Understanding and healing Chiron

September 11, 2022 at 22:04 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) (Cami)
Understanding and healing Chiron
Hey there, Cami here :)

I have been actively working on my Chiron for a while now. I know it´s something that needs time and patience but I would like to read the experiences of others.

In my case, when my Chiron gets "activated" by some situation, I try to be aware of it and do some reflection but I realise that sometimes it can be quite irrational....

On the other hand, I´m also understanding how to use it as a tool and that´s great :)

How is your relationship with your Chiron, have you healed it, are you in the process? No matter its position, sign or house; I´d love to read your experience :)

Thanks in advance!

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September 23, 2022 at 11:06
(Capricorn) pluto°rising
I´m only a couple years into knowing anything about my Chiron and having my return this year has helped a great deal to decipher it. I´ve always been pretty good at helpful relationship advice but never been successful at maintaining relationships. Since the return, the need for traditional relationship energy is not as ... needy .... as it once was. I saw a bumper sticker some years ago that is relevant here: "You´re either a good example or a horrible warning". I´ve absolutely accepted fully being a horrible warning.
I´ve also embraced the beneficial tie from Chiron to Neptune in my 3H & Venus in 5H, responsible for the major themes of relationship energy in all forms of art I´ve ever created. Being in the sign of Aries I seem to have a lot of connection with or opportunities arise to help others in the beginning stages of their grief or healing as well as having an unconditional touch with matters involving youth or people younger than me.
7H issues have been a major thorn in my side all my life until I came to understand Chiron. Never healing is quite alright, I don´t fear this energy at all.
September 23, 2022 at 15:06
(Aries) GraceyT22

I am a degree specific astrologer and work with the Sabian Symbols with my work as well as the intuitive messages that come from my chart readings.

Your MC, aka highest point in your chart, is my Sun sign´s degree of 2° Aries, aka "A Comedian Entertaining A Group of Friends." With your IC being such a peacemaking, lighter side of life type of energy, your IC is going to be something that shows an undercurrent of seriousness, orderly fashioned business and sticking to a "known" group of people. The Libra 2° is represented by "The Light of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh" aka a new human race or way of life being revealed. You get to choose your pathway and destiny this time free of revolving your life around a relationship.

To have a placement at 2° is also known as a power degree since the 2° is a Taurean number! You are not only here to show others a positive outlook on the human experience. You must remember you are a cosmic eternal soul in a human body. Your "flaws" may seem insurmountable at times but remembering your divine nature is part of this Chiron placement. You have a Libra IC & Chiron conjunct, with Chiron only slightly ahead of your IC line. With both of these, your degree can easily round UP to the 3° of both Aries and Libra.

Aries 3°: "A Cameo Shows The Profile Of A Man That Suggests The Outline Of His Country"

Libra 3°: "The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed"

Both of these symbols and representations are in line with the degree of 3 being Gemini´s degree, showing a staunch need of communication and involvement of information coming to light. You have a choice this lifetime of building something positive and incredible for yourself or sticking with a relationship that will only weigh you down. This relationship could be with family, friends, a significant other, etc. but making sure you aren´t ´trapped´ by your situation or by your false imprisonment when you can get up and walk away from these relationships or situations is key.

Your North Node at 27° Libra also shows me that you are meant to create your own definition of family & home this lifetime fitting around YOUR views and YOUR taste and YOUR style and YOUR choosing. You can be in a partnership once you identify your own self´s needs and wishes. You must define yourself first and the relationship of your dreams will follow. Chiron in Libra is also making peace with your beauty, your surroundings and your relationship with the rest of the world. How you choose to see the world can truly make a difference in your healing process.

I have an intercepted Gemini Chiron so if there is anything I can tell you about Chiron? Treat it like your inner child. Speak nicely to your Chiron wounds and remind yourself you are healing and growing at your own pace. Best of luck!!!
September 25, 2022 at 09:20
(Libra) (Cami) » pluto°rising

Hahahaha "You´re either a good example or a horrible warning", I loved it, you made me laugh !

