Jupiter and or Juno for spouse and their location

June 15, 2021 at 00:39 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) megumiberet
Jupiter and or Juno for spouse and their location
I have done a lot of research and get mixed results on Jupiter and Juno. Personally, my Juno is in Libra. The Jupiter is in 7th house. Scorpio is 7th house, Pluto is in there as well (Mars is in Gemini 2nd house). I don´t get how to use this information to deduce what the spouse is supposed to be or where you´re supposed to meet them. How does one combine all this information to paint the picture of potential spouse? Thanks for all the insight. I usually don´t ask because I want to figure it out myself but I admit that at some point it would be wise to seek the insight of those outside and who are more knowledgeable on the subject.

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June 15, 2021 at 10:57
(Aquarius) viv
Hi Megumberet
A couple of thoughts:
First I don’t think our partners fit criteria we can necessarily look for. I like the phrase “nothing that is mine to experience will miss me”

Second I had a long relationship with a man where my Venus was on his Juno (plus my Jupiter was conjunct his sun in my seventh) so the gender of who has the Juno or Jupiter wasn’t in that case significant.I also had a significant connection with a teacher where the two Junos were conjunct.

Third Astrologer Bairavee Barasulumaniam in Malaysia, the Sky Priestess , (you can find her on you tube )suggests that Juno is not always a life partner but can signify a soul awakener.
Best Viv
June 15, 2021 at 14:43
(Leo) cubic
Well I´m not into Vedic, but there is good info in Vedic on house lords which is particularly useful for figuring out the profile of a partner.

Also I prefer to check the fundamentals first e.g where the lord of the 7th house in situated, where Juno is situated, and only after that interpretation of the signs to add more to the profile.

Say you have 7th house lord in the 2nd house. Your 7 house is Scorpio, which means its ruler is Mars. Mars is in your 2nd of assets, posessions, values:

So they will strongly impact your finances and assets. Since it´s Mars they´ll likely have soldier like mentality, boldness, strong will.

Copy-paste follows:

"You will feel more valuable personally when in a partnership. The person who you marry they must add some value/assets to you. Likely to be involved in your family/family business. They might like your family more than their own. Marriage might be dependent on assets."

Then when you get to the actual Lord of your 7th house the meaning starts being modified:

Mars in 2nd - "Your life partner may create power struggles in your family. Spouse/business partner with a strong will. Fight the war of money/assets possessions. Spouse will add strenght to you. With Spouse´s help obstacles to desired things will be conquered."

Juno in 6th house – Most likely to meet partner at the workplace. Or somebody who you might meet as a result of a daily routine, so it could be a workout thing or gym if not at work. Health practitioner of some sort. Cooperation with partner is important, somebody that you can work with day by day. Has consistent daily routines, but even if they aren´t so good and pro at all this stuff you´d like them to have a degree of 6th house proficiency.

Since it´s in Libra let´s say it all could be connected with Libra themes that is - let´s say speculatively a cosmetician.

Pluto in 7th meaning generally attraction to Pluto/Scorpionic type people with that sort of style towards you. Meaning I guess demonstratively all about you, somewhat or completely obsessive. Devoted. That sort of behavior will be reassuring. Somebody who can facilitate personal transformation which can be for the better or for the worse. You´ll be reluctant to give up power in a relationship, unless you´ve cleaned up your Plutonic challenges/issues that make you cling to having the power in the relationship, so you feel secure yourself. So perhaps relationships where the partner is somewhat powerless in relation to you will make you feel secure (they don´t seem to be able to hurt you in particular in any way) for the time being. But that might make them passive aggressive / circumvent when they want to assert themselves I guess.

Jupiter in 7th: might be a partner that is from another culture or ethnicity or country. Probably will love to learn about life / travel. Somebody with whom you can grow mentally/spiritually, somebody who can teach/preach. Generous type of person. You might be prone to gloss over the details of a partner that might be important in reality, due to Jupiterian optimism/idealism.

Juno in Libra – harmonious, sociable, good looking, kinda knows how to at least come off as pleasant socially when needed, even if they are brandishing another type of personality generally.

Meaning partners who are primarily impulsive and rough socially, coarse that type of thing are not preferable or bearable for a marriage type of situation. Like you start dismissing them in your mind as such, if they show too much of that non-Librarian behavior consistently. Of course people behave like animals sometimes, it´s normal etc. Can´t be prim and proper Libra girl/man at all times.

Personal notes:

I have Juno in Libra in 11th house which is Aquarius´s house – there IS need for feeling of friendship, partner might be doing some kind of social activity, always a lil bit unconventional like it or not lol.

I was not really consciously aware of that until I read it, but it´s true - most of my partners have had indeed some type of social activity, and at least slight aquarian idealism even. Even if they didn´t had it at the time it showed strongly years down the road. It could be a really low key thing also or just being generally thoughtful in that area. Like you know end the apartheid. Slow the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hunger, go to the Moon. That type of thing.

