MC,Sun,Moon, +planets aspects & synastry overlays

June 28, 2021 at 14:34 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) RAW
MC,Sun,Moon, +planets aspects & synastry overlays
I met this girl one night. Her suns at the 12°degree leo by my 11°degree leo midheavan. I´m a scorpio sun 12°degree and a scorpio rising 6°. Her mars is at 2°degree leo. Mines at 0°degree libra. Our moons trine each other. Shes the libra im the aquarius. Both our 11°degree sagittarius plutos sextile each others moon. Our saturns conjunct at 28°taurus. Our Venus are in fire signs. Our mercury r in water signs. My Venus in sag sextile her uranus in aquarius and her Venus leo square my Saturn. What is this girl getting from me or whats going on here? It was really intense and karmic to me for the hours we were together. I wanted her sisters but me and her kept poking at each other b4 I know it shes wrapped around me excusing herself home. There was a friction we were so stubborn about. She invited me to a family party but I didn´t want to go at all. I felt she took it personal but when i explained when we were more personal she understood right away. Anybody tryna guide me. Have similar experiences? Also we live in different countries, i started visiting my parents homeland in mexico pretty often now. I met her right b4 the mercury retrograde we had. & Also shes born exactly 3 months before me on August 4 of 2000. I would appreciate and enjoy hearing any thoughts or adding to my convo.

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