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June 1, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesZydrunas999
Hi my name is Zydrunas (Introduce Yourself)
Hi, my name is Zydrunas. I am from Lithuania, Europe. Its really nice for me to be in this forum. I love astrology and want to learn about it more. I really love people, want everyone to hug and kiss ...
April 23, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesZydrunas999
Hi, i have 5 house in Cancer. I love arts, i am very creative. Also Leo in 6 house - i am very joyful, love singing, dance, kids. Maybe these proffesions are very good for me ?: Social worker with ...
April 9, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesZydrunas999
I have Capricorn as dominant planet, so Saturn and Capricorn sign is very important for me? I am very conservative. I have Jupiter in cancer, which means that i need to be with people a calm person a ...
March 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesZydrunas999
Depression, job (Tarot Reading)
What kind of job is suitable for me and will i survive from depression, panics attacks ??? ...
March 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesZydrunas999
Rahu in 11 house, Capricorn (Natal Astrology)
I know that my Rahu is in Aquarius sign, ketu in Leo. This means that i need to forget command, my ego, become a modest person. Not to be subordinate to anyone, to become completely free. It is a grou ...
January 19, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesZydrunas999
Zydrunas999 Hello ! :) (Introduce Yourself)
Hi, my real name in Lithuanian is Žydrūnas. In this forum i chose nick name - Zydrunas999. I love 9, 7, 3 numbers, because i think they give me luck. All my life i live in Lithuania (Europe), which i ...
January 16, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesZydrunas999
Moola Nakshatra (Sagittarius) (General Astrology)
Hello, the moon is very important in vedic astrology. I have a moon i Sagittarius (Moola Nakshatra Pada 2). What does it mean??? I know that sagittarius is very important education, travelling, spirit ...

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