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Feb 21, 2020 - 19:02
Synastry & Relationship: When I will get married?
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » dani_mae1
Incredible. Saturn return and saturn transiting over my moon & sun in 6th.... it´s been a witch. Divorced my ex even though we had been through almost a decade of hard work together. we are both very Capricorn and even I didn´t expect the WORK that saturn puts you under. Nobody saw us divorcing. we were solid, not solid enough.

Now that the storm is almost past, we have reconnected and are consdiering getting back together. Not sure if too much damage has been done to do this, but I completely agree. Saturn teaches. Anybody who thinks saturn is bad, doesn´t want to grow up and face reality. Reality is that relationships and life are WORK, but you get rewarded if you learn the lessons. If we do decide to get back together, then I know we will be solid, because we both have been through the ringer. Thanks, Saturn.... (oh and pluto transiting both our suns. phew.)

I wish we had waited until after both our saturn returns, but the fact that we have reconnected shows our determination and our capacity for compassion (neptune) - another important element of marriage.

I have faith now that marriage (the right marriage) will come when I´ve learned my lessons about life.
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Feb 21, 2020 - 00:22
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » ShriSaiganeshE-jyotish
yes - his chart was western whole sign. accurate sidereal whole house chart in synastry.

6/8 moons - lots of bickering. we were like a old couple. humor would help alleviate conflict, but when stress & life pressure arrived, there was little to no support to one another. unable to see each other´s perspective and meet needs. no empathy.

yes - sun/merc cap, we both are hardworking and enjoy intellectual conversations.

his sat-venus - yes, he was very affectionate. more so than I, but did not open about his needs. Just kept them to himself. difficult to know what he wanted, needed, or when he was disappointed.

he does see relationship as a duty. i think this is why he is considering reconciliation. partially feels guilty that i supported him to get him to school, then did not support me when i needed it.

although we do have conflict with unmet emotional needs, we both are very self-sufficient. Yes - we do have similar view of spirituality, but I am much more spiritual than he. He is much more focused on logic.

He has already changed a lot since we divorced - we both have. He is moving into sun dasha now, so I am cautious and unsure how his personality will evolve in the next few months - 1 year. I will use your advice and insight to help me decide what is right for me. thank you!
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Feb 20, 2020 - 00:01
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » ShriSaiganeshE-jyotish
Ex´s sidereal whole house chart.

Time is not confirmed. I know he was born 9:10-9:30. Moon & ascendant only shifts a few degrees.
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Feb 19, 2020 - 23:59
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » ShriSaiganeshE-jyotish
My ex and I are very good at supporting each other in career. We seem to be a very modern, ´power´ couple type with strong duel career and earning potential. Does this mean we aren´t destined to have a family together?

Sidereal, Whole house Synastry below.

Curious - Do you know much about d9 navamsa?
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Feb 18, 2020 - 20:58
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » ShriSaiganeshE-jyotish
ShriSaiganeshE-jyotish -- Thank you for the response.

A lot of what you wrote was quite accurate. Yes - biggest problem with last marriage was that I wanted fairness
& equal partnership working together. I felt like the subordinate or employee, then.

I´ve learned a lot now about ego and now see I could have done with a bit more patience and focus on myself. I do think we called it quits too early. We were going through a transition and I couldn´t take the stress. It was traumatic.

My ex is back in my life and wants to see if we can make it work, again. He graduates in May and wants to move in together. Is this a bad idea? Are we not compatible if we divorced once? Have we already learned lessons from each other and need to move on? (We are good at supporting each others goals.) Will I miss opportunity to meet the right man if I stay with my ex for now?

MARS 5th Scorpio / Dasa - Yes... a little tempermental... it was cute when I was younger, but now I need to find a way to calm down. Trying to divert my energy into work, so I am calmer in personal relationships.

VENUS 8th - yes, i danced my whole life, even in college. very artistic and very reserved.

JUP-RAHU PISCES 9th - Yes, rise and fall in life. I spent almost 10 years with ex helping him get into medical school. Everybody was jealous of me because i ´made it´ marrying a soon to be doctor, then we divorced before he graduated. I do feel that if I get married again, it will be very spiritual and focused on self-mastery, rather than traditional family. I am very jupitarian - always about growth (my saggy moon!) & Jup in midheaven.

SNODE VIRGO 3rd - yes, I do a lot of critical thinking and auditing in current job role. Yes, detachment from siblings. Never been very close to them.

Rahu to Taurus 11th-
My current job deals with a lot of ´hidden´ money (venus 8th). We work with large corporations with unaccounted money and allocating to different projects. Big industry and even bigger unaccounted dollars. Curious if that is how the gains from foreigners is developing in my life. Ideally, the gain is directly to me via relationship and not my work.

My mom used to say all the time that life is hard, and I never believed her.....
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Feb 18, 2020 - 16:34
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » Sus
Marriage is definitely not the answer to happiness! I now understand that, but companionship and mutual support and care are important to me.

The way society is set up, people usually find these in marriage. At least the communities I grew up in. I’ve seen a few of my uncles and my ex’s aunt who chose to not marry and devoted themselves to work and their nieces and nephews. Now everybody is all grown and moving away and on with their lives. I sometimes worry what they’ll do with themselves.

I supposed it’s selfish to think about marriage as a security for life long companionship and devotion, but I think most decisions in life come from a selfish place.

For now, I’ll continue to enjoy work, make new friends and take care of me, but I’d love find someone to commit to and focus my energy on.

To each his own - I’m glad you are enjoying single life. Yes, no socks on the floor is a nice change of pace ?
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Feb 18, 2020 - 05:16
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » fishscales
I appreciate you taking the time out to help me get my head on straight. I did, in fact, focus on myself and my daily routine.

I don´t know how to express how much your advice meant to me. I didn´t respond right away because your advice and desire to help touched me so deeply in my time of need and desperation, that I was so caught off guard.

I´m so grateful that you found my message and felt the need to respond. It really did change my outlook and helped me get to a better place.

Thank you.

Love always.
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Feb 18, 2020 - 05:12
Sun Sign - CapricornSamson117 » nikkia
I want to say ´thank you´ for your thoughtful and supportive response. I have been going through so much and was having a difficult time keeping my head on straight. I read your response and was so overwhelmed that I didn´t know what to say, but I thought about your advice everyday for the past few months.

Your advice was honestly the only solid advice I was given during such a difficult time. I focused on work and made sure I felt secure in my place at work, or at the very least, put myself in a position where I could pivot to another job. Now I feel ´safe´ enough in the world to care for myself and feel ´safe´ in the world.

I am not done healing yet, but I do feel a change in my energy and what I am attracting. I am no longer coming from a place of fear and need.

I am giving myself compassion & love for being imperfect, which I´ve never done before. I think divorce and having my life crumble around me was my wake-up call to be okay with who I am, not what I have. I am learning to embody love.

Thank you for being such a kind heart.

Love always.
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