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Jul 29, 2022 - 09:12
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Graham
Thank you Graham!
Is the Moon in Taurus/8th house Earth Mother influencing the values of others also from the book? I´m curious. I find that really beautiful.
I had seen notes on focusing on the opposition but usually they seem to say to focus at the side with the sextiles (venus, jupiter, pluto) rather than the one with the trines which is the moon.
Regardless, there´s a big consensus to focus on the themes of the oppostion.
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Jul 29, 2022 - 09:09
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Plutoncita
no pasa nada :1:
Aah - lo entiendo! Gracias!
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Jun 17, 2022 - 14:06
Natal Astrology: Mother´s chart
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » MaryJos
Yes! I´m the youngest :)
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Jun 16, 2022 - 14:29
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Etherealmind

Please just believe whatever your friend tells you when she´s not well. It´s hard to be constantly sick, it´s hard to have people judge you for being lazy. Lazy can mean very different things in any case and it has so many cultural constructions tied into it - in a capitalist society where people are seen as having value by what they produce, it´s very easy that someone is seen as lazy if they are sick or unwell. Not producing is f i n e . Capitalism and the lack of support from community are the problem.

So -- Your friend has sun conjunct chiron & pluto first of all - wounds! darkness! Lilith is also placed in the same sign though a bit further away. Who she is is so close to these hard things! -- Then trining neptune, can make a veil, an imaginative and spiritual world that makes solving those wounds and health issues harder since they can be so deceiving...

If the moon is in cancer that can also make her incredibly sensitive emotionally...
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Jun 16, 2022 - 13:54
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » DrewsBlues
I have lilith in the 8th and Chiron also in the 12th
Scorpio in 2nd has a stellium.
I think I understand a lot of energetic / emotional stuff from people and intentions but not particularly around those themes. I do think I´m very sensitive and see big big patterns in things that have to do with power and control and the ability to express oneself or not which can also involve those energies...
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Jun 12, 2022 - 11:08
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » joanarita
But also re: sexual abuse can also be connected to intense scorpio energy
+ Hard childhood can also be seen in my chart with saturn on the 5H (feeling too old/ having too much seriousness around to play, enjoy, be a child)
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Jun 12, 2022 - 11:05
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » stayathomewife
Same as Soulstice, Neptune & Uranus conjunct in 4H in Capricorn (early 90s babies!)
For me that´s also forming a grand trine to the moon & chiron
For me it was a lot about constant disruption / fights / emotional abuse - sometimes physical abuse but not as common. I was sexually abuse but that was not by a family member (though I feel that no one noticing counts as family abuse, if that makes sense).
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May 30, 2022 - 09:26
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » diavolul
I think jayjayastrology hit the nail closer to the head on this one - I do feel like my work needs to have a healing/supporting/nourishing impact on others but if it´s too therapeutic then I´m loosing myself too much and almost get bored or feel used in the process.

The laughter part - some years ago I used to do clowning hehehe so that´s not so far off!
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May 30, 2022 - 09:25
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Rosincvist
I know Venus in Scorpio is in detriment, but it does like being in the second house.
And I read somewhere that if a planet is in detriment but the sign´s ruler (in this case pluto) is also present then it somewhat neutralizes the detriment, like it doesn´t necessarily like being in that place but the host is there, so Pluto is there showing Venus how its house looks like, "make yourself comfortable in my dark powertful transformative mysteries, here is where I keep my cutlery, this is how you turn the water on". Maybe? Does that resonate with others or is it something strange I read?
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May 30, 2022 - 09:21
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » JayJayAstrology
Wow :12: thank you for all of this!

It makes a lot of sense - also, the stuck in the mud in this trine has really been accentuated by me moving back to where I grew up, which I think touches & puts more weight on that bottom 4th house & possibly on moon / sn in taurus too. I feel that holding and not expressing much more strongly here.

I think the scattered comes from how you described taurus moon as wanting things easy & pleasant (which can also happen for conflict-avoidant / uncertain scales in libra) - things not being nice sometimes creates all these places where energy seems to run away to avoid embracing the messy. I end up not embracing the messy and without much energy.
/ Besides, the amount of creativity can also generate a dispersed sense because there are so many means of expression I appreciate (and am reasonably good at & feel good to me at different points) - performance, visual arts, writing... so it can be hard to deepen, but I also believe there is a sort of creative muscle that benefits being worked from different directions, just at my age that can look like I don´t know or do much on a professional level because there is not a single thing that is deeper (I don´t actually believe that is true, I think that´s part of systemic problems of not valuing interdisciplinar understandings which in art in particular feel very important)

