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Aug 10, 2021 - 23:54
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » plumreme

You totally hit the nail on the head there. Only add my Cap rising giving off a intimidating and stoic outside impression, but my Pisces moon which apparently I comd off tk others either as a ´deer in the headlights´ or as a snob when it´s likely I´m just day dreaming away and haven´t even noticed someone, and my devotion to all things family related as a Cancer Sun, and I think I confuse people so much that they end up thinking one aspect of this is me putting on an act.
The reality is that all of it is me at the same time, and then with my Leo boldness in my communication and in how I show love has others pigeon holding me and loosing their cool when I don´t fit into that box entirely I think.
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Aug 10, 2021 - 23:37
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » AmberMoon
Hey thanks chick,

I have always been so passionate, strong, loyal and devoted in my relationships, and I never let anyone talk shit about my partner, or make them look foolish in any way when I´m out with them as a matter of pride.

It´s only the last relationship ending that has me even questioning my whole approach and if my boundries are well placed or not, and it just doesn´t sit well with me that there may of been an intentional energy working against me where relationships are concerned.... hence this post.

Thankyou for your contribution, I found it really helpful.
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Aug 8, 2021 - 02:03
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » JayJayAstrology
Hi Jay Jay.

Thankyou for breaking that down more specifically for me, it is much appreciated.

(P.s. the link posted below takes me to a 404 not found page)
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Aug 4, 2021 - 15:24
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » Emanuel
Ok, wow.

So I just watched the first vid and that makes so much more sense.

So when looking at Natal Chart Astrology placements over predictive/Horoscope astrology the whole house system would be more applicable but if I was wanting to find out about transits that would impacting me currently I would be best to use a quadrant house system because they are designed to incorporate time and the mechanics of the planets are they rotate in aspect to each other in their positions in space.

Which now makes more sense to me as to why different house systems are each considered to be just as creditable as each other, as it is about the context of what you are applying them for.

Thank-you so much for sharing this! :78: :36:

I will watch the other vids as well for sure!
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Aug 4, 2021 - 14:59
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » viv
I´ve only ever used the sidereal chart for predictive astrology calculations, such as where you are likely to meet the people who will play big roles in your life at using 7th house lord sign results; i.e. A Cap result would involve ay your work place, or a Taurus result could indicate it happening at places that serve food.

My moon sign switches between being in the 1st and 3rd House between the two systems and my Mercury and Venus jump between the 7th and 8th. My Mars switches from 9th to the 11th, and Jupiter goes from the 12th to the 1st.

The difference between my chart in Placidus and the Whole house systems changes up which part of my life almost every planets energy will play out in except for my Cancer Sun which stays put in the 7th.

So that results in a very different chart interpretation between the too.

But thankyou for your answer, I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on how my chart reads :78: :78: :78:
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Aug 4, 2021 - 14:38
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » Emanuel
While I can´t comment on if you do, or don´t, repel woman or not, I do understand that as a life path 9 with Cancer and Cap in your big three, you are likely to be somewhat confusing for chicks to pick up on if you you are romantically interested in them or not.

Being a life path 9, you are able to vibe with all the other numbers and match their energy, but with the cap-cancer contrast going, how you outwardly act towards someone when your are really interested in them isn´t likely to look that much different from the way you act towards any of the other chicks around at the time, and won´t stand out from the way you act around your chick friends either.

Without your interest in someone being obvious for them to read, it would make it a lot harder to maintain or amp up any initial attraction felt and so most woman would leave you to it and carry on....
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Aug 4, 2021 - 13:25
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » Emanuel
So many of my signs change between the Placidus and whole house system!

Can I ask why you would recommend the whole house system as being the better system to work with?

(I really struggle with the concept that such a multi-layered and highly detailed astrological calculation tool can be so complex and specific in producing answers, but at the same time, not have a conclusive starting answer as to which House system is the most ´true´ to use.)
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Aug 2, 2021 - 12:30
Synastry & Relationship: 7th house
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » Cind
Hi Cind, I really loved your response to this question.

I find 7th House placements to be really beneficial for those who I have relationships/friendships etc with, but not so much in my own romantic relationships.

I think it´s like trying to find a good place to eat out when your a fine-dining chef - the help you can provide for others is greater than the opportunities for happiness available to yourself if that makes sense?

I have a 7th House Stellium, with my Sun in Cancer, and Mercury and Venus in Leo, all in my 7th House. I´m the go-to person for all my friends when they need help and have great friendships and business relationships, but it is extremely rare to meet someone who I connect enough with to even consider taking it my further than friendship with.... if that makes sense?

It kind of feels like the more focus you have on this house, the fewer people there are who will match your energy.

I´m not really sure how to use my 7th house placements to my advantage romantically I guess - could you possibly bring any light to this?
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Aug 2, 2021 - 09:39
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » kosmic.kitten
Hi :1:

So it really is just a guessing game on the best fit then?

I think I find it trickier to discern what resonates the most as it´s my Moon, Mercury and Venus placements that make the switch between the two house systems and my Sun sign remains the same.

I´ve spent a while looking into it but I think that the Placidus system seems to be more logical - not because of how the placements resonate - but because the earth is a globe and not a disk. As Earth spins on a different kilter than the direction of tilt of the planets transiting, it seems to make more sense that the Houses should be drawn with that perspective - like how a road in the distance appears to get narrower.

I think the whole house system might be more inline the closer to the equator that your place of birth is maybe?
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Aug 2, 2021 - 09:11
Sun Sign - CancerC Protagonist » Petr9

I´ve also stopped using the whole sign system altogether because half the time it would calculate with no house in my ascendant sign instead of making it the first house.
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