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Jan 14, 2022 - 13:50
Synastry & Relationship: Aries Sun or Moon
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » LotusStar
I agree, Aries Sun, also could be moon quite direct, but the moust passion comes from Leo Sun + moon in water signs.
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Nov 29, 2021 - 21:50
Natal Astrology: Juno Conjunct Pluto
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Lunadominante
Yes, you have the same birth year. ;)
For our generation the biggest "problem" is pluto in scorpio and saturn in capricorn.
it´s hard, but powerfull. :61:
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Nov 29, 2021 - 11:35
Natal Astrology: The 22nd Degree
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » mygildednostalgia
I have mars in 22 degree Taurus (I am happy its not in aries or scorpio), but in 8th house.

I don´t wana kill somebody, I am peacemaker, but several times I "killed" myself through adictive sex life.
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Nov 29, 2021 - 11:26
Natal Astrology: Juno Conjunct Pluto
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Astro-Seek.com
I have it nattaly also.
I have Juno conjunct Pluto in Scorpio.
Even more I have juno+pluto+valentine.
Everything in my 2nd house.
1) I am possessed with someone I deaply love, I am like stalker.
2) I use to be manipulative sometimes, I am using money to control my love interest.
3) I have that pluto squere sun and opposite mars - sometimes I have a problems with people with authoritative behavior.
And yes, I am to passionate and a little bit addictive when it comes to sex (mars in 8th house opposite pluto).

But I am looking all the time for a very deep and loving relationship. I admired all my girlfriends I ever had a lot (sun, venus in leo). I used to put her in the "throne of the queen or princess"... :75:
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Nov 12, 2021 - 12:17
Synastry & Relationship: The "love stellium" in a composite?
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Astro-Seek.com
I have a "love stellium" sun, venus conjunction, opposite mercury composite and sun, venus, mercury conjunctions (stellium) davison chart with my love of my life until now, the girl I would like to marry one day, but things are getting complicated.
We also have valentine conjunct Jupiter (exact) conjunct asc composite and valentine conjunct mars dzvison. In synastry we have valentine conjunct jupiter DW and valentine conjunct venus, anti vertex conjunct venus, vertex conjunct NN, my vertex opposite her juno, her jupier conjunct my juno, her sun trine my venus and jupiter, her moon conjunct my jupiter and moon (wide), my moon trine her mars, her moon sextile my mars, my desc conjunct her venus (my 7th h.) and sun (wide). Her asc conjunct my sun (wide). My mars trine her neptune, her mars sextile my neptune.

What can I say... I was amazed of her beauty and loved her with all my heart. I have never felt so much of a sacrificial love for someone.
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Oct 27, 2021 - 01:57
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Astro-Seek.com
I understand you. I have harsh aspects with my best friend. But we are still friends. Sometimes angles, NN and vertex are great helpers. Also house owerlays. Compatible sigs, moon signs. For example, if you have moon trine moon, venus trine sun, saturn trine sun it´s nothing bad if you have sun squere or opposition moon.
That means, your ego is in conflict with others emoyions, but you adore that person, and you understand emoyions, so you have emphaty, so you can´t get angry. If you have saturn trine sun - you don´t like your friend ego expression because of bsd moon aspect, but you have respect of that ego because of good saturn aspect.
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Oct 7, 2021 - 11:43
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Ways_of_Leavin'
Yes. Sun in Leo is like a perfect type of ego expression and Cancer moon - the best way how the emotions could be of someone.
I Even have Mercury in virgo (dignity) and Saturn in Capricorn an Jupiter in Cancer (29° - last degree).
When I am in very good mental shape, good moon, many of my friends especially girls, have told me, I am like perfect man. Sometimes I have seen - when I am in the center of the attention, I am like "loved from everyone because I am the best". And I really belive (most of the time "I am the best"). I have leo venus, cancer jupiter, SN and leo sun in 10th house, moon conjunct MC in 9th house. When I really like some girl, I practically don´t have competitors, because of these aspects, I belive. I am brave, self-confident, proud, with great self esteem, but in the same time - very sensitive, compassionate (cancer moon), polite (ASC libra). When I lived abroud for 2 years, foreigners told me, I am the most intelligent and genteel person they have ever seen. :D But in the same time I have also back side - moon opposition saturn - I have problems to open myself personally to other, Sun squere pluto, mars in 8th house taurus squere sun - I had experienced many falls (sexually, with a girls) in my life. I have chiron conjunct MC - I had experienced many public humiliations in my life - like "falling from the stage". And in the end - I have SN conjunct venus - All my relationships was very beautiful, but with a big sorrow in the end (seperation because of something).

