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Sep 11, 2019 - 11:41
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - Leoahmin » ahmin
haha trying to make it easier to read too haha
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Sep 10, 2019 - 05:10
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - Leoahmin » Astro-Seek.com
Hi Peter

I really appreciate your effort for taking time to reply me and giving me many insights. Thank you :1:

- So between your natal placements and aspects, and your current long transits; you have about 6-7 similar "energies" acting upon your chart and life. It is expected to feel confused, unmotivated, directionless, and even "lazy", haha.

> haha no wonder I always feel so directionless, in work and in life. Do you know when the long transits will end? I´m hoping to be less confused soon. Cross fingers.

I do understand that I need to think deeply on what I want to achieve in life and only I can help myself on this. To share with you, I put on my thinking cap almost every time before I go to sleep. And I always think of different things. The more I think, the more I cant sleep. Sometimes I just gave up thinking, sometimes I watch shows so that my eyes will get tired and go to sleep. haha I think I am over thinking. haha

- You really want to understand mysticism and spirituality at a practical level, and not with this "Let´s all hold our hands and sing a mantra to become One" approach. That´s why I took my time to explain things to you. Meditation is a PRACTICAL approach for the restless mind; for a mind who is having difficulties to focus. So I can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to meditate, in order to find your true life path

> that´s pretty true. For example, I would research and read up more on astrology so that I can find "solutions" and have better knowledge of it. I should really start meditating now. Like I said earlier, my brain is thinking too much! haha

- This is a very strong indication for type of jobs where one can do in isolation, from home, or in a sort of "secluded" space - like the office of a therapist, life coach, a writer, etc. Places where one is not surrounded by a lot of people.

> I agree. I work better if I am doing the task myself or with a few more colleagues. Another thing I realised is, I´m also fine with working with lots of people but for short span of time. In other words, I´m fine if it´s short term relationship with lots of people or long term relationship with a few selected ones.

- Also, this is a very strong indication for foreign settlement; for having success when we move to work in a foreign land, and when we pursue higher learning in a foreign country. So I feel that you would do so much better in a foreign land.

> This is what I am thinking recently! I want to escape (sorry have to use this word because I´m really very stressed out recently) my home country and live in other country. I have participated in my school´s overseas exchange program when I was in my late teens and I really love it. Sadly my family disagrees for me to live overseas and I have hard time convincing them. Still trying very hard now.

- This is your transit chart. Actually, your current transits are great - even if hard at the same time - for long lasting transformations. As when the transiting Nodes are conjunct each other´s opposite. Because the "past skills" are helping you to get the new needed ones. Also, one can connect more easily to our past skills (our South Node)

> I believe that there will be rainbows after every rain, just a matter of how long the rain is.

I tend to think negatively (blaming my Scorpio moon) but my Leo sun will jump out and push me towards positivity. The fight between them is fierce (since I have sun square moon) so I hope this rain of mine will end soon. Something I need to work on internally.

Again, I really appreciate you in putting your time and effort. I have also watch through the video link. Looking forward to the business part you mentioned earlier. :1:
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