Why does this man always pop up during venus transits and eclipses?

November 20, 2021 at 05:38 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Dyllpyckll
Why does this man always pop up during venus transits and eclipses?
I’ve had this friend for a few years, we became pretty close during Covid and I developed very strong feelings for him. I finally came out with it, and he didn’t feel the same so I basically ended the friendship because honestly, friendship wasn’t going to cut it for me. It was a bummer but I needed to move on so it had to be that way. Since then I have noticed I hear from or about him during almost every major venus event or eclipse hitting my natal planets. Here is a list.
I met him when Jupiter and the sun were conjunct my natal Jupiter in my 5th house and venus was conjunct my natal Pluto.
Had a memorable night out with him when venus was conjunct my vertex and the moon conjunct my NN.
When we discussed my feelings and things did it go as I hoped venus was conjunct my natal Pluto.
We had a long conversation that seemed to not go to well last years solar ecplise in Sagittarius was conjunct my Jupiter. My venus was opposing transit venus and transit Jupiter was trine my venus.
The next time we had a long talk was during venus cazimi which was conjunct my moon and his NN.
Next time he gets ahold of me, venus is conjunct my north node, and the sun is conjunct my venus.
The NEXT time he gets ahold of me venus is again conjunct my Pluto.
And finally, today when the eclipse is conjunct my natal venus by 1 degree, I find out he is working at a job I just left 3 weeks ago (where I still frequent and have friends that work there), which I never told him about. I would be surprised if I don’t hear from him soon.
I never noticed until the cazimi, but it seems like whenever there’s a major transit involving venus, he pops up. Like I can almost time his contact based on what venus or Jupiter is doing. Not to mention we have a lot of conjunctions in our charts so venus is making contact with his planets as well. It’s also worth mentioning this eclipse is conjunct my MC and I met him at a previous job.
Do you believe this is coincidence or am I delusional for believing this means something?

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November 22, 2021 at 22:22
(Aquarius) nikkia
Wow, that´s interesting. Such in-depth Venus bookkeeping. H5 is fun and pleasure... are you having a good time with him yet?

I don´t want this to sound harsh, so please try not to take it that way. Some guys just suck. This guy is a player. He´s not interested in real relationships. He´s probably got 15-20 girls hanging on the line, just like you. He doesn´t care about anything else other than the attention he craves from the girls he has on
stand-by. This is not a secure, happy man. Toxic even, if you get up close.

Perhaps there is an planetary energetic pull that he feels from time to time, but it´s meaningless and without staying power. I´m sure he pops into other girl´s lives and leaves just as quickly. It´s just twisted game to him. Pawns on the chessboard. Names and numbers in a long Contact List that makes him feel important and safe. Safe from real intimacy.
(I´ve seen some Leo / Leo men who do this type of thing - even when they are in a committed relationships; living with someone; married with kids. It´s a selfish need.)

Charts and their aspects to one another mean nothing if there is no relationship, or chance for one, to begin with.

Maybe it´s just a small lesson you need learn in life to keep you safe from men who use women? To realize that a man who really loves and cares about you will move Heaven and Earth to show it?

Very cool predictive tool, though. Now you know when it´s getting near time to ignore him :)

Edited to add:
I messed-up here, Dyllpyckll. I should have clearly stated that what I wrote was a cosmic message. This spontaneous download took hold and would not let go. In the moment, I lacked the presence of mind to communicate what was happening. I dropped the ball. For this, I apologize
November 23, 2021 at 06:19
(Scorpio) Heßen Lutz
When Venus turns retro you might hear about him more especially when it trines your Taurus planets.
November 23, 2021 at 15:38
(Aries) Dyllpyckll » nikkia
I appreciate the reply but that is quite a lot of assumptions about someone. I don’t think he’s using me for attention because I don’t give him much and I also don’t think he is a jerk just because he doesn’t return my feelings. I don’t always answer his calls, in fact I didn’t answer or call him back last time. I think he contacts me because he genuinely views me as his friend. But I will give you one thing, he is very emotionally unavailable in the romantic sense. He’s also not a Leo.

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