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Feb 5, 2022 - 13:27
Natal Astrology: Mansplaining
Sun Sign - Scorpiofranzschubert » Astro-Seek.com
I mansplain everything involving splainin´. I love to do it too, and take great pride in proselytizing my divinely inspired, manly lucidity to the woefully illusory estrogenic massses.
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Oct 11, 2021 - 18:47
Sun Sign - Scorpiofranzschubert » JayJayAstrology
The first sentence is not the meaning I meant to impart with my question, although concern with how I present/wanting to predict struggles are certainly relevant to my case.

With my question, I´m particularly trying to snuff out the features of my chart that I should be paying the most attention to, which is something I´d like to do towards the end of solving current problems I face/achieving growth generally.

What is the source of your skepticism pertaining to fixed stars? Have you done much research into the subject? I´m always curious as to why there is seemingly such a profound rift between modern and traditional interpretations.

I have a saturn/uranus yod directed at my moon. Would you put more stake into that than the virgo mars relation? I do have a passion for sensing others, however I will note that it is but one of the many defining characteristics I associate with myself, and that these characteristics often times disharmonious in their interplay with each-other.

I believe the Pisces rising assessment is accurate (hadn´t thought about Jupiter and Neptune in 10th much. Very interesting.). Again though, it does seem to be heavily muted by other traits that I´ve evolved with time (trying to avoid losing a sense of self in the process of *wanting to* help others). I feel like a lot of what I´ve evolved to shield myself from my own yearning to "help others" (which I put into air quotes since it´s hard to quantify what that means) is sort of unhealthy and overly-callous- though I don´t foresee that ever really changing.
So yeah, again, I do find it hard to make heads or tails of Pisces´s relation to the rest of my chart for these reasons.

Does Saturn in Aries suggest wanting to be of service+independence, or is the part about service a carryover from the previous observations? And yes, spot-on as far as the problematic nature of that inclination goes.

I feel as though the close relationships I´ve cultivated over the years are very equal, and I have in fact made it an explicit point to seek out friends I consider to be above my status/not particularly in need of my assistance. If anything, the inverse feeling has become more likely, whereby I feel as though I am not worthy of my circle of friends.

I have a weird relation to psychology. I am profoundly drawn to the study of Truth *particularly* through the "psychological" lens (I´ve thoroughly engrossed myself in Jungian literature in years past), and yet I fundamentally don´t see it as being a valid heuristic on account of human consciousnesses innately entropic/unquantifiable nature. I constantly find myself wondering why people do what they do, only to stop and remind myself that I can´t ever really understand that about them (nor myself). Hopefully that makes some sense.

I wasn´t really judged for how others felt as a child. I was abused/neglected by my mother, but there wasn´t ever really a pretense of my being the source of her negative feelings (she just had particularly pronounced vampiric impulses at the time). The wound you mention manifested all the same, and I agree entirely with your conclusion. If I am burdened by anything, it´s radical procrastination (you could call it a form of laziness) that stifles me from achieving growth, and which stems from (I think) a profound lack of self worth.

Thank you for your feedback!
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