My 10 years old step daughter

August 23, 2021 at 15:06 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Terez
My 10 years old step daughter
Hey guys,

I would like to ask you, what you can see in synastry chart I have with my step daughter. We are newbie to each other and I would like to use Astrology to help me to start our relationship in the best way.

But because I have never read in any other chart instead of woman+man partnership synastry, I don´t know what I should pay attention the most. I can see her Jupiter is conjunct my Mercury in my 5th house so its not bad I guess :) But for example I can see conjunction of her Black Moon Lilith with my Sun+Venus but is it important in this kind of relationship? Or is there something else what do you notice?

I am Aries and she is Scorpion.

Thanks a lot!
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August 24, 2021 at 08:59
(Libra) Awakener82
Like any bonus parent relationship there will be good times and there will be bad times.

Does look like there is some past life residual with your mars and her south node and quite a bit of other aspects. This isnt you twos first rodeo together and its time to work out some stuff between each other.

I dont think ive met any bonus relationship that was smooth sailing. I did find after the youth adolescent phase and once the child maturates into an adult the relationship usually becomes strong.

I will say that i feel like dad husband here will be caught in the middle. He will be torn between you two. My advice is she is going to drudge up some energy unintentionally, that will require proper communication. Think twice before communicating as your south node hits her chiron. 3rd & 2nd house. Perhaps in the past your communication hurt her, house she values her self and self worth. She has neptune there and it will be filtered with confusion. She may hear one thing but think another. Communication is key along with understanding of communication. Your relationships and self worth/prosessions will be affected if you dont properly communicate. Your mars is in gemini so you will go to war over words.

You inquired her bml and your sun/venus. Her style of communication will be slightly aggressive with a tone of anger. She has or in the future will have to go at it alone. Defend herself. She has a strong saturn aspecting ruler of your sun this relationship will be beautiful once past life issues are unpacked (communication). She has a scorpio sun, so naturally when one, a scorpio sun, experiences feeling of jealousy it destroys them til they heal it. Its hard for a little girl of any sign to share her dad with another woman besides mom. Both have mars as the suns ruler. So you both have the need to take a stand for and defend self. She will master and understand on a higher level the art of relationships. Give and take and share in the furture with others what she has learned.

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