Instant attraction with your S.O.?

May 19, 2021 at 09:42 (UT/GMT)
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Instant attraction with your S.O.?
My gf and I were instantly attracted to each other.

The night I met her:
I was meeting with 2 friends at a bar. The 3 of us were supposed to meet at a blues bar but I was late so my 2 friends went to another bar. I was annoyed at first because I wanted to go to the Blues bar, easier to talk to people there.

But shortly after arriving, I saw this girl sit down and was instantly drawn to her. Later in the night, I ended up talking to her.

She was supposed to go to the Blues Bar with her friend too but they walked past a bar, the one I was at. Her friend had performed at the bar in the past so she wanted to show her where she performed and decided to grab a drink there. Her friend picked a seat and said,"there are a lot of cute guys here" and pointed at one. But my (future) gf pointed at me (without me seeing or knowing) and said "Nah, he is really cute".

I am so happy I spoke to her that night. She even said "I was so happy to spoke to me that night"

I wonder what synastry aspects might point towards instant attraction.

Something to do with Mars-Uranus.
Maybe mars/rising?

Anyone else have instant mutual attraction with someone?

On Cafe astrology we have a very high score though I know this is subjective.

("Numbers over 1200, in any of the three columns, are considered very high and significant.")
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May 19, 2021 at 16:07
(Sagittarius) natalizzye
My Some of the aspects that indicate a soulmate connection in synastry:

personal planets conjunct the ascendant/descedant
aspects to the angles
planets conjunct the north node and the south node
aspects to the Vertex
harmonious Moon contacts
Synastry Aspects for Soulmates to the North Node
The north node and the nodal axis is a special point of the natal chart. If someone’s planets touch your north node and south node, chances are you are not indifferent towards each other. These aspects can also indicate a karmic connection.

Soulmate astrology aspects in synastry often involve the nodal axis.

The north node conjunct personal planets usually indicate a strong attraction. The north node person is drawn to the planet person, while the planet person learns maturity from the north node person. These aspects support personal growth in the relationship.

With the node synastry aspects for soulmates, there is often a sense of fatedness in the relationship. You feel that you belong together. These aspects can make the relationship long-lasting (depending on the nature of the planet). Someone’s planet conjunct your north node is one of the best synastry aspects for soulmates in astrology.

Aspects to the south node in synastry often indicate that you know each other from the past. The other person feels very familiar when these synastry aspects for soulmates are present in the synastry chart.
Placements in Opposite Signs
While there are no indicators for twin flames in astrology, planets in opposite signs are said to be an indicator of deep connection. For example, if your Moon is in Leo and your partner’s Moon is in Aquarius, they are in the opposite signs. Mutually opposite placements suggest a special connection. The more planets are involved, the more emphasized this influence .

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