September 27, 2020 at 11:13 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) ram_goat
A few months ago I noticed petr added astrocartography to the site. I knew nothing about astrocartography but it intrigued me, so I bought this book, written by the guy that supposedly invented it. I am no expert on the subject, I merely pass on some information in the book to help others understand the features on the site..

Some Vocabulary:

Paran Lines: The crossing of one planet´s MC or IC line with another planet´s rising (ASC) or setting line (DSC). The latitude at which this happens is considered to be influenced by both planets. This is the same as a "paranatellonta" or "paran".

A quote from the book:

"They are somewhat like squares in their action, and have been found to be about one-third the strength of the (ASC or DSC) lines themselves. Though most ACG interpretation emphasizes the lines more than the crossings, the latter are particularly important in those areas where one is not within "orb" of regular lines. An orb of about 4 to 7 degrees on either side (east or west) of an MC/IC or rise-set line, and about 1 to 2 degrees on either side (north or south) of a crossing are suggested based on experience, as well as feedback from AstroCartoGraphy users.

Finally, just as we can "stack up" chart upon chart upon chart, so it is possible to consider questions of astrological geography from a variety of possible viewpoints, such as transits and progressions. Even within a horoscope, this can quickly become unwieldy, requiring a good knowledge of astrology and great care to interpret properly, When using a map, all the more care must be used, For this reason, the best method of going beyond the natal map to look at current indications is to combine progressions of the inner planets with transits of the outer planets, since the two sets of planets will move along at roughly the same speed."


As much as I´de like to simply copy the entire book and paste it in here, there are some obvious problems with that. Instead of a mass cut & paste, I´ll try to paraphrase ideas from the book sufficiently to keep any lawyers from knocking on petr´s door.


The significance of some location falling to the east of a line vs west of a line:

Ascendant Lines:

West of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 1st house more
Since the first house is the house of self, you will relate very personally with the energies west of the line, they will affect your personality more.

East of line: The effects of that line will reflect the 12th house more The effect of the planet will act upon you more psychologically, in ways that are less visible to you but may be visible to others around you.

Descendant Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 7th house. You will project the energy of the planet externally, and it will manifest itself in the people around relationships around you. These people will be your teachers, and you will not be able to see the lessons or qualities they possess in yourself, but only through others.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by your 6th house. The energy of the planet will show itself in the form of external problems or challenges in your environment, which you must learn from.

Imum Coeli Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 4th house. The planet´s influence will manifest externally, but in a manner that challenges your identity or ancestral, family, or internal values.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 3rd house. The influence of the planet will sensitize you to your environment and force you to behave externally in a way that conforms with the place, as influenced by the energy of the planet in question.

Midheaven Lines:

West of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 10th house. The influence will be outer oriented, as MC rules your social standing and reptuation, as well as career in society. Situations that cause growth and development in a very public and visible manner will occur.

East of the line: The effects of the line will be influenced by the 9th house. The influence of the planet will reflect the beliefs and values of the society in which the location lies. Things will be experienced on an internal private level, but will involve larger issues belonging to the culture or society of the place.

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November 4, 2020 at 21:07
(Aries) Wolfmoon » Fool
Thank you for this :15:

All this year I´ve been trying to get my life back. I´ve been seeing a Shaman who said I would settle by a mountain as they´re sacred. I grew up on the side of a mountain so I though I´d be going home. He said I wouldn´t return for a long time and thats not the mountain.

Checking the calcs, if my interpretation is correct my moon is conjunct DC that runs directly through one of NZs most sacred mountains. It also helps explain my draw to the other side of the country.

I was born and raised in the equivalent of California in NZ. Golden beaches, pacific ocean, amazing weather but ive always had a draw to the otherside. Iron sand, wild Tasman sea, windy as all get out and a heartier breed of person. Helps put everything in perspective :15:
November 4, 2020 at 22:59
(Aquarius) Fool » Wolfmoon
I am going to surprise myself and say it was (very nearly) a pleasure. I recall not being able to afford books (and the library was good but the books I wanted were always out, sort of thing) or have access to the info I required. A vexation to be sure. Hooray for the internet!

