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April 4, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
Moon square Saturn in synastry (Synastry & Relationship)
Experiences, opinions? ...
January 24, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
Okay! I see I asked like 10 questions in one! I feel like this one is driving me a bit crazy. Do people survive it??? It depends on if I manage to work with the lord of the underworld and trick the ...
January 13, 2022 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
...and would want to take a look at my palm? :97: ...
November 15, 2021 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
When luminaries are peregrine (Natal Astrology)
I´m new to this concept, and just discovered that both my Sun and Moon are peregrine, yikes :22: How is this gonna influence me? ...
November 7, 2021 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
Almuten figuris calculation... (Natal Astrology)
Can anyone help me out? ...
October 8, 2021 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
As usual I´m wondering about some relatively unknown concept or method in astrology :2: Anyone on here knows what are the meaning of dwads? For anyone unfamiliar with the term the signs are divided ...
September 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
Heliocentric astrology (General Astrology)
Anyone experienced with it, or even just find it interesting like me? For anyone who has a clue - which orbs do you use a) between planets in the Helio natal chart, b) for aspects formed between th ...
September 16, 2021 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
Coalescent charts (Synastry & Relationship)
Anyone on here have experience with them..? ...
July 27, 2021 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
Not too much information on this online and I have read all that I could find. I´ve been running into this aspect repeatedly as of lately... From what I gather both parties can help each other hea ...
June 5, 2021 | Sun Sign - AquariusWays_of_Leavin'
In general (except AC/MC axes). And, more specifically, I´m wondering about the effects of Pluto exactly on my 8th house cusp (from the 8th, in Scorpio). Thanks in advance :) Was hard to find much ...

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