Combination of parents - child birth chart

August 19, 2021 at 03:11 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) xbluefairytale
Combination of parents - child birth chart
I was looking into my parent´s birth chart and I realized that we three have intercepted houses, mine being the combination of my parents placements.

My mom has Sagittarius-Gemini in 3,4 and 9,10; my dad Sagittarius-Gemini 5,6 and 11,2; and I have Sagittarius-Gemini in 4,5 and 10,11.

Is this a regular placement between family? If both of the parents are born with similar intercepted houses, there´s a chance that the child might have to?

Those are mine and my parent´s chart:

*They split when I was a toddler, but they´re still friends (I don´t know if this is relevant or not)

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August 20, 2021 at 05:42
(Taurus) s81
Besides some internet astrologers talk about intercepted houses, what you have are intercepted signs, the Virgo/Piscis axis in your case, and with planets there in both, so they are intercepted planets.

Signs bring resources/tools to planets (natal, transiting and/or progressed) to express themselves, specially in subjects of the houses they govern, or being disposed by the planet that rules the sign where they are. So when a sign is intercepted the resources that it provides will be less active, notorious and/or harmonic than others. Same happen with planets and their expression.

About the family, it´s common that certain patterns repeat in the family charts, but it´s not necessary or common that it happens with parents, it could happen with other relatives too.

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