable yet stable, and can be prone to whirl wind moods as goes with the planet Uranus.. he is not always perfect.
December 25, 2021 at 18:40
(Leo) Zephyrin
-They have an eccentric sense of beauty. He may even like unkempt women.

-They are turned on by any artistic talent, specifically, music talent and so they may be attracted to artists.

-They probably won´t show their interest even if he dies of love.

-They like women who make their life straightforward, less stressful because they are already hard people to know and have a hard life.

-They like to talk about every subject, whether it is art, mathematics or any other stuff. The woman who wants him must be versatile, have knowledge on many subjects.

-The woman must seem cool but must also have a caring, soft nature. He does not like feeling overwhelmed by a woman who is needy and insistent.

-They specifically like women with a good, genuine sense of humor. Last and crucial one.

Source: a fella with Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising, Aquarius Mercury, Sagittarius Venus, Pisces Mars.
December 25, 2021 at 21:04
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Depends of his Venus, Mars, Moon
December 26, 2021 at 11:17
(Gemini) UgurCan
I really like the Aquarius effect. At least the people I love have the moon sign Aquarius.

Aquarius, a reflection of the sign of Scorpio, is also mysterious, just like Scorpio. Both zodiac signs begin to open their mysteries to those whom they trust. Aquarius´s sense of trust is not related to emotionality. Aquarius trusts more with freedom. He will trust you if you show an Aquarius that he is open to any opinion and will not judge him no matter what. They like the objective point of view very much. You shouldn´t like an idea just because he likes it. You should like it because it is reasonable. He´ll like it the minute you make him feel it. In this case, you may even have the opposite opinion. If you explain to him why you think so, he will like to talk, he may even adopt your opinion. Although Aquarius is fixed-minded, he can change his mind very quickly in plausible situations.

Even if these people seem confident, they are actually not very at peace with their own selves. The sun falls under this sign. Even if he doesn´t show it, he cares too much about the opposite ones. When he feels like this, you should ask him about his thoughts and tell him that he is valuable first. Do not judge as harshly as possible when explaining things, because a humanist is a zodiac sign and thinks that everything can speak normally. You can keep it up as a joke when you´re in trouble, because he doesn´t like to go down to emotional dimensions very much. You can even make a joke to him about this situation, he will understand the situation.He can make fun of himself and laugh. He is extremely at peace with himself. This way he will realize his mistake.

They are natural psychologists. You never need to be afraid when talking about something with them. You can even talk nonsense. He will accompany you. If you want to talk to him about something, he will do it very nicely. It helps you change negative ideas in your mind without going down to emotional dimensions. Aquarius does not use the word "I think" very much. They eliminate negative thoughts and give you positive options. In doing so, they go so deep that there are no question marks left in their minds. You´ll feel so relieved when we´re done talking.

They are very good friends, which is already the sign of friendship. But if you don´t talk for a long time, he may not need to talk. According to Aquarius, it is normal not to talk. If you want, they can continue to talk in the same way in the summer after 3 months. Frankly, they´re a little disloyal. If you want continuity, fluency and continuity of communication are essential.

Aquarians have certain ideas, and they like them all equally, so they need consultation. They like to consult opinions with people they like and expect clear answers from them. Those who can do this in a fun and non-fighting language will like it. Also, whatever you choose for him, you must explain it to him in a way that he will be convinced and with patience.

That´s why I see a lot of Taurus and Aquarius together, although they don´t seem to be compatible with Taurus. Gemini will distract the mind of Aquarius. Therefore, he may be happy, but he may not be pleasant at the point of indecision. Gemini may need to give clear answers to Aquarius from time to time Otherwise, there will be many issues left up in the air.
January 3, 2022 at 17:55
(Leo) Leo444
Great subject for me!