Like to talk about it some more, but in the meantime here´s a screenshot of my lines close to you (MC lines) :1:
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November 4, 2020 at 23:29
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Moderation is the keyword here, and status and success are major concerns. Surroundings tend to be bourgeois, ambitious rather middle class, and life takes on a practical, honest, hardworking, purposeful and balanced nature. You are forced to work for what you get, and yet make headway over time, as savings accrue in steady and predictable fashion. You tend to underestimate possibility for change, as life does get into a rut here, but any unexpected change is rare. You experience hard work for low pay, perhaps in civil service, but you get to the top, and the gold watch opens to a retirement of justified enjoyment of the fruits of your hard work. Time is on your side here, as you respond to opportunities with diligence and foresight, and while you don´t get away with anything, neither are you apt to lose what you gain. Stability, careful organization, orthodoxy, sobriety and narrow-minded materialism manifest here, and life is for the most part concerned with your office, but the more you reach for the bourgeois success, the more you fear that you might have missed something.
November 4, 2020 at 23:42
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Intellectually, and perhaps in other ways, this is the most exciting place for you top be, your extraordinary good luck zone. This is where wishing makes it so, and you are blessed with unusual good fortune. You become independent, learn to think for yourself, and pursue various off-beat types of knowledge, learning the individual relationship of yourself to the universe. You are rescued from difficult circumstances, handle more money that is your custom, and learn to think on a broad scale, seeing each part in relation to the whole. Daring ideas work, genius manifests, and you seem a scoffer among the godly, inventing your own idea of universal purpose. Reform can be successfully undertaken here, and you pattern yourself after your ideals, aided by the unusual good luck that manifests from time to time. Mind becomes very active, and attitudes are liberal, though it is hard to unite socially with others as you see every person as ruler of her/his life, and individualism as the highest good.
November 4, 2020 at 23:58
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Here is where ideals and social realities mix best, and you find yourself a guru, or in the role of a social reformer or religious figure. Monastic or commercial life, mysticism, philosophy, religion, intuition, psychism and humanism may dominate here, and lack of commitment to material concerns permits great concentration in spiritual areas. You tend to become non-violent, generous, kind, and attract pets and humble people, though you can be easily deceived, and your ideals are somewhat unrealistic, so money matters have to take care of themselves. This is where prayer, meditation and contemplation are rewarded, where life´s cruel facts can be ignored, though there is some danger of becoming a "gourmet of consciousness," getting involved in too many extreme movements and passing fads. You are able to hold high position only if it is service to some ideal, and ego is overcome in favor of absolutes. Bread cast upon the waters returns in this locale, and you deal with sociological, historical, or economic conditions that are universal in scope. Morality and concern with what the neighbors think loosen in the face of what seems a higher truth.
November 5, 2020 at 00:12
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Publishing, advertising, money business and inheritance are the areas of life that go well under these planets, and to some few people, actual miracles may happen at these places. Circumstances are frequently upset violently, but through such change, you usually advance your position. You can become famous overnight, find, win or inherit wealth, and seem to be protected by guardian angels in time of trial. Still, you become a rule unto yourself, create your own code of ethics, and find yourself a lonely individualist, Outside the pale of conventional society. You would be a charismatic teacher, priest, or politician, and have the power to stir up feelings for ideas in others, tapping mythologies and deep human passions, and it is here that miraculous conversions may occur in yourself, or be occasioned in others by your presence. Faith healing may work here, as may any sort of prayer or magic, and your ideas and mere presence have real effects on others´ lives. The old is destroyed and new born: the fields are revitalized and made fertile by burning.
November 5, 2020 at 05:17
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Here is where conflicts between habits and principles are experienced, and where timing saves the day against the consequences of a defiant attitude and extreme individualism. It is not a place for those who seek trivial pleasures from life, as here, you get involved personally in social struggle, labor movements, revolts, future shock and cultural interface. Advance is accomplished through some difficulty, and you try to get by foul means what you could not by fair. The mind is inflexible, there is inability to share, and antisentimentalism leads to a virtuous self-image that is willing to cut off its nose to spite its face. The best from future and past can be blended into career or other life patterns, though there is danger of being inhibited by accomplishments when the time to change comes.You are apt to be conscious of great social cycles, yet misunderstood and even ostracized in your time, and your very existence poses a threat to the Establishment, that must change either you or itself. Constant dissatisfaction erratic health, inconstancy, love of drastic action that makes you open to injury, are all dangers of this location.
November 5, 2020 at 16:14
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Another place to avoid, as here, ghosts from the past must be lived with, and darkest secrets eventually out into public scrutiny. Pessimistic introversion, loneliness and solitude are the moods here, and while probably congenial for hermits, monks or misanthropes, this area seems negative for almost anyone who wants to live an active or productive life. Reality and imagination are confused by intense paranoia, terrific illusions, persecution feelings and wild visions of the apocalypse. Career progress is slow, and made through subterfuge, which inevitably outs, and fatigue, poor health, often due to allergies or ailments of age, disgrace, addiction, imprisonment, ascenticism, present a constantly dreary picture. Rigorous spiritual discipline can be mastered, there is some possibility of advance in the spiritual hierarchies, as well as release from bondage. Here is where you can get into yourself, perhaps study music or complex theology, and concretize spiritual ideas, but few will enjoy residence in this astrological climate.
November 5, 2020 at 16:30
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Another somewhat lugubrious locale, experience under these planets will tend to be serious, responsible, and concerned with death, duty and responsibility. You express unusual, unquestioning respect for authority, for what has been done, and may find some tradition or body of knowledge that is of great significance to your work, or succeed in research after a long toil. Individualism, dignity, quiet resistance to injustice and change of patterns of self-definition are the positive side of this combination, while the negative side contains possibility of death, mourning, unwanted burdens, suspension of growth, mortification, solit5ude and recognition of powerlessness in the face of tyrannical forces of fate. This is where you weigh your own soul, make decisions for the rest of your life, and where the past closes behind you firmly and for good. Dependents and the elderly may pass away in this locale, and you are humbled by your own weakness and mortality. Discipline and compulsion are in conflict, and, if either planet is on the Descendant there is grave danger.
November 5, 2020 at 16:42
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Here is where you are able to find yourself through letting go, through meditation, and through opening yourself to universal forces and ideas. There will be some necessary dependence on others as proof of universalization of your identity, and communal situations are congenial here. Intuition, and instinctive understanding of the arcane improve, and illumination can occur, but you should rely on your own inner voice, and avoid psychics and others´ answers to your questions. Earlier value systems are scrapped, a distinct Utopian consciousness evolves, but practical matters may be ignored. True creative genius or enlightenment can manifest under these planets, especially after a sense of futility and loss have been plumbed, and you become the vehicle for social or cosmic forces. You see yourself in your place in the grand scheme of things.
November 5, 2020 at 16:58
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Here a blast of illumination or total conversion can wipe out preconceptions of self and relationship, and both you and your society are transformed by the eruptions and rebellion from within. Amazing change and total self unfoldment are accomplished through personal efforts, and this place sees the birth of an outlaw through the final severance from the illusions and comforts of social living, and recognition of the absolute law of self. Here events befall you, often violent in nature, that bring the true self out of the matrix of attitudes and social involvements, and you see the only way to change the world is to change yourself into the fullest expression of individuality. You are a one person movement, and restlessness, need for change and a love of the spectacular and drastic insure that there are few dull moments under these planets. Events that befall you here mark you for life, partnerships are dissolved , and alone, you face what seems a cruel world. You have to cut the social umbilicus, so that you, like the hippies, transform society by merely being outside of it. There is some danger here also.
November 5, 2020 at 17:11
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool

Under these two most mysterious planets, the ideals and illusions of life are burned away, and much of the phoney order of the mind is upset, with resultant higher, though frightening and alienating, vision. Here you feel, quite rightly, that you have been through the worst, and what survives this stormy climate can be counted on to be real. You are able to recognize that there is more than one level of consciousness, a stupendous realization, and that the subjective can control the objective. After a period of purging you feel that there is nothing left to believe in, then come to find inner strength and power to see the larger view. You may feel ennui, boredom, that everything is hollow, so that the inner voice demands attention where exterior realities are dimmed. Drugs or meditation can evoke transformation in the life, but there is danger of not being able to stand the strain, as well as obvious inability to take care of practicalities. The unconscious, spirits, demons and visions intrude insistently into daily life until the idea of sanity itself is transcended.
November 5, 2020 at 18:07
(Aquarius) Fool » Sunnyshadow
"I also have mars MC line right over my location. All that is true as well. It is a difficult line to live under according to what I´ve read. Energy is focused on career and physical exertion.

Another line of longitude that intersects my location is Sun\Chiron and reading it seems very similar to what I´ve experienced.

Funny thing. I traveled to the west coast in 2016 and had a fabulous time seeing and experiencing all the new places. One line that I spent some time under, turns out, was one of my NN lines. Interesting.

But the real kicker was, on my way back home, as I was traveling across Texas, I rode through a town that just really felt right. I mean something jumped up and grabbed me about this place. It stuck in my memory. Something about it just felt so right.

Well, turns out, it right between two paran lines Moon sextile MC and Jupiter sextile MC. Really felt good.

The NN line felt good too."

