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Sep 11, 2019 - 21:34
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » ahmin
"I really appreciate your effort for taking time to reply me and giving me many insights. Thank you :1: "

You are most welcome; always my pleasure, :1:

".. haha no wonder I always feel so directionless, in work and in life. Do you know when the long transits will end?"

You want the truth and nothing but the truth? :-)) You better take a very loooooooooong breath, because transiting Neptune will be in your 6th up until the beginning of 2025. :41: And for the next 2-3 years you are going to have many aspects with transiting Neptune and the Nodes; Saturn will come into the scene in your 4th house, then Jupiter, then many transits from Uranus aspecting the Nodes, Neptune, etc. The next 3-5 years are going to be very intense for you in terms of the "pressure" that you will feel to change your whole life, including an incredibly strong urge (Jupiter transiting your 4th conjunct the NN and Uranus) to relocate.

The more you try to resist the need to totally change your life, the stronger the sensations that you feel are going to be, and the worse it would be for you. You have been given a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change your whole life; it is totally up to you whether you will take advantage of this, or succumb to lethargy, lack of motivation, and directionlessness - and to the opinions and wishes of your family.

" I´m hoping to be less confused soon. Cross fingers."

You will be as soon as you start understanding your possible career paths, and to the degree that you calm your restless mind down with meditation, yoga and any such methods to connect to your inner/higher Self.

"I do understand that I need to think deeply on what I want to achieve in life and only I can help myself on this. To share with you, I put on my thinking cap almost every time before I go to sleep. And I always think of different things. The more I think, the more I cant sleep. Sometimes I just gave up thinking, sometimes I watch shows so that my eyes will get tired and go to sleep. haha I think I am over thinking. haha"

Oh, but I know, haha! Mercury (thinking) in Virgo (worry to death and overthinking, haha- I am a Virgo Sun) in the 12th house (the subconscious mind!!!) Then add Mars (energy/passion) in the 12th. Then add to the combo, the Moon (feelings/emotions, the mind) conjunct Pluto (intensity) in Scorpio (the sign of deep passion and intensity, and of "digging deep"). Oh girl, you overthink more than me (Virgo Sun + a 12th house Pisces Moon), and that is a LOT to say! :-)). Turn that switch off, haha!

You need to start meditating as soon as possible, and participating in other spiritual methods of relaxing (Yoga, meditation retreats, Non-dualism, etc). When you do - and just in a matter of a few weeks - you will start to feel sooooo much better.

A great remedy for sleep:

1.Meditating done this way: lay down in bed and close your eyes. Put your attention of the pattern of your breath, the inhalation and exhalation, but don´t try to control or to vary your breath pattern; just let it be the way it normally is, and just "follow" it with your mind. If thoughts come, don´t fight them, don´t try to "push" them, but don´t get involved with them either. Just acknowledge the fact that they are there, and put your attention back on your breath. Little by little, day by day, it will become easier and easier for you to stay focused on your breath, and less and less random thoughts would come. Doing this process - for as little as 30 minutes - could make you feel very sleepy, or to even to fall asleep while doing it.

2. Take from 2,000 to 3,000 mg of "Non-flush Niacin" 30 minutes before sleep. It is sold as "Inositol Nicotinate" or as "Inositol Hexaniacinate". One of the best natural remedies for sleeplessness and to relax the mind. See link:


"... that´s pretty true. For example, I would research and read up more on astrology so that I can find ´solutions´ and have better knowledge of it. I should really start meditating now. Like I said earlier, my brain is thinking too much! haha"

Yeah; you have a "Virgo Mind", :-))) [your 3-planets Virgo stellium]. Try meditation for at least 2 weeks, and you´ll remember me, :-).

" I agree. I work better if I am doing the task myself or with a few more colleagues. Another thing I realised is, I´m also fine with working with lots of people but for short span of time. In other words, I´m fine if it´s short term relationship with lots of people or long term relationship with a few selected ones."

