Moon in 12th House Synastry

September 27, 2021 at 15:03 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Cind
Moon in 12th House Synastry

My dad has Moon in Leo in my 12th House, on top of that he has Mercury and venus in my 8th House.

I sometimes find it hard to be around him because he has a lot of stuff he isn´t dealing with, grief, stress and so on. Because I am sensitive to energy I can feel everything he´s feeling especially with his Moon in my 12th House.

Does anyone else have this placement with another person and if so, do you feel that psychic connection as well.

I have this placement with my best friend too her moon and my moon in each others 12th House. I can psychically call on her and we are very close. Can´t really hide anything from each other either haha.

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September 27, 2021 at 16:09
(Pisces) 11
Hi! :27:
It´s interesting topic and made me look up synastries.
Most of my closest people are Libra/Sco risings, so my :152: falls in their 12th. I don´t think they feel like this about me. But it´s a :177: Moon, air likes see through communication and no reading between the lines.
I´ve read with this placement, you could feel like the house person is hiding something from you.. so it creates lack of trust. Maybe so.. But haven´t noticed that much. They actually are very opened to me and feel free to talk (again I think the airiness).
Also we are Pisces. I think we can deal with this 12th house synastry in ways better, cause it´s energy we know?

I do see them (my Moon in their 12th) in dreams often and things that "come true" about their health/ job/ relationships.. And yes, when I think about them, I know I can expect a message day after or so.

I have few very close people (and also many acquaintances) whose :152: falls in my 12th (end of :173: and :174: Moons). I don´t feel like it´s hard to be around them. Quite the opposite. Maybe cause that spot trines my Sun also.
But my Mars is in 12th, so with men it feels like I can´t take them seriously somehow (romantically). They feel too emotional maybe.
But those Cancer Moons, who fall in my 12th, could possibly feel like I´m hiding stuff. Not so much Geminis.

I think the uncomfortable part in your story could be the 8th house! It can feel unsettling and cause unexpected strong, raw emotions. Also these karmic houses could be more troubling, if dealing with closest relatives.

I have this with one of my friends. My :152: in her 12th, her sun, venus in my 8th (but they trine my :156:). Luckily my 8th house is Aqua (again air energy), she is very airy, no long lasting arguments, no poisonous resentments.
September 27, 2021 at 18:04
(Leo) Northerneuropean
I have a lot of experiances with 12th house synastry.
It´s mind reading. Even more with Moon I think.
I had a girlfriend with a mercury in my 12th house, she practically told my future. :75: But her love for me was also very unconditional, I felt it.

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