Semi-sextile in synastry

July 12, 2021 at 12:58 (UT/GMT)
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Semi-sextile in synastry
Soo I was looking into it because I’ve realised that even tho
I dont connect so much with air and fire,
Like quincux(these are the worst)
and squares (these can be fun if I keep my distance)
I have get along really well with semi-sextile. libra and Sagittarius, I feel like we have lots in common even tho we dont go through life the same way, and they can offer interesting point of view. So then I found on ;

"A connection between two consecutive signs indicates a connection between two opposing energies, because consecutive signs always belong to different elements and have different qualities. For this reason semi-sextiles are often thought of as connecting two planets that have difficulty working together; or indicating difficulties or challenges because two energies that feel alien to one another need to be integrated.

An alternative view is that the sequence of signs in the zodiac is not arbitrary but contains a deep logic. The energy inherent in each sign of the zodiac is a prerequisite for the following one. For this reason, two planets connected by a semi-sextile can work constructively together while retaining their clearly defined roles. The planet in the preceding sign paves the way, as it were, for the following one. This understanding can help to create opportunities out of the difficulties associated with semi-sextiles."

I relate way more with the second view having two good friends Sagittarius and two libras
I mean theirs definitely some frictions but its really not that much of a big deal because we can still relate to each other

How do you relate to semi-sextile?

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