I totally understand, :-). That´s the 12th house Stellium with Venus (relationships of all kinds) and Mercury (communications) as part of it.

"This is what I am thinking recently! I want to escape (sorry have to use this word because I´m really very stressed out recently) my home country and live in other country."

Haha! "Escape" is a VERY suitable word for having Uranus in our 4th house. Frequently, people with Uranus in the 4th, always want to be moving around; Uranus represents a need for innovation and constant change. And the 4th is "Home" or "Residence".

"I have participated in my school´s overseas exchange program when I was in my late teens and I really love it. Sadly my family disagrees for me to live overseas and I have hard time convincing them. Still trying very hard now."

Just "escape" from them, haha! :-)) You would feel so much different overseas. And you can use your astrocartography map - and then the relocated charts - to find the city where you would prosper the most and feel the best at.

"I believe that there will be rainbows after every rain, just a matter of how long the rain is."

The rainbow can coexist with the rain, :-). And without rain, there is no life at all, :-)). You will do just find if you always follow your heart and your passions.

"I tend to think negatively (blaming my Scorpio moon) but my Leo sun will jump out and push me towards positivity."

Yes, the Moon is "debilitated" in the sign of Scorpio, and it is being conjunct Pluto - a very intense combination, but one great for research. And your optimistic Leo Sun is being helped by the "Greatest Benefic" - Jupiter. Individuals with Sun/Jupiter are well known for being extremely optimistic. I know as I am one of them also, :-)). Jupiter will always protect you, :-).

"The fight between them is fierce (since I have sun square moon) so I hope this rain of mine will end soon. Something I need to work on internally."

Don´t see it as a "fight"; your Scorpio Moon makes you a very intense individual, and more so with Pluto conjunct it. You are one of those "All or nothing" kind of individuals, haha. Learn to "blend" them (Sun + Moon); to get them to complement each other. That´s what I am doing myself - A 6th house Virgo Sun opposite a 12th house Pisces Moon. What a great combination, haha. A need for "proof" v/s trusting intuition; the very discriminating intellect v/s the one who operate on faith and hope; the one who separates v/s the one who wants to connect to the "Oneness" of it all; a walking contradiction of two different energies pulling in two different directions, haha. So I totally understand you, :-).

"Again, I really appreciate you in putting your time and effort."

Always my pleasure, :1:

" I have also watched through the video link. Looking forward to the business part you mentioned earlier. :1:"

I am glad you did; will start writing the career analysis in a little while.
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Sep 11, 2019 - 13:12
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » ahmin
Indeed; that´s the idea, :-)).

I have not forgotten about you, nor I will. I´ve been busy. But this afternoon/night, I´ll reply to your longer message, and will give you my insights on your possible career paths.
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Sep 10, 2019 - 13:07
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » ahmin
Finally I find someone with the "Mercury Virgo" tendency to divide messages in order to reply to each part!! :-)) Just like I do, :-)).

Some people (right Marvin? Haha) find that very annoying, and I am like, "What! What is wrong with these people! I just want to be polite, and to make sure that they feel acknowledged", haha.

I´ll reply more fully (Mercury Virgo style, haha) in the afternoon/night, and will include my career analysis.

And you are most welcome, :-)). :29:
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Sep 10, 2019 - 00:56
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » ahmin
And read this about the 10th Lord (ruler) in the 2nd house. Your 10th house of career is in Cancer (nurturing others) and its ruler (Moon) is in the 2nd house of money, value possessions.

Also watch this video from Kapiel. Watch up until 6:00, then jump to 7:10, where he talks about the Moon:

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Sep 10, 2019 - 00:46
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » ahmin
This is your transit chart. Actually, your current transits are great - even if hard at the same time - for long lasting transformations. As when the transiting Nodes are conjunct each other´s opposite. Because the "past skills" are helping you to get the new needed ones. Also, one can connect more easily to our past skills (our South Node)
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Sep 10, 2019 - 00:42
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » ahmin
Ok, I´ve already taken a look at both, your chart and your transits.