Wow, dude - sounds as if you are living under a psychological volcano. Not sure I can imagine myself living under a Mars line - it sounds bloody exhausting, actually (but then, I am an old geezer). Sun*Chiron kinda sounds ominous and at the same time revelatory, insights, etc.
What struck me is that it sounds as if you were driving through the energy of a sextile (across Texas); Moon and Jupiter giving the flavor - delicious. Can you say a bit more about the NN energy - can you describe it?
It is interesting about Brazil - had the same kind of pull for France (Jupiter ic); has anyone else felt a pull to another location?
November 5, 2020 at 20:15
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Fool
Yes, I believe you are right. It is exhausting. It feels like living on a battlefield. I´m sure it has given me extra energy to get things done. Getting kind of tired of it though. Constant striving. Maybe it could be a good thing since my mars is in cancer, who knows.

I see how the lines are related to the birth chart, where the planets are at the time of birth. And since my Mars is directly on my MC, and I still live in the same location, I´m still on that Mars line.

It does seem when I travel away from the lineI get some relief from it, I surely wouldn´t mind moving, I think of it often.

The NN line, I can´t remember exactly how I felt, but it seemed just peaceful. At ease with myself. It was the best trip of my life on so many levels. I didn´t stay in one place very long.

Something did seem spiritual about it. It by far surpassed any expectation I had. I also have NN and Saturn in 12th, which is a indicator of relocation to foreign lands in Vedic astrology
November 5, 2020 at 21:10
(Aquarius) Fool » Sunnyshadow
According to the information we have Jupiter on the IC is the best place to put down roots. However, with your Mars position I don´t quite see how that would work for you; you´d be living under a Mars opposition - the Martian restlessness may still be in the back of your mind, even if you are having each toe sucked by sex-robots (top of the line) whilst puffing away on a fatty boombatty - would you still respond to Mars? That´s a tricky one, dude. Someone with some actual astro skills will have to work on that.
Maybe I can suggest somewhere Neptunian (at quick glance) you have three trines to your Neptune and only one square. I´m thinking mellow. Your Moon has a big fat trine from Jupiter so on either of those lines - I guess your map is your oyster.

EDIT: I like your 11th house config.

Side note: read that before he died, Jim Lewis expanded the orbs from about 300 miles from the lines to up to 700 where weaker effects (could be all we need) may be felt.
November 5, 2020 at 21:21
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
Hey, anyone have a map connection to Prague - where astro-seek is (or came into being)? I have this
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November 5, 2020 at 21:34
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Fool
Lol, you crack me up with the jokes. Or are there really top of the line sex-robots?? 🤔 pm with more info

Jupiter IC shouldn´t have mars opposition though. Quick look and jupiter and sun ic Cross over Melbourne Australia and Japan. There were some disharmonious lines there also. Chiron AC in Melbourne kinda throws a wrench in there.

But reading the ´scrips of sun and Jup IC sound so inviting and peaceful

I´ll go home tonight and watch Crocodile Dundee to brush up on my Australian
November 5, 2020 at 21:46
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » Fool
:157: :194: AC about 20 miles from there

Edit: also have Neptune AC about 50 miles away, same as you
November 5, 2020 at 22:14
(Aries) ram_goat » Fool
Side note: read that before he died, Jim Lewis expanded the orbs from about 300 miles from the lines to up to 700 where weaker effects (could be all we need) may be felt.

Oh good that you mention this, I saw it mentioned in the book that the
orb was 3 degrees, but those are degrees of latitude and longitude, not
circular degrees. 300-700 miles sounds about right.
November 5, 2020 at 22:33
(Aries) ram_goat » Sunnyshadow
Or are there really top of the line sex-robots??

Margot Robbie looking ones, with the Aus accent?
November 6, 2020 at 00:30
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » ram_goat
We really need a Mr. Burns "eggscellent" gif

Maybe this will work…
November 6, 2020 at 03:39
(Aquarius) Fool » Wolfmoon
Well Revloc, dude, according to Jim Lewis´ terp of :152: :191: DSC don´t sound so good to me. This might be what part of you is howlin´ for - a pack. As Carl dude said (Swiss Carl, I think his name was) "there can be no coming to consciousness without pain . . ouch! uckin staples!*). Going to check out terps.
* the full unofficial quotation.
November 6, 2020 at 03:47
(Aquarius) Fool » Fool
I guess it´s the kind of place you can´t just go and set up shop - it being sacred; maybe you can find a small community. I wonder if we have the same terps?
November 6, 2020 at 04:02
(Virgo) RohiniMoon » Fool
I wish my astrocartography chart looked magnificent in Grado. .

First, I need to learn how to read it properly.
November 6, 2020 at 04:56
(Aquarius) Fool » ram_goat
Or are there really top of the line sex-robots??

Margot Robbie looking ones, with the Aus accent?

They can make ´em to look like whoever you want - batteries inc. :98:

Reminds me of that movie, "Lars and the Real Girl"…
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