My background: I have a Moon in Aquarius and am dating an Aquarius Sun/Cap Moon/Aries rising/Venus AND mars in Aquarius, man; I have an ex “friend with benefits” (which lasted about a year and a half) with the same birthday (Feb 7th), but different year (Moon Aries, Virgo rising, Aquarius Venus) whom I’m still great friends with AND made my current boyfriend be friends with him (LOL), and HIS best friend and roommate is MY friend of 12 years and is Aquarius Sun, Moon & Mercury. I’ve never dated the double Aquarius but we’ve talked at great length about our love lives as confidants over the last five years.

My boyfriend is my future husband and the love of my life, and he sometimes seems like the quintessential Aquarius man (he has a 4 planet stellium in the 11th house as well) in how goofy and weird he can be in private, but his love nature with me seems to reflect more of his Aries rising as far as I can tell. He’s extremely romantic and clingy in a way that I love. We can be in public and I can hug him, look into his eyes, give him a kiss and say “I love you,” and he will smile and kiss me and say “I love you more than anything,” and he doesn’t care we’re in public. He loves affection and I can physically cling to him and he’s never pushed me off or demanded space-not once in the year and few weeks we’ve been together. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s truly in love and comfortable with me, or if it’s his Cap Moon or WHAT because traditional astrology usually doesn’t mention this.

Ok to answer the question: what do Aquarius men NEED or desire deep inside? Hmm…
Between the three men, I’d say superficially they like to have a good looking, well-dressed woman or a woman who takes fashion risks and looks sexy and/or artistic; OR a very “natural” look, like a hippie chick works as well. All four of us are obsessed with music and parties, so a lot of our time together is spent checking out musical events and dancing. As far as I have seen, Aquarius men love the arts—and likely want an artistically inclined partner. I’m obsessed with art and music and that’s literally what initially drew us all together. My ♒️☀️&🌕 friend is very tall, handsome, built, charismatic, outspoken, and popular and he tends to go for extremely beautiful, younger (he’s my age, 39) women who are “exotic,” like they’re not from where he’s from (San Francisco). My ♒️☀️♈️🌕 friend/ex lover is not as picky, and he’s not as good with the ladies, but he’s equally popular and well-liked/loved, and seeks faithful women for long-term relationships. My sweetheart enjoys beauty, fitness, sense of style, and a boisterous personality.

As for NEEDS, I can say they all need a loyal, reliable, intellectually stimulating woman who can talk for hours about social issues, bring conflicting viewpoints to think about but in a manner that isn’t aggressive or emotional; they need to LEARN from a partner and have respect for her. I can’t see them with a silly, frivolous, “lost” soul, even though my man’s ex was kinda like that and it wore on his nerves and created a lot of fights-he still stayed with her for SEVEN YEARS! They need lots of reinforcement for their inner selves, and I can explain: since they’re the opposite of Leo, they come across as if they’re as confident and sure of themselves as a Leo but it’s not true. Inside, they’re insecure and unsure about who they really are, since they’re absorbing the energies of everyone around them. They don’t have a lot of “psychic guard,” despite being Fixed. Like, they can get really irritable almost like a water sign if an annoying person or an “energy vampire” is feeding off of them for too long. BECAUSE they’re so strong and compassionate in character this fact kind of gets overlooked, in my opinion. They’re not always what they appear to be-their personality can be inconsistent, which can piss people off. An unbalanced Aquarius can really wreck havoc and give the wrong impression about this sign, I’ve seen. I’d say an Aquarius who happens to be a sociopath is pretty dangerous! So the remedy is: they need a loved one, partner, or even a stranger to gas them up! They need pep-talks and compliments that are meaningful and deep, to help reinforce their sense of self. They need reminders about how awesome they are! And they might be sheepish about this need, so THE DELIVERY can’t be superfluous. However; I’ve found them to be pretty good at receiving compliments. They need reminders on how to be self-aware, because sometimes they lose introspection when they’re out in the world visiting a dozen people and absorbing too much information.