So there is a flip side of all good aspects.
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Sep 29, 2021 - 20:54
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Mallow
It´s not bad for relationship.

:159: :192: :152: could be challange. It´s difficult to see the truth for bouth.
:151: :191: :154: :191: :153: are best aspect you could have in composite!

10th house placements - you probably work together or will work.
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Sep 29, 2021 - 20:41
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » V for Victory
So first of all - his life more or less will be all about relationships. And he will strive for it, no matter what.
Everything ( in :175: becomes the best placements except :157: maybe :199: and :160:.
Because it´s like all the planets in 5th house or conjunction with Sun. It´s become powerful, but in the nice, confident and personal way. :27:

I do not promise that he will be materially rich in life. That does not mean he will be poor. But these things will not give him fulfillment (even if he is rich), but his whole life will be the pursuit of a relationship (which will not be easy). In the end he will probably have a very successful marriage. But the road to it could be difficult. But it is guaranteed he will get married. Everything that happens in the 7th house indicates this. It´s fantastic and difficult in the same time, because of the squeres to neptune.
it is important that he does not bevome addicted when there are relationship problems. It should be told throughout childhood (alcohol, drugs, etc. to know what the consequences are).

He will have some kinf of trauma in his domestic life (childhood), but it will be healed through marriage.
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Sep 29, 2021 - 20:33
Synastry & Relationship: Same Chart
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » kausch
I have this with my girlfriends sister. She was 3 days younger than me.
Even her moon was in conjunction with my sun.
Super nice to understand other, but it´s difficult for long term - we were to similar.
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Sep 29, 2021 - 20:22
Synastry & Relationship: Astrological Matches Rare?
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Gemini79
I always meet the opposite of myself in some way, but at the same time something very similar.

The best combinations I´ve ever had with someone I really liked (I was in love with her for real):

my :151: in :175: , her :151: in :171:
my :152: in :174: , her :152: in :174:
my :154: in :175: , her :154: in :171:
my :155: in :172: , her :155: in :182:
my :153: in :176: , her :153: in :182:
my :156: in :174: , her :156: in :178:
my :157: in :180: , her :157: in :182:

my :151: :193: her :154:
my :154: :193: her :151:
my :156: :193: her :151:
my :152: :193: her :155:
my :155: :198: her :152:
my :152: :193: her :156:
my :153: :198: her :152:
my DSC :191: her :154: (in 7th house)
her ASC :191: my :154:

And the most mystical and dream come true aspects:
her :155: :198: my :159:
my :155: :193: her :159:

my valentine :191: her :156:
her valentine :191: my :156: and :154:

my Juno :191: her :156:
her Juno :191: my anti-vertex (exact)

She was the first woman I really wanted to marry and the first woman I still love and love unconditionally.
My venus, jupiter, SN and moon are in her 12th house.

It´s not easy, because these all nice aspects (perfect :4:) are in comination with :157: :192: :152: and :157: :194: :154: and :154: :194: :152:,
:151: :194: :160: and :192: :155: :85:
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Sep 29, 2021 - 20:05
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Lisschick
You will get a lot out of him through just talking.
It depends on the house where it is located, such as his sun or SN. Probably his NN is in the 11th house, which means that your sun´s opposition to his sun is not a problem (it is, but it also should be like this for his development), because the task of his life is to become a more aquarian type of person. Or his SN may be there, so position of the sun (in aquarius) is actually very familiar, but he needs to look more at his lion (5th house) personality, who he realy is. In that case, you are his comfort zone, even in the case of opposition.
So, you see how everything changes because of the placements of the houses.

In every relationship we should look at :161: and :162:, and :157: aspects.
Because it will tell about long term or short.
:157: :191: :155: DW is interesting. Could be difficult, but could be a very good lesson.
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Sep 29, 2021 - 19:19
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Luna Alba
I also have :152: :192: :157:
Interesting explanation. I did not know that. I would not say that I always see women in this way. Possibly externally, in general, in a formal relationship. Maybe because I have a jupiter conjunct venus, so I also expect a lot from women. But, yes, I agree - I go to men for advice, I trust them more when dealing with knowledge. Although I have better relationships with women in a emotional lavel.