The best way to "pinpoint" possible career paths, is by doing an analysis of rulership, taking into account the "career houses": 2nd (money, possessions, what you value, etc), 6th (daily work, service),10th (career, what you want to be known for), and the 11th house (goals and purposes, earnings). The 3rd (your efforts, hobbies, talents) is also taken into account.

By "rulership analysis" is meant establishing what planet is the "ruler" (that "represents" it because it has the same "energies") of each of those houses, and in what house and sign is that planet in your birth chart.

For example (and I will be using the Whole Sign house system and not Placidus - see attached chart), your 3rd house is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is "ruled" (represented by) by Jupiter, and Jupiter is in your 11th house in the sign of Leo. So we say that the "Ruler of your 3rd house is in your 11th house". What this means is that the "energies" of your 3rd house is going into your 11th house. There is an "exchange" of "energies" between your 3rd and 11th house.

After a "rulership analysis", we also analyze the house placement (and sign) of your Nodes of the Moon, especially the North Node which is our "Soul Mission" (which isn´t necessarily the same as "career") this lifetime.

But remember, these are all just POSSIBLE scenarios. At the end it is YOU the one who needs to find out and decide on your own what it is that you feel passionate about. Careful with those who have a very "practical" and "materialistic" approach to "career analysis". ANYTHING can become a career and get you enough money if A) you are really passionate about it, and B) you work really hard at it. And by "anything" I mean just that, anything. And I am saying this not because I read it in a magazine of philosophy; I am saying it because I´ve seen it happening time and time again.

Before anything, please know that you have Neptune transiting your 6th house of work. The transits of Neptune are long (a few years) and grinding. As all planets, Neptune has its higher manifestations and its lower manifestations. It is transiting its own sign of Pisces as its "modern ruler"; so it feels quite strong.

Among its lower manifestations are: delusions, confusion, lethargy, lack of motivation to work on mundane kind of jobs (and face the mundane routines of life), indulging in escapist behaviors, day-dreaming, diminished physical energy, etc.

Among its higher manifestations are: seeking out spirituality, becoming more compassionate towards others, becoming more creative and artistic, wanting to understand life and its mysteries, moving towards Spiritual Enlightenment, not valuing so much the materialistic part of life, etc.

So Neptune transiting the 6th can manifest as a lack of motivation in our present day-to-day job, especially if such a job is not something one is really passionate about. It can also manifest as a sensation of "lack of direction" in life, especially regarding what it is that we really want to be doing to earn a living.

But positively speaking (and transits are just "potentials"; whether good or "bad" totally depend upon us), it can create an existential crisis that forces us to move out of boring unfulfilling jobs. It can help us to move towards spirituality and to start emphasizing more spiritual values, and not as much those materialistic ones. It can get us to "connect" with our creative side. It can make us more understanding and compassionate towards others.

Also, you have natal Chiron (which shows are basic "wounds") in the 11th house of "hopes, wishes, and goals" being opposite Saturn (restrictions, limitations, delays). This aspect is somewhat "generational" (many individuals born within an age bracket can have it), but analyzing it by house becomes "personal". So regardless of any transits, you have that "I am not sure what I should do in life" challenge, natally. And now with Neptune transiting your 6th house of work, it is manifesting more strongly.

But that is what astrology is for; to help you navigate through the sea of confusion that is life.

You have a "Stellium" (a group of 3 or more planets in a house) in your 12th house: Mars, Mercury and Venus (the last two conjunct each other). A Stellium is a "focus of attention", a "directed energy".

Mars is our passions, our drive. The 12th house - among other things - is about the "subconscious"; those things "buried" inside our minds. So here with Mars in the 12th we become confused about our drives and passions. Mars doesn´t know what to do here, until it has matured enough when we reach our 30s. He feels kind of "lost" and non-directional. Here he feels frustrated and restricted.

