In Mars conjunct Venus synastry, Mars person sees Venus person as soft attractive feminine?

February 9, 2019 at 12:56 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Rabia23
In Mars conjunct Venus synastry, Mars person sees Venus person as soft attractive feminine?

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February 11, 2019 at 05:41
(Scorpio) DarkOne
There is a human aspect as well. Two people can chose to see the good in what they might not, and enjoy it just as much. Self love is of utmost importance, but each person, personality, experience, and perception, is not the only thing in this universe.
February 11, 2019 at 02:34
(Virgo) MarvinReal » Rabia23
Hi Rabia23, user Aiax66 already replied (currently the last reply) on this exact question in the duplicate topic…

What personally I do find attractive is out of question and private. Certainly I don´t base it solely on attraction. If you want have broken heart after falling in love in some creep, then go for it and good luck. After few years or decades you maybe rewire a brain and change an attitude what to look for. Anyway, I wish you well.
February 10, 2019 at 18:55
(Scorpio) Rabia23 » MarvinReal
Marvin u feel more attraction when ur mars conjunct someone´s venus or when your venus conjunct someone´s mars?
February 10, 2019 at 13:58
(Sagittarius) ladylight » MarvinReal
Marvin I didn´t realize your Venus was in Virgo. I say stuff without thinking at times. That´s my Sagittarius Mercury. Even though your Venus is in Virgo it doesn´t make a close conjunction to my Mars. It´s just my tidy Virgo Mars doesn´t do well with planets falling in my 8th house in personal relationships. I tend to be the bad guy in that situation, even though I mean well, because it square my Sagittarius stellium. Fire signs always get the bad reputation for being aggressive.
February 10, 2019 at 13:36
(Virgo) MarvinReal » ladylight
That´s interesting so many astro-seek women here (I can figure 4 from charts in my memory) have Mars in Virgo :D and they find me attractive or at least precious in some way.

But please conjunct it only with my Sun, and therefore also sextile to Asc-Mars-Uranus. (I really dislike that second option, when female´s Mars conjunct with my Venus instead. It was ankward and I hated it)
February 10, 2019 at 13:22
(Sagittarius) ladylight » MarvinReal
Marvin, you cannot judge by these comments only, because you have not seen the people synastry charts in the entirety. Some of these people that commented could have other challenging aspects or personal issues that could have caused or be responsible for the disconnect. It´s never good to place so much emphasis on one or a few aspects in a synastry chart. We are not all knowing creatures. We don´t know all the mysteries of life. Astrology is helpful in understanding ourselves and others, but no one can predict how certain aspects between charts will play out. I love astrology, but nothing is as black and white as some astrologers make it seem. People say if some planets falls in your eight house, there is a strong sexual connection. For me personally, I don´t like people planets in my 8th house. I can be friends with them, but there is not a sexual attraction for me. But, there are other people where that´s a huge attraction. I´m sure Mars/Venus in Synastry can play out like that for certain individuals but for others it´s a great attraction. The zodiac sign it falls in is important as well. My Mars is in Virgo, guys with Venus in Virgo that conjunct my Mars in my 8th. I tend to think they are gay. I don´t like the prudish and calculating ways. Venus is also in it´s fall in Virgo. There is no physical attraction on my end, but a guy whose Mars aspects my Venus, even if it´s a soft aspects like a sextile or a trine. I find I am very attracted to them. I´m also attracted to Mars/Mars aspects. That´s just my 2cents.
February 10, 2019 at 12:29
(Scorpio) Rabia23 » MarvinReal
Thankz for the reply but i have read these comments before
February 10, 2019 at 12:24
(Virgo) MarvinReal » 1davidsky
Thank you 1davidsky for posting that video link. You are absolutely right that Venus-Mars aspect alone does not mean anything.

I also read all comments below the video and searched elsewhere, and some were very surprising contrary to popular beliefs how good it is. While majority say it is indeed a pleasant connection, some say otherwise. I just copied some surprising notes here I found about Venus-Mars synastry and composite, davison, draconic :

--- I had a recent ex where his mars conjuncted both my venus and mars, our suns conjuncted
and our moons. So both my venus and mars are virgo, but his venus was gemini.
So I never understood why but even though I found him physically attractive,
I couldn´t connect with his sexually where as he seemed more sexually attracted.
My libido dropped dramatically around him because he wasn´t very compromising and made
me feel trapped. In the end I had to get away from him.

--- My ex husband and I had this aspect. I never once found him attractive;
I only agreed to marry him because he was so in love with me.
My venus conjuncted his mars. We never had good sex either because he was very boring.

--- I had this conjunction where my ex´s Venus was conjunct my Mars. Initially, it was very hot,
however as time went on the "flow" started to feel a bit off, sexually
(perhaps because I was the Mars person). Great vid - thanks.

--- mars cnj venus/mars... very true about being flustered and awkward. we fought instead.. a lot :

--- It doesn´t always have to be sexual. With friends I feel like you would just have
a bigger appreciation for that particular person´s style/looks.

--- The Venus person is more hot and bothered than the Mars person?
I have Mars&Venus Conjunct in Gemini. I´ve been dating men with their Venus
conjunct my Mars/Venus. I find them very "soft"....I´m not hot & bothered at all...
I´m actually quite put off by the softness. I´m not sure how "gaps" are going to filled
in my case :(

--- Monique , I agree I felt the same. My ex Mars conjunct my Venus. He had a short temper
and was very aggressive, over protective. I never found him attractive and the sex wasn’t good.
He was also having sex outside of our relationship. It was over when I knew about it.
He was a mistake to me.

--- I had the Venus/Mars square in composite with my ex. We were together for 15 years
and the sexual attraction never died down, and probably never will. Although I didn´t
feel the same sexual tension with him, and we were strictly platonic friends for a year
before becoming a couple. I could not be just friends with the other guy though.
I don´t think we could last 5 minutes alone before getting it on. I definitely feel it!

--- Yes! If you see an exact Venus/Mars in the composite - it can be an indication that the
two will have a strong desire to have kids and co-parent.

--- I am venus he is mars and he has been chasing me on and off for 30 years...
Poor guy is infatuated with me. his 12-year-old self just has never moved on LOL.
He visually is obsessed, I just don´t get it, he doesn´t even know me that well.

--- This is so me and someone I know who I have this aspect with. Very afraid of me almost.
lol we have Venus conjunction Rahu too.
February 9, 2019 at 14:27
(Sagittarius) 1davidsky
I´ll link a short Youtube video with Jewell from Aspects in Astrology on this particular position in a synastry chart. It is good basically and one of those that is associated with a strong sexual connection. It is best if the Mars is the masculine energy and the Venus the feminine but either way. The thing is we have to take this in context with not only other positions in the synastry but especially with the individual chart aka person. For instance, if the Mars person has a Mars that is challenged and say aggressive to start with like an Aries Mars to make it extreme square to a Pluto and again as an example go a bit extreme then the woman´s Venus is say in Taurus or Libra and trine a sensitive Moon, could be that the Mars is abusive even. Really important to not take synastry positions in isolation will not give any helpful insight into how an actual relationship may pan out.…

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