And about Saturn - many people are wary of Saturn returns - I am actually looking forward to mine! Maybe a little scared of the actual thing but really looking towards the higher clarity :6:
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May 29, 2022 - 22:41
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » sullenxx
if it´s 8h + also in Cancer that is also some deep deep waters to navigate!
He could have a million other reasons to want to have children, make babies, be a dad, be with you :2: it´s not all about lilith! & also he will have his own lilith placement to deal with...
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May 29, 2022 - 22:15
Synastry & Relationship: Chiron Synastry
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Etherealmind
Right, the conjunction part makes sense and I´ve seen that too but in this case we´re talking about someone´s chiron opposing the other person´s chiron so it´s a little different. Even though there´s also a conjunction in there somewhere... & Lots of other things going on, but I´m really curious about this aspect in particular.
Here´s how it looks like -
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May 26, 2022 - 12:49
Natal Astrology: Health issues
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » nutelina
Yup - I totally agree and that´s also my experience of it! I´m in Europe too and have used Rife too to get better. She´s in the US so some of these things can be more complicated to access - but I´ve been telling her to come over for some healing holidays :6: :74:
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May 26, 2022 - 12:27
Natal Astrology: Health issues
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » nutelina
The chiron neptune trine makes some sense to me (I have that placement too actually & have had ongoing illusive strange health problems)
Isn´t 6th house always near dsc?
Ohhh also this makes me notice her neptune is also conjunct lilith which might add to it...
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May 26, 2022 - 12:23
Natal Astrology: Health issues
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » JayJayAstrology
That´s part of the issue is that the symptoms are all over the place - a lot of fatigue, also a lot of strange things to do with the head, temperature, the eyes, blood pressure
I know we can´t diagnose, I was just looking for insight/perspectives based on her chart...
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May 26, 2022 - 08:59
Natal Astrology: Saturn 5th house
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Astro-Seek.com
I´m very creative & artsy (very strong venus!) and I think Saturn there makes me get really stuck some times. Or feel like I don´t have the proper conditions to undertake whatever artistic project I want to, or that if my project is not taken seriously by others then it is not significant / I want my artistic part to also be my job path so there´s that connection there which of course is challenging. + Mine is in Piscis so more questions around imagination & belief & dreams too

Love life wise - Very late start at romantic relationships in all sorts of ways, very self protective, very serious about it.
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May 26, 2022 - 08:52
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Aren Levi
Ok, maybe some specific questions that have been coming up with around it -

The grand trine / several overlapping trines in -
chiron (12h) - moon & black moon lilith (8h) - neptune & uranus (4h)

Grand trines are supposed to be super harmonious features right, and make all this energy flow and bring all this ease. But what happens when the ease is between these energies that include woundedness, shadows, illusions? Is actually healing & maybe being in contact with reality actually more difficult then? or it´s just that all these things impact each other so much that a little work on one of the aspects will bring blessings to all three?
I´m not sure if that questions resonates or how it reaches you...

Second thing - about Libra rising (obvs in my case with a Libra sun but this is a question around the rising in general) - all the houses are more or less "the other way around" - how does that play out? Is there actually greater balance/ease because opposing energies are joining (taurus 8h for example) or is that more tension all over to be resolved? is there something about non-duality there, maybe? Any thoughts you have on the house system for libra rising...

I´ve also been feeling very stuck lately so if you see anything around that I appreciate it

Thank you!
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May 25, 2022 - 06:53
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Plutoncita
Hola - gracias :)
Si, mi padre estuve (& esta) ausente principalmente a un nivel emocional y de presencia fisica en mi vida (adicto al trabajo, padres divorciados) aunque participa de algunas maneras mas bien economicas; mi mama de alguna manera cumplio el rol de los dos pero al mismo tiempo tambien con bastante incertidumbre y irregularidad ya que tuve depressiones muy fuertes durante mi infancia... esto donde lo ves? o que te lleva a perguntar lo?
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May 23, 2022 - 17:00
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » stayathomewife
I have a square between Mars in Leo & Venus in Scorpio - it´s not tight at all! 7º so it´s usually not even drawn as an aspect automatically, but some might consider it...
Can be very physical / have lots of sexual energy but also have a hard time handling all that. + I was abused as a young child and read somewhere this aspect can also be some kind of abuse indicator though it does not automatically mean that and there are many other things to consider too (I have a scorpio stellium too..)

I have a good friend with a square between Mars in Gemini & Venus in Virgo 3º orb - He´s very flirty and has lots of sexual things going on but never very grounded relationships / which ultimately is also something that he´s not very happy about with a cancer sun & libra moon, he could probably use being "partnered".

Both me & this friend are also on the lgbtq+ spectrum and I also read somewhere this kind of relationship between venus & mars can have that going on, but again, there are so many factors!
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May 23, 2022 - 16:45
Natal Astrology: Fixed stars
Sun Sign - Librajoanarita » Jake51
I have a conjunction moon + algol 8th house which is very intense (&I´ve had a fair amount of emotional trauma); One of my best friends has a conjunction mercury + algol in the 7th house and she´s very balanced and has not had such a crazy life herself but does seem to always become close friends with people who have intense mental health / emotional breakdowns kinds of situations...

A lot of the fixed stars descriptions are incredibly intense and don´t have much depth/possibilities of multiple interpretations though which somehow make them a dead end for me... I think there are certain descriptions that are helpful symbolically if you are able to play with them and see how they do or do not resonat..
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