They weren´t all model looking, but I found myself intolerant of them dressing cheap. Casual round the house yeah, but socially? Better not be a habit. Maybe that´s related to it.

Yeah, yeah with that attitude I´ll be begging corpses to LTR me during a thunderstorm at night, when I´m 86, I hear you forum, don´t worry.

So personally my priorities in profiling would be as follows:

1. Look up info on 7th house lord in house, any aspects to it or Venus?
2. Planets or no planets in 7th
3. Juno´s house
4. Then I go for the sign interpretation of all of the above e.g Libra and Gemini in your case.

Don´t think I´m the greatest synthesizer, neither a midi-keyboard in town, but you can always do a cook-book interpretation that way.

Regardless all my partners have generally fitted the profile I could derive from astrology, from the houses that is. I don´t know if It´s even possible get anything going to begin with if the fundamental profile isn´t fulfilled at least somewhat. It doesn´t seem possible because I have a hard time following through otherwise. The sign interpretations? There is a bit more wiggle room there it seems.

Ok so summary: Somebody at least a little bit different culturally (could be another far away city), from whom you can learn things, might be a foreigner might be not, could be met at work and if not, you´ll probably like to involve him at the very least in some little ways in your day to day. Will have an impact on your feeling of self-value, possibly assets. Ought to look decent enough and emphasizes health, or consistent daily routines, possibly hard worker. Martian-Jupiterian-Plutonic mix of qualities.

I do not know how to interpret specifically Jupiter-as-a-spouse in the Vedic way. Maybe somebody else can chime in.

Ideally when it really works you won´t care about checking this or that and you´ll be just getting along generally smoothly. So I think it´s a major positive sign if you don´t feel like analyzing the stuff too much through any system, and you can just relate for the most part.
June 15, 2021 at 23:45
(Leo) megumiberet
Holy moly thank you viv and cubic. Thank you both for your very insightful write ups and taking the time to reply to my post. I really appreciate it.

Cubic, actually I was in a relationship with someone who had jupiterian-martian qualities (Sagittarius with a lot of scorpio feeling-their Mars is in Scorpio and a lot of planets in Sagittarius). Not a foreigner. But somehow it´s not working and so now it´s one of those complicated relationships where it got downgraded to friendship. I get along great with them but other things have been occurring for them and some things happened (not related with me and them since we never got in fights although they didn´t like that after external conflicts that I´d need to be alone in a room by myself to self-reflect and shut down) but with a member of their family and it´s like everything me and them worked together on was pretty much destroyed in one day. Now it´s just been a slow burn from them and whenever I get cold feelings from someone, that gives me the message. For now we make excellent friends, though. I guess there´s a lot more Jupiterian Martian mixes out there to be had eh. I also once had a foreign acquaintance who pursued me on the Internet. I think they had some sort of scorpio qualities as well. They were extremely possessive and had more pluto. Jovial type, high energy. But personally I prefer really shy males at first glance (I assume some aspects found in shy men´s charts make them appear that way when first meeting them, of course later they´d get less shy) which initially attracted me to my friend. They had awkwardness to them though they were more outgoing than the general shyness I like. But still shy :75:

I´ve been looking at vedic chart. asc is aries, my jupiter is in 7th house (Libra), and my Venus is in 6th house virgo ... some say vedic is more accurate. It can get confused which one to use. Yeesh.
June 18, 2021 at 15:35
(Leo) cubic » megumiberet
Ha, that was kinda interesting to read.

I actually omitted some stuff I felt at the time was too something. Ruler of 7th in 2nd house being Mars is described also as:

"Partner may create power struggles with the family"

I guess the way I cookbooked it made it seem like potential partner profile is rather on the high end of extroversion. Then I was recalling somebody who I knew with Pluto in 7th, that was a lot of Plutonian presence.. he also rather had preference for lower key people, can´t imagine if you have also Jupiter in there..

So really actually going back to basics like Venus being in 6th house, that´s the closest I find that could be speaking of liking shy. Juno being there as well...

Venus conjuncting the Moon, yeah you´d be strongly for frictionless, gentle relating, because relational shake ups will disturb you through the Moon, theoretically.

I do think Western is accurate, and because I use Vedic descriptions applied to Western houses, that does actually validate it haha.

With Jupiter in 7th, it shouldn´t be terribly difficult to find what you need partner wise sooner or later I guess...
June 22, 2021 at 12:45
(Leo) megumiberet » cubic
Yeah I agree with what you said. That bit about the power struggles seems pretty right with me. it´s even with me in my own relatives in a way, though I´ve toned it down and become more accepting. I always think my Venus is pretty strong in my chart, what with the rising sign being Taurus, Venus in Libra and Moon in Libra... I really don´t like it when people are jarring and use bad language or are super loud, mean, brutish, whatever. It´s rare to find men that are more gentle and don´t use crass language nowadays (they exist of course no doubt). Venus is great though. Really gives a nice gentle edge to anyone, in general.

Reading the comments here on other threads on this website have been great. learning even more in astrology!

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