Can I ask more questions about your Chiron? When you say you always gave good advices, from where came the knowledge? How you could give good advices? (this is a personal question, because even my Chiron is not in the 7th house, my experiences with couples were "bad" -from a social point of view- but I always saw and still do very clear how couples work haha it sounds weird and I don´t know how it works, but it does...).

I am also curious how you feel your Chiron square to your Sun and Moon?

Thank you for sharing your experience!
September 25, 2022 at 09:23
(Libra) (Cami) » GraceyT22
Hi, Gracey!

Thank you for analysing my chart. I´m sorry that you used your time doing it because I am not a "true Libra" (I am exploring the theory applied to the South Hemisphere so I am Aries).

Anyway, taking advantage of the fact that you have written here and going back to my question in the thread, would you like to share your experience with your Chiron?

I already know about mine but I´m interested to know how other people lives it.

Thank you!
September 25, 2022 at 13:54
(Capricorn) pluto°rising » (Cami)
The knowledge feels innate but only from a distance. From the outside looking in I could sew two people together with my eyes closed. But inside the workings of a relationship Im blind as a bat even with my eyes wide open. Aries Chiron is a wound to self-worth and its true, Ive spent a lifetime feeling as if Im not worthy and it´s been at the core of every failed one-to-one Ive ever had.

Now that Ive observed this phenomenon it behaves differently so I´ll be having better days regarding it´s energy. I am my own advice, I need only accept it to be the truth. If I can see it, I can be it..eh?

Chiron is the strangest part of the chart, the opportunity to be a super hero for others but when it comes to your own affairs, standing on your cape.

Edit to say the :152: :194: :164: has made me feel like a bull in a china shop when it comes to nurturing. Ive been called "brusque" and "prickly". When unconscious to it, absolutely true.
September 26, 2022 at 10:01
(Capricorn) Aeolos
I´m a professional astrologer.
I want to talk about the healing function of Chiron Star.
I have a friend, is :164:I :172:
I am :164: :171:
We usually act as a control group.
The healing of :164: :171:solves problems bluntly in the brain, rationally, logically, and bluntly.
The healing of :164: :172:is in the body.
At the same time, I must emphasize.
Repeat affirmation.
Because healing itself is a scarce ability, not all :164: :171:will show an excellent brain, and all :164: :172:will show control over the body. :

For instance.
I usually use acupoints in traditional Chinese medicine.
At present, the human body has confirmed that there are 720 acupoints, and the functions of many acupoints are similar. in order to get good results, we must find suitable acupoints.
I find that when I encounter unknown diseases, I can easily find acupoints to solve the symptoms, and often prove that my method is correct.
My friend can´t do this, but he has his own golden finger, and he can touch the acupoint and give him a moderate massage to make the patient recover.
:164: :172:has a delicate sense of touch. He can feel the sickness of this acupoint. I can´t.

:164: :171:I found it.
:164: :172:I did it.
September 28, 2022 at 07:08
(Libra) (Cami) » pluto°rising
I´m totally agree with... How important is to listen to our own advices! And also, to be able to see how it works or affects us...

I wish you the best on this journey of Chiron!! :) Thank you very much for explaining all this!
September 28, 2022 at 07:18
(Libra) (Cami) » Aeolos
Hi! Thank you for sharing this! I found it very interesting and useful!! :)
I wonder what is your point of view with the other signs (how they heal)...
October 2, 2022 at 15:06
(Aries) GraceyT22 » (Cami)
Hi Cami!

Never a waste of time if my words can help someone else with that placement!