Careful with anger bursts (Mars) out of nowhere; with feeling very angry and frustrated without even knowing why. Also careful with romantic partners who can have a bad temper, especially those you meet in a foreign land, or who are from a foreign land - your 7th house (in Aries) ruler is Mars, and is in the 12th. Eventually, this can give you a spouse from a foreign land who "pushes" you towards spirituality; who motivates you a lot, and with whom you can experience great romantic passions; but you might face the former scenario if you still have not learned to control your Mars. So careful with that.

The North Node represents our "Soul Mission" this lifetime; our particular and individual path that we must follow in order to feel fulfilled and connected to our higher Self. And you have transiting Neptune trine your North Node and sextile your South Node. This can also create confusion (Neptune) regarding our path in life. Then the transiting North Node is opposite natal Neptune. Again, confusion regarding life direction.

So between your natal placements and aspects, and your current long transits; you have about 6-7 similar "energies" acting upon your chart and life. It is expected to feel confused, unmotivated, directionless, and even "lazy", haha.

But all is not lost, :-). As always, there is a solution to EVERYTHING in astrology - and in life for that matter.

Doing a "career analysis" in one solution, and another very important one - especially having Mars in the 12th, and the Moon (feelings/emotions) as the ruler of your Cancer 10th house of career - is to meditate daily each night before bed. Meditation is a technique to "calm down the mind" and to train it to be able to "focus" - something extremely important when we are under heavy Neptune transits.

Having the ruler (Mercury) of your Gemini 9th house (knowledge, wisdom) in your 12th (spirituality), makes you someone who is very "logical" about spirituality and mysticism. You really want to understand mysticism and spirituality at a practical level, and not with this "Let´s all hold our hands and sing a mantra to become One" approach. That´s why I took my time to explain things to you. Meditation is a PRACTICAL approach for the restless mind; for a mind who is having difficulties to focus. So I can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to meditate, in order to find your true life path.

Tomorrow - as this has already become too long - I will do the actual career analysis. I just wanted you to know that there is a solution.

But just as a short advance, the rulers of 5 of your houses (1st, 2nd as traditional ruler, 7th, 8th, and 9th) are all in your 12th. This is a very strong indication for type of jobs where one can do in isolation, from home, or in a sort of "secluded" space - like the office of a therapist, life coach, a writer, etc. Places where one is not surrounded by a lot of people.

Also, this is a very strong indication for foreign settlement; for having success when we move to work in a foreign land, and when we pursue higher learning in a foreign country. So I feel that you would do so much better in a foreign land.

With astrocartography maps and relocated charts, one can find the best countries and cities that have the specific "energies" one needs to become emphasized in our charts. As opposed to synastries - where there is almost no empirical evidence to support them - there is a LOT of empirical evidence supporting astrocartography and relocated charts; and dozens of success stories as well.

And as a final advance, there is a repeated theme in your chart for "doing business" as opposed to working for others. I´ll explain tomorrow.

Well, this is it for tonight; tomorrow I´ll write some more, and will do the career analysis. You would make a great writer, btw! :-)).

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Sep 9, 2019 - 21:55
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - Ariesram_goat » ahmin
read up on cancer midheaven and

capricorn north node. you have both.

that´s a funny needle to thread.

your job right now has aspects of both of those
things present in it but it
is not fulfilling you.

it´d be very easy to make the same mistake again,
choosing the next job, if you do it without some
self knowledge and deliberate purpose.

I would think about what sorts of cancerian occupations
appeal to the leo/cap aspects of your personality.

but careful not to fall into the gravity & orbit of
your cancer south node. that´s why I say it is a funny needle
to thread here. But you need to do some deep thinking about
the role you play in the job, not so much the work you do in the job, if you want a hint there it is.

It´s not an impossible placement, but it´s going to require you to
do some thinking that none of us here can do for you.

as you read & learn and put the pieces together for yourself, people
here can help you more, but the initial thinking about this must be your own. You must form your own ideas first, then people can help you.

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Sep 9, 2019 - 21:43
Natal Astrology: lost in career
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » ahmin

I´ll take a good look at your chart (and transits), and will get back to you on that in a while.
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