What causes obsession?

July 12, 2021 at 18:24 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
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What causes obsession?
When there are
Pluto contacts missing in synastry?

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July 12, 2021 at 19:27
(Virgo) rohini moon
If I had a nickel for every time Pluto was mentioned on this site, since I joined, I´d be getting rrreeeeaaallll close to rivaling Giorgio Armani´s bank account.
July 12, 2021 at 19:51
(Aries) ram_goat » rohini moon
seems like it´s always pluto, saturn or uranus that are at the root of life´s big problems.
July 12, 2021 at 20:06
(Pisces) fishscales » ram_goat
Don´t underestimate Neptune...addictions, delusions, deception...

Venus can be a real troublemaker too...


Look at some of her activities in mythology..

Starting a war because of a beauty contest.

What a trifling bitch. :61:

I remember I had a 7 deadly sins thread on here a long time ago...in my mind, Venus was responsible, or associated, with most of them.

I judged her as the "most sinful planet."

Yet Venus carries this image of sweetness and light...

But her dark side is very dark...hence the Lucifer/Venus connection...

I think my least sinful planet was Saturn...
July 12, 2021 at 20:13
(Virgo) rohini moon
What causes obsession?

What truly causes obsession?

A weak mind.

Sure, we can blame the planets, as they do shape our idiosyncrasies in this life, but---the beauty of life as a human being is: freewill.

That´s the beauty. To be able to change, to rise up, to make your mind strong. Built up mind-power, will release you from the misery of "obsessions"

You can absolutely rise above the negative traits in your birthchart. It´s up to you.
July 12, 2021 at 20:39
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » rohini moon
Maybe you´re obsessed with others obsessions

July 12, 2021 at 20:43
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
RohiniMoon, that made me laugh. You have a great sense of humor. But Pluto/Scorpio are associated with obsession. I don´t think we can blame it all on Pluto though. It´s usually something quite complex, and as always - we´ve got to look at the whole chart and each case separately.

Sine you are posting in Synastry and Relationship, Green Garden - I assume you are talking about being obsessed with someone - or someone is obsessed with you. That might include jealousy and possessiveness. Maybe you should clarify what you´re really asking before I put my foot in my mouth. Are you obsessed with someone or is someone obsessed with you - or neither? If you feel obsessed - I´ll be happy to look at your chart and tell you what I see in that regard. If it is someone else you are referring to who is obsessed - then, I would need their chart. There is no one way to see it.


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July 12, 2021 at 20:59
(Sagittarius) jaderosez
My two cents:

If you are plutonic and someone´s personal hits your personal planets in synastry and then it is emphasized in composite/davison, the obsession will hit you especially if you have the sexual planets on their asc.

However, if you are attractive, or magnetic yourself (aka pluto aspects), people will be drawn to you and then through your synastry trigger the obsession in you until you meet another plutonic individual and be at the other end of the obsession.
July 12, 2021 at 21:01
(Sagittarius) jaderosez » fishscales
I´m gonna try and think of Venus´s sins


July 13, 2021 at 00:44
(Pisces) fishscales » jaderosez
Yes she is responsible for all of those...

Shares lust with Mars, if you´re talking about sexual lust...if you´re talking about lust in terms of desire, then she again bears the brunt...

I´m tellin ya...

She is trouble... :21: :154:
July 13, 2021 at 07:30
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » fishscales
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
That aspect is there...my Venus Square his Neptune ...don´t like it.
July 13, 2021 at 07:32
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » rohini moon
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
I was never obsessed with a men. Thats why i think it is something about our interactions.
July 13, 2021 at 07:50
(Taurus) Rosincvist
There is often a :154:/ :160: connection somewhere, just not found yet!
Some midpoints are as important as planets, there could be an overlooked parallel in the mix!
July 13, 2021 at 07:55
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » JayJayAstrology
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
You are right. I am obsessed with someone in an unhealthy way. Not in stalker way, but i can´t get that person out of my mind. I had halfhearted relationship with others to get over him. And i don´t get it. What it is that keeps me so bound to him. Would appreciate another look on that case.

