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Jun 23, 2021 - 16:35
Synastry & Relationship: Cancer Capricor crush
Sun Sign - Cancerjpb2021 » Jaided

my birthday is on 16/7 as for hers I don´t know so I guess its hard to get more technical.

Another thing I found recently was that she is not single, at least on her fb she says she is on a relationship since 2013. But the guy doesn´t have a single like on her photos (??) and I couldn´t saw a single expression of affection in there. On the other hand, on gram she shares a lot of pictures of herself on her bedroom where she has a single bed. This is so confusing...

I also wonder if the feeling of confirmation (assuming she saw that message) may cause her to get more relaxed as in "this guy is interested, I don´t have to do much, he will come at me"?

I would really like to be sure of this, specailly in regards to that message. A way of finding out would be to involve another person but from what I saw in the previous comments I don´t think that would be productive or benefitial as for Caps persistance and patience seems to be quite important so asking someone would kind of force things to her which I imaginge wouldn´t help.
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Jun 23, 2021 - 11:20
Synastry & Relationship: Cancer Capricor crush
Sun Sign - Cancerjpb2021 » Jaided
Hi Jaided

Thanks for the help.

One thing I forgot to ask is how do Cap woman handle age gaps? Because I suspect she is around 15y younger than me but she must have noticed right from the start tht I was older than her.

Also, I noticed that a few weeks ago, there was a visit to my Linkedin profile and the person checked in private mode but I was able to see that the person was from the same area of activity as she is which is very uncommon and totally unrelated with my area. I don´t know if it was her or someone on behalf of her but let´s say it was, would that have a relevnt meaning? was an assessment or something like that?

Regarding that experience you had with Cancer, did he had any jealous attacks by any chance?? I use to have that sort of thing while I was younger but with age seemed to fade. What you have to understand is that we don´t know what is going on on the other person´s mind neither we can control someone else´s mind. Some actions can actually trigger those attacks. An example would be something like: I notice that she was constantly likes on some guy posts on social media. That would def create some discomfort in me.
As for getting to violence, I don´t see myself getting violent to a woman unless I had to defend myself. But probably I would have finished the relationship before getting to that point.
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Jun 22, 2021 - 18:27
Synastry & Relationship: Cancer Capricor crush
Sun Sign - Cancerjpb2021 » jpb2021
Thanks all for your advices.

@Luna Alba

I´m totally not a mind games guy, in fact I´m not very good at making things up or lying.

The instagram happened because she has this Personal Trainer account where she puts a lot of stories about her activity (she also puts a lot about food) and some times some things about her. That was how I started to know more of her and consequentelly paying more attention.

A good example of what I mean when say "staring" would be she passing close by and looking straight to me for some moments. But sometimes can also be turnning herself back and then pretending she wasn´t looking.
She had a funny one once: I had finished my workout and was leaving, I passed through the door and she was outside on my right. When she noticed me she kind of shake with a shy giggle and looked straight down. That was touching.


I rather not. She would think she is a second choice. I was looking at someone else then. But I was mindful, I noticed she was looking and I didn´t look back because I had respect for her and didn´t want to send wrong signals.
The other is definitely more attractive but if I could choose now, I would pick the Cap.


I will try to show her real effort and persistance. Also no more messaging on gram, was the first and last. Not acting desperate and not involving other people.
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Jun 22, 2021 - 11:29
Synastry & Relationship: Cancer Capricor crush
Sun Sign - Cancerjpb2021 » fishscales
Hi Fishscales,

Thanks for the tips.

What is funny about this one is that I didn´t got attracted by her looks but rather by things she wrote about herself on Inst. And what really hits me is all the staring and specially for how long it was going on. I guess at some point I couldn´t resist any more :4: :79:

But instead of actually speking to her I did an akward move: I sent her a message on gram and she didn´t replied. I don´t know if she actually saw it / if she knows who I am on Inst / got by surprise, I don´t know.

Are there any "dont´s" I should be aware of by the way?

And it would be nice to see what a Cap woman has to say on this.
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