Sexually, they need someone to really establish their boundaries because they can be overly-passionate sometimes. I’ve only been with the two, but my sweetheart is 6’5” and 210 lbs, and very strong, so I’ve had to “tame” him in the past. Once those are established they need a non-judgmental, experimental partner because they’ll go to the depth of depravity if they get the chance! 😹 I think it’s great! I’m no prude, I’ve got a Sagittarius rising that ALWAYS gets me in trouble. I’ll stop there, if this is a Family website, I don’t want to get banned 😉

They need a best fried without having to ASK for it. Because they’re so intuitive and almost psychic with their ability to read peoples’ energies, they desire the same, and MUST be treated like a good friend-with respect, acceptance, affection, and feel like you’re always going to be there for them. They’re not going to be able to demand that-it has to come from you naturally because they’re not good at expressing their needs. They’d like a woman who can read them AS well as, if not BETTER than they think they know themselves. And that that woman helps their inner vitality radiate outward, because sometimes when life gets too overwhelming, they not only retreat inward but TURN on themselves a little. As in they might self harm in someway, or drink or do too much drugs, or just have defeating thoughts and get depressed. They need an upbeat woman who can lift their spirits because they can be VERY happy-go-lucky around the right energy.

They’re going to occasionally feel under-appreciated, used, misunderstood, and as if they have the weight of the world on them. So they need a woman who’s going to give them perspective and remind them that humans are inherently much more selfish THAN THEM, and to cut humanity some slack and not let it get to them. They need to be pulled out of wallowing in self-pity, even though it might not look like that—because they’re not going to appear as if they’re capable of self-pity! It’s one of their inconsistencies. Reason, logic, and rationale work wonders on them. They can change their minds from a negative outlook to a positive one with a lot more ease than any sign I know (except maybe Libra).

I’ve found that “mind-control” works really well on them. I’ve curried the favor of my friends AND gotten my sweetheart to do whatever I want by reasoning with them like “I’d never tell anyone what to do, and you can believe what you want, BUT if I were you…” and then explain my rationale in a logical way. I’ve been shocked at how easily their minds can be swayed sometimes. As a Leo I have to make sure I don’t get “drunk with power,” and use my persuasion for GOOD, not evil 🤣. Yes, they have hard limits and YES, they’re stubborn as hell. When it comes to certain, seemingly random things, you’ll have better luck convincing a brick wall of any opposing viewpoint or action. However, they’ll also randomly change their minds one day if you keep pressing on them. Definitely don’t take this the wrong way, I’m only trying to get my bf to stop vaping! It’s not like I’m trying to control him. He coughs a lot and I don’t want him to get lung cancer!

They also need a woman who will let them do whatever they want for the most part, without drama or static. For as manipulative as I’ve come off in the last paragraph, trust me-I’m very laissez-faire with my sweetheart. For example, if he goes out and does something I don’t care for, but it’s relatively harmless, I don’t give him any grief. I make sure to not judge him for his decisions because that REALLY hurts him and I can tell. If I’m trying to get him to eat better, or exercise more, or smoke less, I have to do it myself WITH him because he needs emotional and moral support. Aquarius ARE very independent but because they’re contradictory, but as the opposite sign of the VERY independent Leo, they need a surprisingly large amount of “team-player” vibes and a “good friend” to help them through life. Otherwise they start to turn on themselves, question their worth, and spiral into being too hard on themselves. I think that’s a universal human condition but since they’re the Ultimate Human, I figured I’d stress that.