My Gemini Chiron in the 12th House is intercepted. I grew up with a speech impediment and I worked so hard at getting rid of it I went on to make history in my city being the first female sports radio host ever. Every time that I speak I am proving my bullies wrong that used to mock the way I talked as a child. Now I get to help use my words, intellect, everyday life experience and voice to help others heal through their own magic. It wasn´t an easy journey and it is far from over yet I absolutely have learned so much from my Chiron placement.
October 2, 2022 at 22:55
(Libra) (Cami) » GraceyT22
Hi Gracey! Thank you for your words and for sharing your story.

I am really interested in what you explain. First than all, congratulations for that!

Now that you could understand it, heal it and "do something" with it... Why do you say "it is far from over yet"? How do you feel your Chiron at this present, if you could work on it?

Thank you in advance :)
October 19, 2022 at 19:58
(Gemini) mcxo
Hi Cami

My personal experience with Chiron, I had what felt like constant open wounds from early child and into early adulthood. A cyclical notification of these wounds would be presented to me in some way, becoming more profound the more I ignored it [as I did not understand what was happening].

It took about 10 years in total to understand what was happening, get closure and to heal.

When I looked back, over those 10 years I lived in 2 different cities at the opposite ends of the world [England, China], when looking into Astrocartography recently I noticed 2 significant lines running directly through those 2 cities ... in both instances it is Chiron.

I am now living south west of my Chiron line, and it still has impact but this year especially there has been a significant increase in the number of people appearing in my life that have some kind of trauma.
There appears to be some pattern with these people, as they all aspect my south node or Chiron in some way.

So that is my experience, initially Chiron pushed me to heal my self and to now being some sort of magnet for others who require healing.
October 19, 2022 at 22:10
(Libra) (Cami) » mcxo
Hi, Michael. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am curious to know, if you want to share it: how did these wound manifest? For example, mine were/are mainly related with communication. But in your case (12th H) I imagine that they were a bit "abstract"?

Ohhh I have to learn about Astrocartography... I don´t understand how it work that "graphic" yet. Did you find it useful or logic? (this is not about Chiron but I am curious to know too 😅).

You said in your answer that you healed. How is the life after that? It doesn´t hurt anymore or if it appears again it is a less painful situation?

Thank you in advance 😊
October 20, 2022 at 05:42
(Gemini) mcxo » (Cami)
Hey Cami,

It always manifest as recurring thought or nightmare, it was the same message being replayed and as I would find out they simply wanted an ending, closure.
The `feeling` of these thoughts racing is just that, constant racing around trying to capture my attention, when I learned to stop and acknowledge them it became `easier` to deal with.

It is almost as if the more I ignored them the louder they became, so in some respect I feel I had to deal with them.

These thoughts and memories almost always related to conversations or events in which I had some emotional response, so it was a case of confronting each and purposefully finding a solution so that I could close off.

I´d say a lot of those `things` where quite hidden, on the surface I would not have expected to see a problem but at the point in my life, the outer world was very much reflective of the inner.

I tend to use tools in retrospect, I found astrocartopgraphy and then the reference to things that have happened, I would like to try moving further away from Chiron possibly toward Jupiter [supposed to be the best place to live].
I look at is some thing that needs to be observed and experienced first hand, some lots of travelling required to test it out :4:
But I do believe different places hold different energies and have felt more `at home` in some countries than others.

I can honestly say that those memories, thoughts, conversations and events have no effect on me now, I can talk about them without any of the feeling drawing me back. There is no pain associated with them now.

My current experiences with Chiron I had to realise that the problems being presented are not my own, I had something of a similar experience with the thoughts racing that mindfulness and meditation could not quench.
Waking up early in the morning to be confronted with somebody elses´ problems.
I very recently found out that one particular problem is due to some person involved having been dishonest to me and not given me a factual account of what happened.
So in a way this was an abstract way of showing me some thing was not quite right.
October 20, 2022 at 22:29
(Libra) (Cami) » mcxo
Hi Michael,

Thank you for bringing your experience to the thread I liked to read it! An it´s cool to know how Chiron on the 12th H have manifested for you in your life. Another way to learn about it... Thank you :)
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