I agree it´s nasty aspect.
For me as a man:
If I can, I don´t like to show my vulnerable part at all. But if I do, then only for women I trust very much, but never ask for an advice, only emotional support.
But I never trust so much in man, never showing them my vulnerable part, but sometimes tell them everything in a storytelling way, without showing emotions.
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Sep 29, 2021 - 12:47
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Luna Alba
I have my own sun in Leo and Venus in Leo, but very close to cancer sign.
Yes, even with venus in leo person ir very sensitive, but maybe thats because I also have moon in cancer and jupiter in cancer conjunct venus in leo.

I think, his expression of love seems to bee sensitive. If you wannt to know his feelings what´s inside him, look at his Moon. It´s in Virgo, so he is very calculative in his mind and emotions.
The best you can get from him (if we could say that) is - his mercury is in cancer. So, he is very sensitive when talking one to one. Even mercury trine moon make it even better.
Only problem - saturn squere moon (which is in virgo) - he have problems to express himself, his emotions. Probably he will not talk about his problems, what he is woried about. And if he will, he will put in very structural frame. So, probably, it´s hard to understand what he is living inside.
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Sep 29, 2021 - 09:40
Natal Astrology: What makes a good mother?
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Cosmette
In my natal chart, I have:
:152:in :174:
I don´t know why so, but my dad is Cancer Sun, My mom - aries Sun.
:152: :192: :157:
:152: :191:MC
My mom was very careeristic. She worked very hard. She earn more than my father. In principle, she was the head of the family and my moral benchmark, because my father was an alcoholic.
My mom was very busy and i didn´t see her much at home from the age of 7.

:157: :191:IC
:157: in 4th house
When mom was at home, she was very strict. We had to be very disciplined. I didn´t have a mom who give me peace. Rather, it was the father. Mom was strict, demanding and very authoritative.

But she was also very loving (sometimes), smart, with high morale standarts and very fair.
So may be thats why I have Jupiter in 29 degrees Cancer conjunct Venus in Leo conjunct SN.

But in later years I had a lot of disputes with my mom. I even came to aggression. It was all because she did not admit their mistakes what she said, even if she was wrong (sometimes).

I have :151: :194: :155: and :151: :194: :160:

But all my childhood I remembered these nice days when I was 3 to 7 years when my mom was at home and she was very kind, loving and caring. But these days are in the past.
I have :152: :192: :159: and :152: :192: :199:

My father sometimes judged me publicly.
I have :164: :191:MC in 10th house Cancer.

My :152: is in 9th house (my mother was very smart, wise).
My :151:, :154:, :156:, :162: are in 10th house.
(I have publicly known parents)

my :153: is in 11th house, :155: in 8th house.
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Sep 28, 2021 - 18:54
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » takita
If he is clinnicaly depressed, he is other person without that depression curtain.
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Sep 28, 2021 - 12:34
Synastry & Relationship: Love Life
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » Gemini25
Yes, it´s a problem to find a partner. :61:
Mercury :191:ASC :192: :157: is difficult - you have problems how you present yourself?
But if you will find, everything will be better. You just need a time.
Venus in 12th house is not easy, but is tengable.
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Sep 28, 2021 - 12:30
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » takita
I understand why he chose you. Saturn on his ASC says it all.

Another thing - with your Neptune, you could really lift his saturnic personality to heaven at times or bring it down to h***.
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Sep 28, 2021 - 11:10
Synastry & Relationship: The most pink-glasses ever.
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » fishscales
I am thinking about planetery combinations in natals.

She have :157: :191: :155: :191: :153:, which, I think, is very hard combination.

I have :157: :193: :155: :193: :153: (Grand trine) in my natal.

So the energy, she have in concentrated way, actually very hard stellium, I have in Grand Trine, so free flowing energy between powerful planets.

She have stellium in :182: (water)
I have Grand trine in :180: :176: :172: (earth)

So, I see, her combination of :157: :155: :153: is sometimes even destructive, but I have no problem with mine Grand Trine.
It manifests itself in life as follows:
She has difficulty expressing herself in an understandable, easy way about serious things.
On the other hand, I can express everything in such a way that I do not offend anyone (sometimes). : D
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Sep 28, 2021 - 10:37
Sun Sign - LeoNortherneuropean » rohini moon
I have:
My :157: :192: her :152:
It´s binding, I feel responsibility about her, her emotions.
But in the same time, sometimes I am strict against her.
But as we have :152: :191: :152:, I can feel what shee feels and I have a lot of compassion towards her.
Her :157: :193: my :152: - thats better and probably helps to resolve my :157: :192: to her :152:.
I also have :157: :192: :152: in my natal.

What is difficult - her (and mine) :152: is in :174:
but my :157: is in :180:.
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