So, I have a lot of friends, too, and a lot of them are men; my sweetie has a lot of friends and some are women; we have NEVER expressed jealousy of these friends towards each other. We also bring each other around our friends and do activities together, regardless of the sexes. For example, I introduced my Aquarian male friends to my Aquarian boyfriend as “his Aquarian brothers,” and ALL was copacetic and nobody gave off bad vibes. It was a good time! So I can’t really comment on jealousy. I ASSUME my boyfriend would be bummed out if I treated his female friends suspiciously, but they’re cool ladies and I trust his love, so I just make friends with them. I’m still a Leo woman, though, so I’ve had a few tense conversations when his behavior seemed inconsistent, and I gave him the third degree. He was shocked and hurt and I felt bad questioning him. He was raised by wonderful, loving parents, and his Piscean mother instilled a strong respect for women and fidelity, so combined with his Aries rising and Cap Moon, he’s shown me nothing but a faithful devotion to me. And since his conscience is clear so he’s never questioned my own fidelity or loyalty. That’s been really easy for us. I’m sure I would probably make him miserable if I was the jealous type! 🤣 Occasionally in public his Aries rising shows through because he’ll joke about how he wants to say “Eyes up here, Buddy,” to any man who is checking out my body 😂 I think it’s cute, I don’t mind. It’s not like he confronts any other man. And he’s very respectful and polite towards ME and does not act sleazy about other women in public. I think he’s commented twice in the year we’ve been together on another women’s good looks in public and it didn’t bother me, because he wasn’t leering or over-the-top, just observational. I’m straight but I just agreed because at the time, yea the women WERE beautiful. And I still trust him. So unless he’s got some hard aspects or philandering signs in his chart, and/or a bad relationship with his mother or is openly misogynistic, don’t worry about him. I say this because my double-Aquarius friend HATES his mother and has a Madonna/Whore complex, and had cheated on his beautiful girlfriends in the past-and/or dated 2 or more women at once. I don’t judge him. I understand it must be hard! Plus OUR friendship is so good and so close that he doesn’t treat me with any disrespect at all, never has, and he kind of treats me like “one of the guys,” so I only have sympathy and compassion for his romantic struggles.

All right, that’s all I got for now!

P.S. oh yeah-I’ve heard they enjoy a challenge in a woman. I’d like to think I’m super easygoing and easy to deal with, and I am 😹😹😹, but I’m still a Leo, with a Mars in the 10th house in Scorpio, and my sun, Mercury and Venus as a stellium in the 8th house. Therefore I can be overwhelming, I assume. ☠️☠️☠️ My Aquarian honey manages me very well, but I admit I HAVE steam-rolled over his personality before. I always apologize ASAP and he’s very forgiving. Don’t feel TOO sorry for him, though-he still has a Capricorn Moon, so my go-to romantic behavior is to cow-tail and capitulate to his masculinity (I have Venus and True Node in Cancer, so I’m VERY much feminine and submissive in romance the vast majority of the time). He really seems to appreciate it when I “yes, Dear” him, and I always make sure to consult his opinion on my decisions. I make sure to show him we’re a Team, and I even ask him what I should wear sometimes, or make him decide between two outfits. He never tells me he wants a say on these matters; I just offer him the chance to give his input. Neither of us are controlling. I’d say I’m more controlling but it’s because I’m also 11.5 years older than him and have a lot of life experience. Fortunately for me, he really respects my wisdom. It’s beautiful 😻😻
January 3, 2022 at 18:52
(Virgo) LotusStar
One of my best friends is Aquarius man. He actually likes Capricorn types, people who have it together, not needy or overly dependent on him, someone more independent who has their own interests, that can hold a stimulating conversation. Looks aren’t his priority. Very important: does not try to control them!

Venus and Moon gonna change this a bit, if they have a lot of emphasis on Aquarius would like someone more quirky and unique in some way, or that they can’t easily figure out.
January 4, 2022 at 00:48
(Scorpio) leftORright » Leo444
Oh thank you for such an insightful answer. Can you explain what does the phrase "gas them up" means? You refered to it in aquas needs. You, as an aqua moon, would say that you want the same things? What does aqua as a moon needs to feel fulfilled? What do you ask for? What traits makes you fall madly in love ? Also I would like to know how does aqua moon and cap moon cope with everyday day matters? Are they compatible ?

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