In case you need his dates:
Graz, Austria
July 13, 2021 at 07:58
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » Rosincvist
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
Right!would make so much more sense..or Moon Pluto aspects

I´m lost at midpoints, is there a calculator for it?
July 13, 2021 at 08:01
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » jaderosez
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
OK...my Mars is sextile his Ascendant

But my Mars is cool as a cucumber, not fiery at all :p
July 13, 2021 at 11:56
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Green Garden
Well, it´s hard to tell why through synastry - I´m looking at both your charts - and you do have quite a lot of connections. I´m just not sure that I can say it´s why you are obsessed. Lots of people have good synastry.

Your Moon is on the exact degree of his South Node past life in Aries. Although not at the same degree, your Sun is in Cancer and his North Node is in Cancer. His Mars is the exact degree of your Mercury. His Moon is conjunct your Jupiter - in Scorpio - and perhaps that is part of the obsession right there. His Jupiter squares your Venus and trines your Saturn and Sun. His Gemini Jupiter is in the 7th house and your Saturn is in the 8th house in Libra - all about relationship - bonding. Just lots of super tight connections - and I haven´t even mentioned them all.

It´s interesting that you both have a locomotive pattern with Mars lead. Locomotive pattern is the most common pattern - but less common for two people to have that Mars lead. Your patterns could be mistaken for saw saw pattern too.

His Moon is conjunct Uranus in Scorpio and you have Aquarius rising. I mention that because you don´t share common Sun, Moon or ASC - but Moon/Uranus is similar to your Aquarius feel. His Sun is on te 8th cusp with Scorpio Moon and Uranus - and your Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are in the 8th. Your Venus is in Pisces and his IC is Pisces - both ruled by Jupiter, who so much in play in your charts - and your Jupiter is in Scorpio, 8th. Yeah - I could bet on that one if I had to bet. Your chart ruler is Saturn and his is Jupiter - so your chart rulers are relating.

But, I can´t say that this adds up to obsession with any certainty. Did he break it off with you? Why are you no longer together? Often if you aren´t the person doing the breaking up - it´s hard to let go if you´ve fallen for someone. I can personally attest to that. It could be that you really loved him - or love him. When you love someone, it isn´t like you can stop loving them when they leave - for whatever reason. If you love him, you love him. When this happens, it´s very sad and very hard to let go.

Honestly, I´d put my money on love itself. If you don´t think it´s just that you love him - then perhaps there´s a feeling of unfinished business. Obsessiveness happens to me when something isn´t resolved - when I´m trying to resolve a conflict within another person. So perhaps you need to come to terms with something with him. Maybe you need a conversation with him. Is it really over?

I´m sorry I can´t come up with anything definitive.
July 13, 2021 at 16:44
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com » JayJayAstrology
System message: Post has been written by user Green Garden, who already deleted profile on this website:
We we´re never together.
For me i knew he was the one when i met him 12 years ago. I watched him having girfriend after girfriend.. we wrote thousands for hours and we see each other a few times in a year.

His behaviour is so weird to me, He refuses to take my calls and blocks me emotionally. On the other side, he told a men that was interested in me that he loves me and don´t want to loose me.

It doesn´t evolve... i once tried to block his number and got an heavy anxiety attack o i unblicked him.
I hoped overtime i would stop to have such strong feelings about him, but i did not, which would be a real good thing, if we had a relationship.
July 13, 2021 at 17:03
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Green Garden
Well - yeah - it´s highly unresolved. Unresolved things can make a person obsessive and crazy. This definitely sounds like something you need to resolve - so, if he is not going to talk with you about your relationship, then you need to resolve it by cutting him off. Maybe you could see a counselor to help you through it. It sounds very unhealthy.

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